Brian Hay Editorial … “Wealth And Wickedness Equate Together Today”

Brian Hay

“Wealth And Wickedness Equate
Together Today”

Brian Hay, 30 May 2012

It is an interesting conclusion presented by brain imagery or what is known as MRI magnetic resonance imagery, that the very same area of the brain that results with extreme stimulation after one has taken powerful mind altering drugs also show the exact same sensory excitement and stimulation, when a person has just won or accumulated obscene amounts of money. 

The studies show, when one robs another or wins a large amount of wealth legally or illegally he is like a man possessed and his brain electrical activity reveals it.

This new found persona will totally change his whole personality and if not held in check by an extremely strong moral conviction and conscience, will ultimately change his entire nature, to accommodate this new prideful character driven personality. 

The more he becomes money hungry and obsessed with greed the more he finds himself driven by a craving equally compared to those desires of a crazed drug addiction to get more.

He no longer is guided by what is morally right or wrong his craving overrides his conscience. Isn't that so true concerning what we have witnessed coming forth from the despotic wall street banking fraternity since the turn of the century. Their ambitious desires and practices ever since the antichrist and devilish, fractional reserve banking act was secretly contrived and thrust upon humanity by the Rockefeller family and their wicked cronies in 1913 has enslaved every individual on earth.

The more I see the American system of capitalist economics the more I am convinced, that the once great US of A is now nothing more than a bunch of arrogant greedy maniacal perverted vagrants whose ideology is still yet to catch up with reality. Their destiny and judgment awaits no matter what they tell you "God is not mocked for whatsoever a man sows that will he also reap" Galatians chapter six verse seven! There are no exceptions and the way these arrogant despots have treated humanity will bring upon themselves swift judgment that is for sure, you can bank on it! 

Time alone will prove me right, but as you see these same sleazy megalomaniacs instituted by every American Whitehouse administration but hastened since the Bush administration and endorsed and reinstated by the Obama administration you realise the same bunch of crooks are still sitting at the God fathers table eating the crumbs from his self proclaimed throne and table. Their reward will not be spared it will be swift and severe when the Lord of all heaven declares an end to their corruption.

Well has it been said, that the world is governed by a very different group of faceless and ruthless people, never seen in the public view. Major general Smedley Buttler uttered this statement before he died, that the government and political system of America is nothing more than the greatest Ponzi system ever devised by man. It just so happens that the Jewish banker attributed as the greatest con man of all time and himself a deviser of a vast corrupt empire in financial banking namely Bernie Maddoff who siphoned off billions and billions of dollars through a Ponzi scheme says the same. America is nothing more than a corrupt group of powerful money crazed individuals running the biggest Ponzi scheme ever known to man entitled the banking and financial house fraternity. He states publicly that the fraternity knew what he was doing and the only way He was able to run his scam was with their endorsement but when they no longer needed him Maddoff became the fall guy. they wiped him out of the equation. 

It is a fact that since the 2008 US election and the collapse of the finance industry most of the wealth of the lower and middle class western world workers has been stolen from them and via the so called bail out of banks and finance houses by the qualitative easing fraud. This creative accounting scam transferred directly into the hands of these fraudsters, who are the top one per cent of the wealthiest elite of the world, most of the middle class stolen wealth.

Amazing when you consider they just did it and no one cared or understood enough about economy to raise any voice of protest against them to prevent it. The largest and most amazing transfer of wealth ever witnessed in history and no one lifted a finger to challenge it many commentators wrote about it and tried to alert the US public but they were to apathetic and indifferent to do anything to correct it. Why you ask? Well the answer is very complex to say the least, but to try and explain it ultra simplistically, it went like this! 

Criminal bankers loaned money to borrowers without fairly assessing and determining the value of the asset capitalised. Then they conspired with the recognized so called independent rating assessing agencies to substantiate those dishonest and fraudulent ratings. The three big rating firms Standard and Poors, Moodys and the third slips my mind at present they each sold their souls to the mafia banksters by writing up triple AAA valuations on assets that were not even worth the loan let alone the rating they gave them, nor the paper they were written on. Entirely worse and dishonorable is the fact that once questioned about their actions, after so many defaults on these worthless loans, they defended themselves by saying "When its all summed up we only expressed an estimated opinion, it was entirely our private opinion and folk should realise that they should not have relied upon it as it was our personal guestimate"

What a sick joke, simple peoples entire lively hood was wiped out by some greedy imbecile whose sole concern and purpose was how to ©defraud his clients in order to increase his own wealth. In order to enable him to do it however he needed the official certification of a non partisan totally neutral third party to evaluate the said property or asset as a security for the loan to a respective bank. That is where these parasites and leachate fraudster bankers conspired together and deviously developed a creative accounting scam to place an extremely high and risky valuation on the said chattel being assessed.

