Cern and the gates of Hell.

About eight years ago I took my family camping to a secluded camping spot in a rather rugged part of the country, at this site it is not hard to spot or come across many forms of wild life. As we were walking back to camp one morning after our usual morning walk to the bridge and back, I noticed two small Red Belly Black snakes to the left side of the track. I stopped for a second signalling to the others to stop and pointed to the potential danger, at the same time I said stay still because mother snake might not be far away. I glanced to the right of the track and there she was.... about one and a half metres long. At that size a Red Belly Black will give you a nasty bite, not killing you but certainly making you sick.

We waited until the family slithered off into the bush then went on our way. Now we did not interfere with the snakes, some may say "of course that would be stupid", well there are people that do play with danger not knowing the outcome, as obvious in the following example.

Cern, which I'm sure you would have heard of, is a large experimental program taking place in the French village of Crozet. This project consists of a seventeen mile log circular underground tunnel where scientists are hell bent on getting two particle beams to collide at almost the speed of light. They are trying to find what some call the 'God Particle', the base on which all matter exists as it were. As if the Garden of Eden didn't create enough problems for mankind, these scientists have to play with fire not really knowing the consequences. This project has many concerned citizens displaying their disapproval as it has already experienced a failure in 2007 when one of the magnets that line the tunnel became dislodged during a test run. Cern has been closed down for a time while they upgrade the structure for another run. The thing that I shake my head at is this, the last time they started this beast up it looked like it was trying to open up portals, gates, there were reports from employees that people were seen going in and out of these gates. This is serious stuff, the Bible tells us in Matthew ch 16 v 18 that the gates of hell shall not prevail, so hell has gates and personally I think it a good idea to keep what is behind those gates behind those gates.

I don't fear these demonic beings myself however I'll bet these scientists will need a new pair of underpants if they do open up the lid on hell and according to reports they are going to start Cern up again as early as the next few months.

During previous test runs at Cern,scientists discovered two new particles, this discovery was made when the the particle beams collided as I mentioned earlier. Scientists say that this represents the Big Bang and these particles do not normally occur on Earth today. Finding new particles improves our knowledge scientists claim, it also reveals how our universe works beyond what we know.

Do these scientists know what they are up for ?

Romans ch 1 v 22. Professing themselves to be wise, they became fools.

Perhaps it is just better that we leave the snakes alone after all we don't really know how they will react when provoked.