“Control a Nation’s Finance & you Control its Laws”

"Control a Nation's Finance & you Control its Laws"

Brian Hay, 9 May 2012

“Control a nation’s finance & you control its laws” … This statement was made by Armschel Rothschild before a wide ranging audience of politically powerful people. Added to that is the adage which states, "he who has the money makes the rules". 

Whether we like it or not, or want to admit it or not, is of no concern, the reality is, what is stated above is true. We are naive, and live in a fools paradise at best, if we think any different.

So here we are the useless eaters, and consumers, as Henry Kissinger once referred to all of us commoners as being. We all think we are in control of our own individual destinies, but if we think and believe that, we are totally deluded and kidding ourselves. Nothing in this world happens with out someone else choosing to allow it, or alternatively vetoing it. You may think it very cynical of me, suggesting this, but it is absolutely true, and the sooner we realise it, the sooner we can wake a sleeping society to the reality of it. 

Maybe then, perhaps folk will see how we have unwittingly been led down a preplanned path, of what ultimately must become a totalitarian regulated pathological and psychotic society at best. Who would have ever thought, that man would become so corrupt and warped in his thinking, as to turn on his very creator and transition to everything that is vile and ugly. Who could have conceived that we would choose the path, which is the diametrically opposed position of all that was in time past considered right and decent? 

You might think these words are very strong and exaggerated, but I would disagree for these following reasons. Firstly just look around you, and see how the hate and the attitude of revenge drives and governs most everything of what humanity now calls civilisation.  You can not walk down a street in most cities and towns anywhere in the world now, with out being mugged or raped or even murdered either for the pleasure of some ones warped superiority complex, (just the hell of it, as some would say) or maybe because of the sake of a few potential dollars someone may conclude you have in your possession that they need more than you do. 

Hijacking, car jacking, home invasion, kidnapping, ransom, torture. rage crime, gender discrimination what next. All symptoms of an out of control society, but dare I suggest it was socially engineered this way and did not just coincidentally happen. The predetermined conditioning by all forms of the media and institutions have carefully guided us to this very calculated fore ordained outcome. It was their evil intention from the very beginning conceived by their master long before time began. They do not relise it either I am convinced of that, surely, as no one with a sane mind would or could intentionally choose to live in a world full of such depravity and hate. 

They are just witless puppets on the strings of a greater master and plan than their own. I have listened to the statements and comments of the faceless men and women who remain just that "faceless" so they can not be identified by the uninformed public. Such men as Henry Kissinger mentioned above and Bush senior who said if ever the public found out what we had done to the liberties of the citizens they would hunt us down and lynch us in the streets. Then there is the proud Rockefeller, listen to his contemptuous comments when he said similarly "I have been accused of manipulating the banking and commerce and all politics and planned legislation in the world from behind the scenes to create a powerful world ruled by the elite and wealthy, If that is true then yes I am guilty as charged and proud of it". Such pride and diabolic arrogance! 

Secondly, take note of the intervention of science into health, biology, genetics and weaponry, and then tell me truthfully and conclusively, my personal assumptions are wrong. Science has changed the very genetic keys of creation, and now as a result, have created species, insects, bacteria and seeds that are nothing short of destructive and to be feared in a twisted anti compassionate and ungodly society. By them thinking they were better than God himself, they genetically modified plants and flora etc, so that the plants could produce their own insecticide repellants and many other bizarre attributes. From this reconstruction of Gods original creation, these mad, crazed egotistical scientists have manufactured in the pollen of each genetically engineered strains, the potential to modify, not only its own original DNA but to also change the DNA of everything in the food chain beneath or associated with those plants and manmade creations.   

These bizarre minds have experimented and created equally bizarre freaks of nature, through what is now called or termed transgenics. Once again, this is what the Nazis were into in the second world war with their attempts to create a super, white haired, blue eyed, strong, six foot tall, Caucasian, Aryan race. Their actual goal was, and still is, to genetically identify and modify the human genome, and isolate all deformity, and disease related genes, then finally remove the death or mortality gene. Creating then an eternal superhuman godlike being just the same as happened in the garden of Eden suggesting we can be just like God himself but have no need of Him. 

