Conspiracy and Conspiracy Theorists

Brian Hay

“Conspiracy and Conspiracy Theorists”

Brian Hay, 29 Feb 2012

It often makes me smile as this subject draws much criticism and disdain ... even the ire of government and people whose positions are secretive and hidden from public view. The word "conspiracy" itself is Biblical, and the word is used in the scriptures to explain how certain ones, in using that term, can excuse their own inaction to an impending situation by calling it 'a conspiracy'.

In other words it is inferring they would rather do nothing to intervene in a developing crisis and passively declare there is nothing we can, do nor that we need to do. 

Their reason for inaction, being that nothing will change the outcome so we do not want to get involved or alternatively that there is no problem at all, but a figment of mans imagination. A fabrication of facts leading to a wrong assumption by alarmist and overactive minds. Many will even deem the crisis as no crisis at all, refusing to acknowledge their is a problem. So the common defence in such a scenario is to write the impending issue off as just a mere conspiracy theory. To accuse the concerned observer of the situation as a fear mongerer whose suspicious attitude developes an imaginary assembly of facts that are alarmist at best and false in their conclusions and projections.    

So here we are in a so called modern civilised and socially informed world and as such we are inoculated by daily media and news against what is considered by government as socially unacceptable for us. We are dosed up and silenced by a politically engineered governmental indoctrination of pacifism, a nonsense to researching mind. We are taught to ingest our daily media intake of peace, peace, and emotional self gratification, to convince us that all is well and there is nothing to be concerned about. 

The facts however are much different than we are told, the only conclusion one can come up with, is that there is without doubt a different agenda being carried out behind the scenes. This agenda in psychoanalytical circles is known as hive mind mentality, exactly as you would observe drones doing their daily tasks without question for the service of the queen in a bee hive. That precisely is hive mind mentality and that is what socially engineered society has been steered toward very intentionally for some decades now. Hermann Goering Hitler’s Reich Marshall at the Nuremberg war trials after the second world war repeated comments of his political propaganda machine by stating the following, which he had arrogantly stated many times earlier during the war. Following are his comments; 

"Naturally, the common people don’t want war, but after all, it is the leaders of a country who determine the policy, and it is always a simple matter to drag its people along whether it is a democracy or a fascist dictatorship. Voice or no voice, the people can always be brought to the bidding of the leaders. That is easy, all you have to do is to tell them, they are being attacked, and denounce the pacifist for lack of patriotism and exposing the country to danger. It works the same in every country. 

You have to acknowledge here, that this tactic though not admitted to by international governments, is nonetheless available to them and also very much used in our modern so called free democratic society I could real off to you right now, without taking to much time to think about it at least a half a dozen recent occasions where we have been lied to and dragged into major as well as minor conflicts. Take for example the yellow cake uranium fiasco that George Bush junior convinced congress and the UN was in Sadam Hussein’s armory of weapons of mass destruction in Iraq which originated from Niger. It caused the humiliation of a CIA director Valerie Plame and resulted in the lies of Bush, Chaney and Rumsfeld being exposed, yet only Walter Libby went to Prison and even he was pardoned for his part when Bush left office. 

What a joke! The whole premise for the Iraq war was proved to be false. Do you see the similarity to Goebbels propaganda theories above. It is very clear now what happened but at the time citizens are persuaded by an impending imaginary and present danger. 

What about our own nations involvement under John Howards leadership in Australia in which we also entered the Iraqi and Afghanistan war it to was riddled with a basis of untruth and promoted by the same lies and foolishness of Bush and his cronies. Deception is the diet of devils they say, and I find it to be very true, not the least when it refers to conspiracy. It is the most effective form of betrayal to convince one that there is no problem when there obviously is and alternatively that there is a problem when actually there is none. 

Paradoxically conspiracy is not a bizarre or way out term it is a term that is used very often and some times on a daily basis in high up halls of power. What halls are those you might well ask, to which I unhesitatingly answer, "Halls of justice." On almost a daily basis men and women are tried and charged before courts all over the nations, for conspiracy. conspiracy to murder, conspiracy to defraud, conspiracy to conceal, conspiracy to harm. The word itself simply means dishonest behavior, resulting from several individuals planning to deceive someone for personal benefit or financial reward.

