FINANCIAL TYRANNY: Defeating the Greatest Cover-Up of All Time

FINANCIAL TYRANNY: Defeating the Greatest Cover-Up of All Time

by Logan Anderson

Every so often there emerges a publication that comes to the surface that is disturbing for it's content, thorough in it's research, comprehensive in it's coverage, relevant for it's timing, challenging for it's exposure of truth, illuminating in it's revelation, disturbing for it's implications ... and surprising that it has seen the light of day in the face of powerful satanic forces that would have it's truth suppressed and buried. 

David Wilcock has recently published an exposé on what he has titled "FINANCIAL TYRANNY: defeating the greatest cover-up of all time" ... which is available on his own website

It should be noted that David Wilcock holds to a spiritual world view that is overtly 'New Age' and mystical ... evident in his web site.  This must not, however, detract from his research and journalistic quest for 'truth' as far as the Christian believer and reader is concerned.  As for any research, words, or thoughts of 'man' ... it must be measured and evaluated against the ultimate and irrevocable standard of Truth - the Word of God ... The Holy Bible.

What he has researched is most relevant and illuminating, and helps build the overview picture of what is happening in the world today at the highest levels of finance, corporate business, political control, freemasonry, and the NWO agenda to enslave all mankind.

It is strongly recommended that Christian believers, who recognise that these are the last days that we live in prophesied in the Bible just before the return of Christ, should read the publication ... and in so doing gain a greater appreciation and understanding of not only WHAT is going on in the world today at the highest echelons of power and control, but also HOW and WHY.

His researched article is presented in seven sections, and is continuously being updated as new events and actions unfold, refined as further and confirming proof is established, and added to as further sections are completed.

The sections completed so far are set out as following:

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