After this had been done by these financial houses of thuggery and corruption they then packaged these loans together in substantial numbers of combined portfolios and sold them off at the valuers  written valuation to unsuspecting clients in other countries around the world. These poor unsuspecting customers and investors thought that prestigious unbiased valuers like those three mentioned above (but there were also others) had given valid and honest appraisals of the individual valuations, only to find they were bogus and corrupt. This caused the greatest transfer of wealth from middle class investors to the wealthy bankster super rich and elite that has ever taken place in history.

I was in Hong Kong and China when the collapse of the Lehman Brothers banking Fiasco took place and the elderly Chinese retirees stood for days in the streets trying get their money back from these brokerage banking investment houses. Because of this very same criminal banking practice that the corrupt yanks transported around the globe many genuine and simple elderly Chinese openly wept and cried in the streets as everything they owned was taken from their grasp leaving them penniless.

We personally witnessed old folk as well as the young crying in the streets as they were told the very day before Lehman’s crashed that all was well and nothing was of concern. Only then to find, while they were persuaded to still continue investing more of their life savings that months before the company had already prepared all the papers to file for bankruptcy.

What an absolute disgrace, to think that in China and other nations, while the Lehman Brothers scam along with other US banking giants were selling these packaged subprime loans New York head office was putting the last pieces together in the bankruptcy declaration of the company to present to the world. 

What people do not understand is that this scenario and others like them, do not just happen they are planned and devised to ultimately enslave the world and rule the globe with a political capitalistic corporational world order controlled by fascist thugs. They intend to entirely own and rule everything on planet earth whether you like it or not.

Contrary to what we have always been told, money can buy you anything if you have enough of it and especially in today’s sick and twisted environment. Those that now have the money, namely ten so called German Jewish banking families are about to make a final play for everything this world has to offer them by the control of all currencies and commodities. The greatest joy this world can offer one is the joy had by giving, not by receiving, but few will ever experience that. For, first of all one has to learn that money has no value at all in itself. Sadly the only value there is in life is the value of the soul of the individual and his labour and his skill. 

The actual value is in the individual not the product he produces. What he produces that is secondary value. But what we have been negligent to realise is that by allowing our skill to be given value in monetary terms we have removed the personal value of ones skill and worth and put it into or against the thing he produced and the exchange certificate by which he can purchase or sell it. As a result of this antichrist mentality its consequences have impacted every society and individual on earth. The creator of an article is deemed as having no value and the creation from his efforts now holds the value.

In the Bible in Romans Chapter one, it informs us that this is what happened when God destroyed the earth in the days of Noah because they worshiped the creation and not its creator. The creator is the source of the worth and value not the creation itself. The maker is able to replicate and recreate the object again and again, but if all your attention is directed at the thing he produces, then you are admiring and idolizing the creation not the creator. If your wealth and security is only in the things you possess then your whole focus and attention will be directed towards maintaining and guarding it. 

What you have inadvertently done if this is your similar experience is devalue the artist and infuse the value into his art. This is what humanity and society has done in regard to money. Money is only a certificate or note implying a certain value of an article that is able to be purchased and exchanged. Rather than realise and consider that the note or paper certificate of exchange is nothing more than a written promise of equal value, we have honored the written promise more than the one who pledges and swears to pay honour it.

But that is the story of modern society and even the church of Jesus Christ is now perverted with this thinking as they chase after the gifts and forsake and reject the giver God Himself. Money and currency is worthless in itself as it is just a useless piece of paper or plastic with a stamp and number impressed on it. We have replaced the actual  value of each individual creator whose skill is evidenced in his creation or the product of his personal effort, with a worthless piece of paper which has absolutely no value at all other than the cost of its mass production.

This is exactly what has been devised by delinquent minds who have transferred the real value of human individuals which is ascertained by their ability and skill to nothing more than a bunch of products and commodities with no more worth than the paper that represents them. Human life has no value in the eyes of the wealthy elite and we the cannon fodder of humanity have accepted it as our lot with out a dignified resistance whatsoever. We have no value or esteem in our own eyes and we have now convinced our selves we are just a commodity to be either bought or sold like everything else

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