To conspire or plan someone else’s demise or a premeditated action to take advantage of an innocent unsuspecting person or persons. How ridiculous as to be so naive and then think that governments and politicians would never resort to these underhanded tactics, they do it all the time and lie to your whilst denying it. Take for example the swine flue epidemic we were told was going to kill millions, it is now being denounced in the United Nations as a fraudulent means organised by the major drug companies to entice people to be inoculated because of extreme fear, and they made billions of dollars from it. Donald Rumsfeld's company Tama flue particularly. 

If that is not conspiracy to defraud and deceive what is, and now the pharmaceutical companies have admitted it. Before that it was the bird flue and before that it was SARS and on and on it goes. But mention anything against our benevolent governments and we are immediately branded conspiratorial, when will you wake from your sleep and get real with yourselves? Do you not realise what is happening here. You not realise what is taking place before your very eyes yet the public does not or would rather not want to believe it. 

Let me explain some very pertinent things to you firstly, let me mention US General Albert Pikes letter to the London illuminati banker Henry Mazzini concerning Pikes statement that they will create three world wars in order to achieve a global new world order in our time. It would not be so bad if the letter was written today but it was written during the civil war times in America 1881 to be exact well before the first and second wars were even being considered by the uninformed. Pike spells out why how and when they would create these wars. WW1 and WW2 would be in 2oth century but World war three would be early in the twenty first century. 

A war to end all wars which would follow with a totally new religion of Luciferianism or Satanism being brought out into the light of day because the final war will pit Christianity against Muslims who will destroy each other. The consequences of which will also destroy trust and belief in every other form of alternative religion also. 

Their plan is moving absolutely and precisely according to that document and no one knows about it, least of all will they believe it. The accuracy of the plan is so uncanny you wonder how they could plan it so effectively, but they have, and we are now in its final stages of implementation. Scary to say the least but they know exactly what they have in mind for our future while we all carry on sleeping and bury ourselves in their pathetic soap operas and news or should I say false stories to keep us uninformed, ignorant and unaware but at least we are content and entertained, WE THINK! 

What about the very up to date pictures we had all been fed by BP oil from the Gulf of Mexico, we are now told after BP has dishonestly been caught out, doctoring and sanitising all their news bulletins that they had teams of expert people repainting and changing all the pictures by Photoshop before they went to air, Wake up folk before it is to late. 

Even the Bible tells us the story of Jesus saying, how the enemies of truth plant false tares and seeds amongst the wheat and they do it while men sleep and are unaware. Well did Burke say "All that is necessary for evil to prevail is that good men do nothing" 

Finally for those ignorant and misguided people who still insist that there is no such thing as conspiracy only conspiracy "THEORISTS", let me once and for all burst your bubble. In 1995 a board game was developed by a young man who obviously had inside information in order to publish and disclose the information he possessed. His game was called of all things "THE  ILLUMINATI  CARD GAME". When you see the face of the game cards there is no way you can ignore or reject the evidence. There are many cards in the game and each one is frighteningly prophetic. Just remember the board game was released in 1995. 

One card shows, planes exploding in to the twin towers as they topple and fall, another card reveals the pentagon on fire. Still yet again another card shows an anthrax scare in a major US city while another shows a massive oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico, yet another shows a manmade earthquake taking place. A further card depicts a contaminated animal flue virus and even one shows martial law being imposed in major cities globally. The number of cards is to numerous to mention but every one correlates to a present or immediate past crisis taking place on earth. Nothing is missed out everything is mentioned that is happening right now. 

There is no way you can explain this fact and reality away, the only way this accurate prognostication could happen is if the designer of the game had premeditated information of what was coming. Yet no one will believe it they will rationalise this away as well, and conclude it to be conspiratorial. All I can say is open your eyes blind eyed people the reality is staring you in the face, what more evidence do you need?

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