King of kings

Just some encouragement for you out there.

Recently it has been a trying time in this house hold as my job security has been up and down for a while ( 4 years actually ) , yesterday afternoon ended with a bit of a low for me and I had to hold my breath....wait and focus on the lord. It took some doing. There is no doubt that the servers of God are being pushed, persecuted, tempted and at times taken to what you would call the end of their tether.

I woke this morning and wondered what today would bring ??? Then I opened up the KJV online for a scripture, saying to the lord, " What do you have to say about today Lord ?" And this was the scripture for today.

Revelation, ch 1 v 8.

" I am Alpha and Omega,

the beginning and the ending,

saith the lord,

which is,

and which was,

and which is to come,


Push on people, Have a God day.