Brian Hay, 9 Sep 2013

They say the lesson we most learn from history is that we actually never learn from history how true!

In regard to the above title to this article let me enlighten you the reader on my supposition, from the very beginning of creation till now the one thing that is very obvious to those with an eye to see it, is the fact that as the bible records before time began Lucifer, the chief arch angel in Gods heaven, decided he wanted to be served rather than to serve. He determined in his inner being, I will be God, I will no longer be a servant to God, thus his whole premise and motivation from that time to this, is to create the same rebellious attitude in and through Gods own creation in all of Gods subjects.


What has that ideal produced; simply speaking a creation full of rebellion, inspired by self adulation, self preservation and above all else self promotion. Take the Biblical first parents for example and see what happened there. Adam and Eve the Bible teaches were coerced into believing they could be as God also, and the result of that has devastated mankind ever since. The results of this thinking upon the first family, was also self destruction and that is always what self obsession will and can only ever produce, SELF DESTRUCTION. Cain killed his brother Able, murdered him in cold blood, with no remorse and so you see in the process of trying to be God, man and creation always concludes in a no exit closure resulting in destruction. Is it any wonder that Satan (Lucifer) in the garden, knowing his own destiny is ultimately self destruction, then set about to corrupt everything else of Gods perfect creation by convincing Eve you can be as God also.


There the great lie began, and there also the self destructive mechanism was introduced to mankind to cause us through deluded thinking, to imagine that we can be Gods and we don’t need him. The American obsession I refer to is not just an Americas problem, it is mankind’s problem but it is so accentuated in America that it is hard not to recognize and observe or identify it, as it is so blatantly paraded in front of our very faces. This is the reason that the name of a once great nation “America” is now trodden in the dust as an example of extreme pride and arrogance that surely fulfills the profile of the biblical proverb “That pride goes before destruction and a haughty spirit goes before a fall”.


If there is a word that can immediately identify the nationalistic independent and patriotic spirit and psyche of the nation of the USA to me sadly, it would be pride. The whole mentality of the leadership and inspiration of their agenda is one that is built not on the principles of truth and justice any longer, but on the exact opposite. Capitalism and charisma are the nations central motivators and therefore have now become its main focus. Before I explain my supposition, let me use two other words, words conveying political and social opposites to capitalism and charisma I might add. These words reveal the error of America’s shallow thinking; those two words are benevolence and character.


You see capitalism is all about how I can further myself, self gratification if you will, and charisma, likewise is all about how I can make a name for myself to gain influence and power even at the very expense of others. It conveys the idea of winning the objective through craftiness, enticement and cunning by deception if necessary, utilizing personality, psychology and salesmanship, to persuade others. Both words are in essence portraying self as being the centre of ones world and both words ultimately direct you to formulate your personal plans and goals of becoming like God. If my life is built around charisma (personality and success) and not governed by character (principles and integrity) then my path in life will always conclude in becoming God over others, no matter how I convince myself otherwise.


Notice by the way integrity, is a combination of two words IN and TEGRITY literally integrity within not without. In other words my personal convictions and sense of right and wrong, my concern for justice, how I honour and remain true to my word, how I consider others, how I respect nature and life in general, whereas charisma is all about externals what people see on the surface or outside of me how I look, how I dress, how I speak, how I present myself.   

Benevolence and integrity portray the idea of how we should ever consider those around us and should ever demonstrate equality righteousness and justice to all in every situation. So the motivation of folks driven by these moral qualities is not about self but is all about others and therein lies the problem in America and definitely the rest of us if we do not heed the warnings; warnings which are so blatant and obvious that you would have to be blind not to see them.


I was talking to an old friend and pastor whom I honour and respect; he said Brian the world wants laws that do not demand defined and restrictive narrow morals, and the more I thought about it the more I conceded it to be true. But the more I thought about it the more I also had to concede there is no such thing as a law without morals, as morals are what define the laws and standards to begin with. Laws are governed by a mutual respect for the rights of others, therefore our morals determine our respect and adherence to them; without morals there can be no laws


A friend once said to me in jest if you want to see a simple illustration of the psyche of a nation revealed in their own estimation of importance, look at their national number in the international phone directory, that may sound like a joke but there is a degree of truth in the statement. The actual truth being, the United States of America’s position on the international list of country codes is NUMBER ONE. And in the international arena of politics and finance that is where they place themselves, NUMBER ONE.


Note that I did not say that is where they see themselves, but where they place themselves and the reason why I say this is that arrogance follows pride, a haughty spirit as the scripture describes it, or in the definition of psychological terms for it, a mentality and perverted obsession called simply, CONCEIT. Pride is the ascending stairway to self elevation, self exaltation and promotion, but conceit is the throne upon which the proud one takes up his position, to be as God. America, Babylon the great, GREAT SHALL BE YOUR FALL AND UNLESS YOU REPENT YOUR JUDGEMENT IS DETERMINED.


Capitalism over four hundred years has been mainly a western or European ideology and where has it taken us, certainly it has given us immense prosperity and influence but with it has come the destruction of all that is decent and pure. We now live in a world of violence with extreme wealth and extreme poverty where our only way of preserving the power and wealth we possess is to put guards on our borders to try and preserve and secure what we have. But that can only hope to last for a while, a season at most, for those who despise us because of our lack of parity and justice, those who can not live because of their poverty who can no longer survive with their inequitable share while observing our extravagance, will ultimately tear down the walls and remove the guards and take the share that is rightfully and justifiably theirs.


The obscenity of Americas pride and foolishness is to think that all this goes unnoticed by God, How much money does one man need, billionaires and trillionaires apart from all the millionaires and multi millionaires in America and other nations, they live like they are gods themselves, and their superstar image and warped mentality justifies their insanity to believe they deserve this luxury and prestige, simply because they were born to gods, while all the time they are just shallow hollow people consumed with their own grandiose illusions. Paving a pathway to hell with their perverted imaginary aspirations based upon the false premise heaven and hell is what YOU make it. They are in for a very severe and frightening wake up.


Saints and church goers, you had better stop and consider your own ways, as we have become likeminded, thinking this is the will of God for us. What blasphemy and heresy is this? The scripture makes it plain “Godliness with contentment is great gain” but we also have turned the truth into a lie and changed the scripture to say “Contentment with great gain is godliness” How deceived we are and we are the least to acknowledge it. As I travel and everywhere I go, unchurched folk are so very quick to tell me of the insensitivity and bigotry along with the selfishness and pride of Christian people and churches, 

and story after story is told informing me over and over again of the injustice and lack of compassion shown in practical ways to the man in need because of this hellish doctrine and belief system adopted now in modern Christianity.    


The church itself has now entirely embraced this same perverted and delusional deception and now has become an enshrined image of what it was designed to be, beguiled by image, intoxicated with self grandeur, deceived into thinking God is pleased by what he sees by way of outward image alone, things such as, its pomp and ceremony its presentation its smoke and mirror performances its tidy and secure excellence in performing what the eye alone deems success, all designed to entice but actually ugly and disgusting outward adornment lacking the character and beauty of inner integrity.   

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