The Emergent Compromised Church

The Emergent Compromised Church

Brian Hay, 30 May 2012

The Christian magazines and religious broadcasting airwaves along with many of the books that fill the religious booksellers shelves are awash with all these new name tags and references to what seems a legitimate voice of Christian thinking.

The truth is this particular voice is just an old deception dressed in different clothes. The same devil in a different disguise.

If you become familiar with the most prolific writers amongst their camp, you will find, they go by various names, one of which is called, post modernism.

Unless you are familiar with them, or have done some research on them, and know what they believe, one could be forgiven for embracing them as a creditable voice of modern faith.

The fact is that statement could not be further from the truth. These charlatans are not believers in the unchanging inerrant word of God in any shape or form. On the contrary much of their belief if you can call it that is new age and counterculture to historic Christian doctrine and belief.

So just what is post modernism in real terms. Post in their vocabulary is chosen to convey beyond as in now past, and modernism for those who don’t know, is a seductive rationalisation of the whole Christian religion and persuasion beginning with a rationalistic rewrite and reinterpretation of the entire Word of God, the Bible.

I guess their philosophy is best expressed by this definition, which is just another form of humanistic reasoning. They feel that if you change the way a man thinks you can change the way a man acts, and yes there is some truth in that. But it gives no place for divine intervention and furthermore sees no need for it, even if they believe God could.

Their concept of belief is that historic doctrine and its associated church structure is no longer relevant to a modern contemporary church. On the website of one of their leading voices Erwin McManus for example, he actually asserts that the churches religious dogma and methodology is the enemy of progressing their idea of the gospel and therefore, he states his mandate is to destroy dogma or the doctrine of the church. That is why he wrote the book "The Barbarian Way" which is radical and what I consider to be a contrary and rebellious attack on the very foundation of Christian Belief.

There is always a degree of truth and an element of realism in their dissenting statements, If there wasn't any truth to their radical comments, good folk would never be fooled or taken in by them.

If their arguments and opposition consisted just in criticising the religiosity and traditions of form and ritual that so often accompany Christian worship, that could be considered acceptable to some degree, even Jesus did that. But the fact is these men do not stop there, they go further and attack the very fibre and foundation of biblical faith itself, hence the term POST MODERNISM, meaning past or going well beyond the viewpoint of modern rationalistic idealism.

Around the seventies a whole group of intellectuals came upon the Christian scene, who were aggressive and very outspoken and at the same time leftist leaning and liberal atheistic or agnostic in philosophy. They came out of all the radical schools of thought and seemed to amass large numbers of followers and social pontificators.

The result was a subtle change in thinking and educational values within the theological schools and universities around the world. Many like myself who entered theological training during this period were assailed by all kinds of anti Biblical and anti Christian ideas developed by these now much acclaimed revolutionary, ungodly provocateurs.

Most of their extreme humanistic reasoning has now been accepted into the halls of religious learning and has been embraced around the world as the socialist liberal gospel, we genuine God fearing Bible believing Christians now recognise. This rise and influx of psychology and mind science, that replaced much of the church dogma was labeled the era of modernism because every accepted biblical doctrine was being challenged, dissected and redefined with a totally modernistic interpretation and approach.

Modernism therefore is a revamped worldly intellectual explanation of everything relating to the Christian philosophy, replacing everything sacred and scriptural with a psychological and scientific approach of cause and effect where everything spiritual can be explained away.

I have already referred to this particular issue in a former article but it is of such concern and alarm that it needs more discussion and is worthy of repetition. The issue I refer to is concerning the Book entitled "THE SHACK" It has become one of he greatest selling so called "CHRISTIAN" books of all time, yet it is totally without any biblical foundation as to its assumptions whatsoever.

Not only that it s heretical, in the sense that it portrays God as a female and puts him in human attire so to speak, so that men can understand him in earthly terms. Call it what you will but it is nothing short of blasphemous and new age in my eyes.

I know most will take exception to what I say here accusing me of being legalistic critical and splitting hairs, but my position has great validity yet probably not to the modernist contemporary Christian mind. He or she who embrace this seductive foolishness, has become so inoculated with a tangible earthly picture of who they think God is they no longer can understand an argument presented that is different to their own. The fact remains though irrespective of how the human mind attempts to paint or describe God it can only create an outline at best and to bring the creator of all down to a blasphemous portrayal such as in "THE SHACK".

This is not only a gross distortion and injustice to the image of a holy God, but a twisting and corruption of truth. Worse in a day when feminism is so striving to elevate itself to the status of god hood this book diabolically and frighteningly serves that exact same purpose. The scripture clearly instructs us not to bring Christ or God down to an earthly image of him and in second Corinthians chapter five verse sixteen, "Not to visualise Jesus any longer as an earthly and fleshly man but as a glorified heaven ly and spiritual being.

As mentioned above the Bible specifically in the book of Ephesians tells us clearly no man is to bring Christ down again to the earthly nor to bring Christ up again as from the dead, in other words do not in any way demean his person or character by portraying him in an earthly manner, THE SHACK does that very thing. Its effect and impact has now circled the globe, and all who read it are enraptured by it, saying it is the greatest Christian book ever written and read.

The absolute deceptive and crazy beguiling truth is, the very author of the book himself is a postmodernist, who denies the substitutionary atoning work of Calvary associated with blood sacrifice and who also states with some degree of venom "Any God who would send his son to die a death as cruel as this and demand of him blood and a death such as this, is not a God I want to know or serve"

Another such book that did the rounds as a novel but which the author intentionally included portions of the Gnostic gospels was the best seller "The Davinci Code". The sinister yet craftily conceived plan behind the Author Dan Browns book in this case, took mystical unaccepted manuscripts and presented them in a novel form, but which in turn presented those anti biblical unreliable records as factual. The end result was, that all who read it concluded, there must be some truth to the information contained with in it.

That is absolute rubbish those details about Jesus marrying Mary Magdalene and producing a baby son, is an abomination to the redemption story, Because, if Jesus slept with an earthly woman the whole redemption process would be annulled, as unacceptable, simply because of the Levitical laws of the sacrificial lamb, that was to be offered, it was to be without defect or blemish and untouched, undefiled sexually.

The actual story of the Gnostic gospels and the information about Jesus producing a child, is from the Gnostic (Agnostic Gospels) and it actually is one of the beliefs behind freemasonry and certain associated secret societies of illuminist European persuasion.

To my amazement when the book came on the stands people and Christians alike rushed to buy and read it. Many theologians and believers that I know personally, defended the book as having some factual validity and merit, to which I was shocked. In debating the issue further, I was told in no uncertain terms, many times over, what does it matter if Jesus had a child or not, it does not change anything.

Oh how truth is corrupted by a little twisting of the plot and we swallow its poison under the guise of an entertaining good read. That deceptive, yet oft repeated hypothesis follows, if it was not so serious you would deem it to be laughable. Gullibility of the masses and manipulation by the mighty, that’s the truth and that is what has so effectively and convincingly been sold to the unwitting gullible masses.

What a tragedy in that now people do not know the real any more thus they have become beguiled and deceived by the counterfeit. The greater wrong and error is perpetrated by the church leaders whose duty it is, to as the book of Jude instructs us, "To earnestly contend and defend THE FAITH and Biblical truth which was originally delivered to our Fathers not their offspring. The apostles creed or doctrine, not contemporary modernistic interpretations of it.

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