Are You Serious ?

Well this time the garbage in the Church has gone to far, I mean are Christians so dumbed down that they will accept any form of entertainment as the Gospel. I was searching the Youtube site for more information on the end times when all of a sudden I find a film clip from the World famous church Potters House, head Pastor or should I say CEO T.D.Jakes .

I started to watch the clip thinking there has to be some sort of view against the song "Thriller" by Michael Jackson, but no I was sadly wrong. Instead the pastor introducing this decided to twist the Gospel to suit this Demonic dance into a so called Christian believing church. The pastor comes on after this Satanic dance was done as dumbs the crowd down more by saying, " When dead men dance you know its the breath of God," huh?

Well lets see, in Michael Jacksons Thriller film clip we saw zombies, the demonic, possessed people and just plain evil, none of these people on this clip were whole, living, vibrant, loving and praising God. So how do you call this the breath of God? In fact most of the dances in Michaels performance's were channelled by a spiritual guide including the famous Moon Walk. However I am not here to talk about Michael Jackson, I am here to talk about the Potters House choice of entertainment.

I mean its not about the dance even though its a dance that glorifies evil, not God. It is the words of the song, who wrote it, who produced it, what mega satanic record company put it out. Now where in that song does it give God the glory?

Oh wait it doesn't.....

In fact at the beginning of the actual film clip, there was a disclaimer saying that all though this clip comes across as dark and evil, Michael Jackson has no part in the occult or any form of Satanism. Now why would he need to say that if the song Thriller was about dancing with the breath of God. And to sum it all off the church didn't just do a dance, they dressed up like the walking dead zombies and copied the exact dance as it appeared on the clip. So you have dead faced zombie looking people with hideous faces.

I ask you when Jesus poured the breath of God into Lazarus, I wonder if he walked out looking like one of those people? Or how about the little girl Jairus' daughter, when she awoke from the dead did she look like a mind numbing zombie. I guess what I really want to say is, when people in a supposed bible believing, Christ like, blood bought, Jesus worshipping church, are standing in applause and cheering to a song that promotes nothing but evil and the occult; you know that the tables need to be turned over.

Every Christian needs to be in heavy repentance and seek forgiveness from our God. Every bible needs to be dusted off the shelves and used. Every pastor or believer that agrees with what has gone on in this church is good; needs to be beaten severely by the hand of God.

The end is here and Lord and saviour Jesus is returning. Please Wake Up Church! you have but a short time left.