Then it happened again in the book of Genesis chapter six in the Bible it states how Satan’s fallen followers came down on earth and co habited with human women creating an offspring of superhuman beings who were different in their DNA to us and became opponents of God and eventually mankind. Foolish men assume the God of the Bible was very violent and harsh as the record shows His instruction to the godly, was to remove every man women and child even the animals of the giant nations not realising that these nations were the offspring of these fallen spirits who took upon themselves human form. It is interesting that as of May 2011 genetic research has conclusively ruled that humanity now has a strain of alien DNA in his genetic DNA that did not derive from this world. INTERESTING! 

You may think this above thinking is outrageous and extreme, but let me make it absolutely clear there is absolute proof even to the skeletal frames of these superhuman beings establish all through out the known world and many other archeological verified proofs as well. Time does not permit me to declare the evidences here and nor should I have to as the skeptics would inevitably find some way to ridicule and demean the facts to satisfy their rational and elated thinking just reinforcing the facts above that man seems to want to become God himself so as to be no longer accountable for his actions to a higher authority. Just like Satan, Lucifer who in Isaiah 14 and Ezekiel 28 said I will be like the MOST HIGH and I will become as god. 

These warped and degenerate minds have this same intent, which is what they are going all out to achieve right now, to become like god. You had better believe it, and by the way, they do not intend for the likes of you and I, to have the benefit of these man made opportunities of super humanism and medical marvelry as they call them. These will be given only to the offspring of the power elite, the intelligent educated super rich and politically advantaged. Blue blooders they call them, different from us, the privileged. 

The Rockefeller institute has spent trillions working on eugenics, population and birth control systems and have specialised in inoculational disease control and immunisation. Does anyone ask the question as to WHY this so? But it has now been established in many countries, which their very disease control experiments in these fields were not for the health claims they suggested and stated at all. They were actually for chemical castration and reproductive repression, which induced in many of the young females of many countries infertility and inability to reproduce ever again in their individual life time. This is verified beyond question and is in the archives of third world government records around the globe. But they have never been bought to justice even though they have now admitted these diabolic acts of elitist dementia. 

A whole annual child inoculation program in the Philippines left an entire school age group of young completely infertile and unable to have children. It also happened in Chile and some of the South American poorer nations. Aids also contrary to the stupid and outrageous excuses we were given and worse, believed were created in the biological laboratories in New England USA that is now proven fact without dispute. It was researched and established by a black biochemist named Doctor Boyd E. Graves along with others, and produced as evidence to have the USA military industrial complex charged before the International Criminal Court of Justice. But before they could present it the US government passed legislation granting immunity from prosecution to the same military industrial complex all in the name of national security.   

Aids was experimented on in an intensely secret jungle complex in northern Africa and tested on injected and infected monkeys as a biological weapon it was then released into the wild by the US government. What we were never told was that it was a race selective agent that effected blacks more than whites and was passed on through homosexual activity again in a very specific selective group. I can hear the howls of protest even now in anticipation of reading this article with the words nonsense and how ridiculous. 

But if you think that is outrageous … then consider this.  One of the latest speculative projects the pentagons biological division has embarked upon and granted funding for is the production of an airborne spray that will turn heterosexual men in absolute craving lust after homosexual activity amongst their own. Check out what I am suggesting here, and you will find it is now in the American militaries arsenal. Its intention is to confuse an opposing army from its objective of defense and warfare turning it in on itself by stimulating their opponents sexually attraction activated pheromones and hormones so that they will attack one another demanding immediate homosexual gratification amongst each other. Twisted depraved minds how else can you explain this? 

