Satan’s Coming Reign Of Terror

Satan's Coming Reign Of Terror

Brian Hay, 30 May 2012

The Bible through out its entire volume makes reference to a time coming when there will be a final showdown between good and evil.

That showdown or ultimate or final confrontation will involve the entire planet and actually the entire universe, as the conflict originates way back before time and even when the universe was created. 

The originator of this counter revolution is none other than Satan and his rebellious minions who tried to over throw Gods authority and dominion and take it over by way of a revolt in heaven. The Bible tells us in Ezekiel chapter 28 Satan took a host of angels and led them in a revolt which effected not only earth but Gods entire created universe. 

The Bible in conjunction with Isaiah 14 informs us that Satan or Lucifer the third head or cheif archangel because of his violent revolt, was cast out of the dwelling place of God, heaven and his dwelling place from that moment on resulted in being relegated or cast into the realm of earths creation in the second heaven or in the created arena of space amongst the stars.

The scriptures teach us that there are three heavens, the first, is the place where God abides, the second heaven is where the stars of heaven abide, and the third is on earth, our atmosphere, where the birds abide. After Satan fell he was cast from Gods dwelling place to the second heaven where the stars and planets dwell. Satan still has access into Gods throne room but only intermittently as an accuser of the forgiven sinners that now have become Gods children, Jew and gentiles alike.

When Jesus sent out the seventy two by two to take the message of salvation to the regions round about, he told them to preach that the kingdom of heaven was now open and accessible for all, when they returned back to him, from their commission, He stated, He had witnessed in the sprit realm Satan as a bolt of lightening fall from the second heaven to the first heaven. In other words Satan had just been relegated a lesser position in creation from the rulership among the stars to the rulership of the heaven of this world alone.

His position was no longer the created universe but just this world. In many places of scripture Satan is from that statement of Jesus forward, then subsequently called the Prince of the Power of the air, the god of this world. The god who rules from the atmosphere, a spirit of darkness that is in a position of authority a ruling principality in a high place trying to control and influence the affairs of men. 

Because of this spiritual demotion and subsequent down grading or lessening of his power and ruling authority, it is coming to a crisis moment in history where it will be an all out grab for power, a war to end all wars if you will. The Bible declares Satan will take his position as the God of this world and will oppose not only God but everyone that serves and represents God. It will be war incorporating both physical and spiritual worlds, and unless The Lord God intervenes because of its intensity and ugliness, no one will survive it.

The Bible further relates that Satan will at this future time take a further demoralising demotion and will as a result manifest himself in a human form in a human being and body, who is totally given over to Satan and who becomes the embodiment of all that is corrupt and evil and who is known as "THE MAN OF SIN" The book of Revelation predicts, He will do this to demand physical worship and totalitarian submission by way of a system he will impose and force upon all men, young and old, rich and poor, bond and free alike.

You will see from all references in scripture relating to this prophetic future time that it is totally a time when there will be absolute destruction and devastation on earth. In fact the scripture uses a word quite often in conjunction when describing this time, which means the desecration of everything good, "THE ABOMINATION OF DESOLATION". 

It is an interesting thought but one well worth mentioning here, that every time God elevated his people the enemies of his people had to retreat and as a result conceded territory and here in this same study the result is the same. As Gods church and its saints rise to new levels of authority as God himself moves them out of their comfort zone to a new one, the Devil and his host of followers have to concede ground and retreat from theirs. 

If we are not moving forward possessing land then the Devil is, but when we rise and move forward possessing territory he is vacating it. When you read the prophetic scriptures relating to Jesus and his church rising up to take back the land and creation that the devil has tried to steel and take dominion over, you realise the devil will constantly lose ground until it will become an all out war against Christ and His church, a fight to the death if you will. This battle will bring about the greatest confrontation of all time where the earth and everything in it, on it and above it, as well as every part of creation as we know it will become involved.  

It will be a conflict to end all conflicts an all out war of extreme hatred in which Satan will attempt to take everything that has been created as his own. The Bible also warns us that at that times Satan will come down upon earth in the form of this man of sin and evil, who agenda is total control and ownership and the utter destruction of any one and anything that gets in his way.
Satan is well aware of the degree of intensity of the battle and is totally conceited in his conviction that he can pull it off. The time allotted to man has been what is needed for him to gradually foment mankind and society so that he can at least have a base or premise to justify his final assault on Gods creation. So he has waited to this last time and amassed not only his hordes but a majority of human minds, resources along with advance technologies to accomplish his end objective, and he is about ready to exercise that agenda.

He is totally aware of its consequences should he fail because the scripture says in the Book of Revelation that he knows there will be a short window of intensely strategic opportunity for his wickedness, "Satan knoweth that he hath but a short time and will come down upon earth in great wrath to deceive the nations"

His strategy has been to accumulate time, people, nations, cultures, religions, arts, politics and ultimately the passions of human greed and power. Once these are all under his dominion then he will attempt his coup de Tate, his arrogant conceit convinces him he can carry it off, with absolutely o concern for the millions that will die in the process. What you sow you reap and the deception he inflicted on man will bind himself and that deception and delusion will culminate in his defeat and total destruction, but for one more final attempt after a thousand years he will attempt it again, and then his usurpation will end for ever. Amen and Amen.

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