Hope And Help, In A Hopeless World

Hope and Help, in a Hopeless World: by Brian Hay

Brian Hay, 1 Jan 2012

When you travel around the globe and your eyes are opened to the needs of its poor, you become acutely aware that there exists two totally different worlds in which society in general has either been forced to, or has been selected to dwell in. 

We in the west berate the Hindu Indian caste system for its inequity, and we gloat over how we do not adhere to these archaic practices, but we actually are no different in our culture and way of life either. 

The sad and difficult reality you are forced to admit is that there are also two entirely different codes of welfare education and social civilisation in our world. Incredibly, we in the western part of society divide this world I am referring to into the sectors of philosophical ideology. That is to say what our personal ideas of politics and religion embrace or involve. This reasoning entirely, is what created the cold war and divided the eastern world from the western world into either socialism or capitalism.

That point of opinion may have been acceptable without question a decade or so ago but no longer. Some have even identified the social division as being those of the educated and uneducated, even others define the division, over the issues of heath, law and justice. All of these will have certain varying degrees of impact and influence on the peoples on either side of the division. But most do not acknowledge or accept that the division could be, as I believe based mostly upon religious moral conviction and the privilege of being born in a land that allows individuality and choice. 

Having lots of money and wealth may allow choice but it does not produce happiness or lasting  contentment, a fact we in the west have still not been able to assimilate. Jesus could not have expressed it any more clearer or profoundly when he said  that "A MANS HAPPINESS DOES NOT CONSIST IN THE ABUNDANCE OF A MANS POSSESSIONS. 

Have we in the so called Christianised nations heard or heeded that injunction? Not at all we continue in our mad pursuit of things, more so now than at any time in history. Even the revolution of the sixties with its anti establishment, anti legislation anti control, hatred for all and every imposition of seeming injustice has now been swallowed up and silenced. Even the ideal of demanding opportunity and parity for all seems to have been erased from this generations desensitised conscience. 

We have heard for years, of the patriotic American pledge of independence and justice for all, and the individuals right, to pursue peace and happiness, enshrined in its famous constitution, rammed down our western non American throats, but that pledge and document is a fallacy, an absolute joke to say the least, as reality could not be further from the truth. This has been the case for decades yet the American commoner would never accept, what I had conjectured over many years, to be true. Now though, now that it is to late to do any thing about it, they are conceding, they can see, that there has been a concerted underhanded push to remove that same so called divinely inspired inalienable right of the people far from their legal accessible reach.   

The problem is that the power of personal choice is normally not given into the hands and domain of those who are considered commoners or under privileged to make their own decisions. That power and determination, lies in the hands of the political controllers, very few in number, above those people.  Elitist men, who have very little involvement with the poor and disadvantaged of this world. However this is the opposite of what we are taught and brainwashed in our institutions to believe. 

This being the case, it automatically then follows that no matter how much pontificating and theorising issues forth from the talking heads, nothing will change and things will remain the same. We must realise drastic measures will have to be considered and then introduced, if things are to change. A revolution if you like, for never in history has change taken place peaceably, only when men become so impassioned for justice, truth and honour do things ever change. 

How can a poor child, girl or boy ever get ahead and liberate himself from his prison of hopelessness, if we who have the power and influence to effect the changes do not lend our voice in unison to their plight. Alternatively how will they ever rise to a place of acknowledgment and capability on a global stage, if we will not assist their efforts. How can things ever evolve from the despair and futility many of these people and nations find themselves in, simply because they were born in third world restrictive country under repressive cultures. How?, unless we take some degree of humane responsibility to assist them with confidence and opportunity to do it. 

I do not pretend to have the answers to these complex issues, but unlike most, I at least admit there is a problem, and secondly, that our present measures of addressing these compounding problems is not working or in many ways not even helping but actually hindering. We have to some how implement a system of social justice in the world to give opportunity to all peoples alike, and whether you like it or not, that method must include a socialistic consideration within its methodology of doing things. 

The western capitalistic view is that the determined and gifted innovative individual hidden in the midst of the masses will always rise above the rest without external intervention. I personally contend, that without an imposed socialist understanding of parity granted to all, many will never get a chance to make a mark on contemporary society or humanity much less rise to become any thing. 

By suggesting that these views above are an answer and by exposing these ideas in the comments above, many will conclude I am a socialist or communist, which is not true. I am aware, that even in very socialistic left leaning countries, there are restrictive laws preventing most from arising to any higher status or level in society. The same is true however in a competitive system of commerce such as we have in the west. Different cause same result!  I reiterate a capitalistic system will not help or change these disenfranchised nations or individuals either. 

Unless a legislated remedy of social justice is implemented by people of compassion and care with a consideration of the fact, that pure western capitalism driven by consumerism and personal greed is not an option, nothing will change. American dog eat dog aggressiveness will never allow these disenfranchised to get the opportunity they need and neither will it ever see, that others need a help to get ahead. 

The reason being, their mentality has mostly been, to view their assistance to help another as just creating another future potential problem. That problem being competition, their reasoning is that the assisted party is better left unaided because with aid they may inevitably become the eventual threat and opposition to their own products that will in turn challenge their present existence and future bottom line profit. That is why, they view any help by way of benevolence on their part as a supporting company will actually endanger their own future. 

So the west’s competitive capitalist mentality will not solve the worlds ills in this regard either, considering the her modern almost desensitised and cruel attitudinal inhibition of a live and let live western mindset. If ever this world is to come to any degree of parity we must be prepared to lower our western world greed and extravagance so that those in the third world can have a sense of dignity and worth. Then it will happen as the scripture states by firstly redirecting a selfish minority to help it’s struggling weak oppressed majority and at the same time re-educating the western world that is hell bent on individualism and hedonism. The scripture informs us that we are our brothers keeper, certainly not a modern capitalistic catch cry but a socialistic one.

Further we need to change the hearts of men by teaching the only philosophy on earth that compels one to lay down his life for his brother, and teaching that we are to honour one another, to give preference to the other, esteeming them better than ourselves. Again, not a capitalistic catch cry but a socialistic one. Yet I realise the effectiveness of a policy whether capitalist or socialist is totally reliant on the heart, conscience, compassion and spirit of the policy adherent as well as the administrator of it. 

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