Sex Education Shock for Angry Parents

Sex Education Shock for Angry Parents

by Logan Anderson

Last year Omegatimes published an in-depth researched feature by Sharon Anderson titled "The Continuing Attack on Our Children Through Education Systems and the United Nations".  

The evil UN agenda is continuing to be outworked through education systems despite the powerless shock and dismay of parents and moralists to stem the satanic-socialistic flood of filth defiling the innocence of our children.

An article in the New Zealand Herald today (19th September 2011) by Elizabeth Binning reports on the shock and anger of parents as children as young as 12 are being taught about oral sex and told it's acceptable to play with a girl's private parts as long as "she's okay with it".

The article states:

Schools are being accused of going too far in what they teach children about sex.

Children as young as 12 are being taught about oral sex and told it's acceptable to play with a girl's private parts as long as "she's okay with it".

In other cases, 14-year-old girls are being taught how to put condoms on plastic penises, and one female teacher imitated the noises she made during orgasm to her class of 15-year-olds.

The often-graphic nature of today's sex education lessons is considered perfectly acceptable, and necessary, by some parents, but many others are shocked and say it has gone too far.

One concerned father, who did not want to be identified, phoned Newstalk ZB to say he had taken his 12-year-old son out of a sex education class at his all-boy school after he came home upset about what had happened during one of the lessons.

It included a question-and-answer session that focused on, "I have learned that my girlfriend has a thing called a clitoris. I really want to play with it. Is that okay?" The answer was: "Yes, if you ask her and she's okay with it."

Other parents who phoned the radio station agreed that sex education had gone too far.

One said her 14-year-old daughter came home on Tuesday saying "she had been applying yucky and sticky condoms to a plastic black penis".

It is evident that the controversial NZ Minister of Education - the Hon Anne Tolley is both out of her league in terms of ministerial competence, and totally compromised in terms of moral fortitude.

The hopes of a refreshing restoration to traditional moral government in New Zealand after the disastrous radical experimentation, social engineering and violation of decency unleashed by nine years under the regime of Helen Clarke have been dashed!

Dashed by a government, under John Key, hell bent on serving and not upsetting the "higher powers that be" ... rather than serving and legislatively complying with the overwhelming wishes of the People of New Zealand on high profile issues such as "Anti-Smacking Laws" and others, as promoted by the New Zealand Christian and moral lobby group Family First.

There is a General Election soon in New Zealand ... and the overwhelming popularity of the current National led Government is not because of ability, morality, integrity, talent and competance ... and genuine servant-hearted committment to the welfare of New Zealand and future generations... but rather ... the thought of an even worse alternative ... the "Greens castrated" pack of interventionists - The New Zealand Labour Party - who want to define for you:

  • What you should do (Action = BODY)
  • How you should think (Thought = SOUL), and
  • Who you should submit to (Surrender = SPIRIT)


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