As we move closer to Christ returning it is more important than ever to make our lives count and use our time wisely. Ephesians ch 5 v 16 in the KJV says, " redeeming the time, because the days are evil." Just about every day I get out of bed I am shaking my head for some reason, at something that has occurred somewhere across the globe. Today on the news it was announced that the U.K. moves toward making babies from three different DNA sources. Playing God, I muttered under my breath at the news while I waited for the tyres to be fitted to my 4wd.

There is no doubt that man is pushing his luck by 'playing God' as it were, he did not learn from the Garden of Eden or maybe he has a very short memory. We need to, as Ephesians says, redeem the time. Our life must become absolutely on call for God, his kingdom and must have a purpose. For 23 years I have worked, raised children, all with the help of my wife Michelle and rarely have I had time to stop and ponder...am I doing what God wanted me to do in this short time He has given me? For the last four or so years I have really been cleaning up my Life and asking God to give me his purpose for the remaining time left.

In Romans Ch 12 V 1 to 8. the scriptures speak of making ourselves a living sacrifice to God. I have watched many people in their chosen professions just collect the pay cheque at the end of the week because it pays the bills, keeping the wolf from the door. I have seen people get married to the wrong person because it was the thing to do for what ever reason. So much time wasted in so many areas because we didn't take heed to the above passage of scripture which covers all facets of life. It is time to STOP,.... listen to God's prompting as to where to from here as time is running out. Now if you or I have made a mistake and we think there is no going back, that's true, however the scriptures tell us this. "And we know that all things work together for good to them that love God, to them who are the called according to his purpose." Romans ch8 v 28. He will turn bad to good. I have no doubt that he will do exactly that. Listen to this true story of Dion DiMucci.

Every day of Dion's life as a young boy his parents would argue about paying the rent which was $36. Dion as a young boy would go and lock himself in his room with his guitar to get away from the arguing. Later on in life, when on tour Buddy Holly, a member of Dion's band, decided to charter a plane to make a leg of the tour more comfortable as it was bitterly cold at that time of year. The plane available was only a four seater including the pilot, the band had four members. Tossing a coin for the fourth seat, Dion won the toss but when he learned that the ticket was valued at $36, he decided to take the bus. The next morning the news came that the plane went down over night with no survivors. Was it good that Dion's parent's argued about $36? No. However it was that vivid memory of his parents arguing that saved his life. Dion's gospel music has planted the scripture into millions of peoples hearts and lives...I can vouch for that personally .

I think perhaps there comes a time when we actually need to ask Jesus to take that which has near destroyed us and ask him to put it to good use.

Exciting times lay ahead.


Get out there and ask God to go with you.