A Wake Up Call

I don't travel a lot, at least not yet , who knows what might happen in the next few years, however I was making my way to Brisbane Airport when I see the ever popular Qantas aeroplane take off and majestically take flight into the air, it wasn't anything special as I have seen many planes take off, however what got my attention on this occasion was what was written on the side of the plane right next to the big Qantas name, it read in big letters " Qantas One World." Now you say " so what?" Well I guess to a lot of people it means absolutely nothing, but to me its another wake up call for everyone to be aware that the elite or illuminati as they are so proud to call themselves are setting up this New World Order and it is literally punching us in the face.

Everywhere you go if you don't see it with your eyes, you can hear it with your ears that everything in this world is gearing up for all the nations to stand together in a One World or New World Order. From the highest of politicians, Hollywood superstars, the very corrupt music industry, and even some so called Mega Christian Churches, we are being conditioned to accept and be a part of this devious plan for a united world.

Only recently the new most beloved Pope has begun to bring in unity all the different religions of the world, sending letters to Christian organisations like the Copelands and Joel Osteen, to Muslim ,and Buddhists to name a few to form a One World Religion which he believes will bring peace to our world, and because of his rockstar status everyone is following after him. As it is written in the Word of God, Hosea 4 v 6 "My people are destroyed from lack of knowledge," a lot of these so called Christian organisations don't talk about end times prophecy or read the book of Revelation as they say they either don't understand it, or that these things will bring fear to there congregation, in which people will walk out, and well the tithes start to go down. So the thing they do instead of celebrating the fact that our Lord and Saviour is coming back soon, they would rather have the people dumbed down in a state of relaxation and entertainment, which the enemy satan wants. The Word of God says in Matthew 9 v 37 " the harvest truly is plenteous, but the labourers are few," if you think about it most of the churches have got plenty of labourers but they are all to busy sitting down being entertained by the man in front, while they do that, the sneaky devil is in the world uniting all men and women to prepare to sit under the banner of the Anti-Christ.

If we look in the Book of Genesis, we have a similar situation as we have today with the story of the Tower of Babel. One ruler under a deep satanic mind set united the people of the world to build a tower so big it would reach up to the Heavens. The people in that time were all one language, and were all in one accord, if you think about it a One World Order, but the result of that didn't work and neither will this.

We are now in 2015 and it is the most exciting time In history, because we are on the verge of Christs return, but we know that before that happens we must see the rise of the Anti-Christ, this is the time for Christians to get up off the chairs, get out and tell the world Jesus is coming back. Believers now need to separate themselves from the world agenda and stand in the Spirit of God, say no to a One World Order and everything it stands for. It is now imperative that we get the message of Jesus and his return out there for the time is almost up.