These men, if you can call them ‘men’, are monsters whose sick, twisted minds and psyche interpret extreme wealth as the right and authority to divine sovereignty, the state of God hood. This is not exaggeration they are known as the Merovingian kingly line who consider themselves to be more than mere mortals they have a different blood line than us, hence, the term blue blooders, divinely appointed. 

They believe they are the literal progeny of a relationship between Jesus and Mary Magdalene who settled in Europe, from which came the royal houses of the kings of Europe, who ultimately will possess the entire world and will have ownership, ruler ship and dominion over it. They own most of the resources and mineral deposits in the world and now they have developed and purchased the most powerful companies that control the major resources and necessities of life of life on earth. These are basically the fortune five hundred companies of the world who in turn have a subsidiary ownership of most other companies around the globe, certainly the significant ones.   

Monsanto the largest seed and agricultural company in the world is an example, it has its own criminal and devious sinister agenda also, along with many others. They have totally changed the genetic structure of plants and have now altered them forever. The scary part, is that in all of this, the unknown ramifications, and consequences of these crazy Frankenstein foods and ideas are causing many weird and strange mutations and side effects in all the food chain that relate to them. 

Some of the weird species they have created without remorse or any mindful consideration to the future are, cows and pigs with human blood, milk and organs for transplant potential. Goats with orb spider synthetic milk capability enabling them to produce a fibre from their milk that is so fine and transparent yet much stronger than steel. Then there is the pig and vegetable combination that now produces a meat with vegetable fats rather than animal fat. 

Then there are the luminescent animals that have been crossed with oceanic jelly fish and so on and so on. These crazy dreams of mad scientists is not considered crazy by them but just the opposite they see it as their mandate to manage the rest of us simple folk, who cant think for ourselves. Their is no end to what they consider necessary or appropriate for the overall good and welfare of both nature and mankind. Read the United Nations AGENDA 21 and you will understand what I am saying. They are insane. 

All of this will come back to haunt us, just you wait and see. They are working flat out now changing the genetics of the entire food supply chain, such as that of fish with six pack abdominal muscle structure so we can eat plenty of muscular fish. All forms of meat are now being grown in petrie dishes in laboratories around the world. It is now considered the very next immediate growth industry. 

They no longer want cows, pigs, sheep or goats nurtured and grown live, with bone or intestinal structure on farms, they intend, and are developing meat that just developes the flesh cells in a laboratory so that it grows as you devour it. You just cut off what you need and the cells grow back. Because they suggest it is to extravagant and expensive to supply two acres or one hectare of land or more, to rare a cow when the same land can produce enough grain to feed fifty times as many families, as the meat of one cow. How sick! 

The next accomplishment on their agenda is within months they declare they will have produced a totally synthetic being, formed from a totally separate synthetic DNA not linked to anything from nature. This has incredibly scary ramifications to say the least. These men, are they insane, you have to ask? Are they mad scientists and freaks themselves, as they have no idea of the following potential outcomes of their stupidity and neither do they care, as they themselves have stated, "we have to experiment even though the outcome is unknown and may create unimaginable complications later". Even the world renowned scientific brains such as Stephen Hawkins are now questioning the wisdom of trying to make contact with alien technology and alien mentality suggesting this may open a door of unimaginable terror and thinking we are not able to control nor are prepared for. 

Every time you do the spade work and investigation as to who is funding this madness, it comes back to the wealthy political industrial and military complex companies, hiding behind the legislative bodies in government around the globe. My frustration is that no one seems to care or question this. It is as if we are happy and content to allow them to alter our world so profoundly at our expense, in order to ultimately become our Gods. And this is closer to the truth than the average individual realises, much closer than any one could imagine.  

The real issue is, as earlier suggested," he who controls the money makes the rules" and we the plebes, the mass great unwashed, uninitiated, have no idea what is really going on. But very soon all of that will change, for out of the obscurity, from behind the covert veil of secrecy, will emerge a world government, so ugly, so diabolic, so intensely evil, so hell bent on control and ego, that we, the great unwashed will wish we had never been born. 

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