Escapism and The New World Order


Escaping is not an option in this world especially in this day and age and lets say it like it is, God doesn't run from the enemy so neither should his children. As I was walking my daughters dog last week, a large stray dog approached me that didn't look at all friendly, the dog continued to walk in my direction so I placed my daughters dog behind me, stood on his leash freeing up my hands and began to take control of the stray by way of hand gestures and voice commands. 45 seconds later the stray decided it was best to move on. I took a stand, and yes you may say well that's just a stray dog, what about when the the powers that be come to take your freedom or perhaps your life ? Well, I see all confrontations as preparation for that very moment. Its called training, practice makes perfect. I personally will not bow my knee to anybody or any form of dictatorship, my knee is being kept clean for the return of the King.

Guillotines.  It is well known throughout the world now that the Islamic group of Isis is extremely keen on taking of the heads of their hostages. If you do not conform to their requests whether it be a ransom or a conversion to Islam it is off with your head. For a long time now the governing bodies behind the Governments of this world have been allowing the mingling of nations, is it a good idea ? Of course it is, in their eyes they put different nationalities together knowing that this always creates problems because there will always be a racist sect in every group of people that will stir up trouble. This creates diversions, the greatest trick that is being performed now is the aggression being fueled between Islam and the traditional Christian. It has been confirmed by many people in military and other avenues that there have been guillotines set up in America. Steve Quayle goes into length about this topic and how the information was passed onto him by his military contacts. Add to this the fact that Christianity is being pushed out of schools, military and life in general in the U S and also you add the fact that you have a Muslim President in the White House, " Obama", and he fully admits that he is a Muslim, you have your recipe for disaster. I am very skeptical when it comes to a puzzle piece as you can very rarely tell the picture from just one piece, however, over the last few years there has been many puzzle pieces begin to emerge, and it is looking like America is heading for disaster.

We have to remember the following.............. when Albert Pike wrote to Mazzini in 1871 about how they would orchestrate three World Wars and the third would play Islam and Christianity against each other in order to destroy both. He goes on to say that it is at this time they will bring in the pure teaching of Lucifer and I personally believe the rise of the Antichrist at the same time. The people, Pike says will be that tired out and disillusioned without any sense of direction that they will accept the deception. Society from what I am hearing and seeing is already looking worn out. There is no better time to conquer the multitude if the multitude is already weary.

Fear. Fear is something that tends to grab a hold of people in various ways and I will not say that I am immune to it myself, after all I write these articles to remind both myself and the reader of many different issues that spring to mind. Recently I had a conversation with a Christian lady and she expressed to me how concerned she was that tax had to be paid and clearly she had an underling fear of the Tax Department. Today I took the time to look over a policeman in his uniform and what got my attention was his name badge, it didn't say constable Jim Jones it said constable 31578. He has been numbered, reason he told me ? For his own protection, there are people out there that could potentially target a police officer. More fear. The statistics show you are more likely to die in my trade of Carpentry than in the Police force. Government in Latin means " To control the mind." And that's exactly what they do every hour of the day through Radio, TV, Billboards and any other form of brainwashing control they deem useful. Control, brainwashing, fear etc,etc. Next they will be telling us to sleep with the light on because its safer.

The New World Order. When George Bush Senior stood there in 1991 and arrogantly told the audience that when we are successful and we will be, referring to The New World Order I bet that most of the world would have thought nothing of it. We are now over twenty years on and the proof of The New World Order is not far away when you look for it now. Kissinger, Rockefeller, The Pope, Tony Blair and the list goes on of the supporters of this great idea of a New World Order. The United Nations even think highly of it, the motto of the U.N. and in David Spangler's own words is that..... "No one will enter The New World Order unless he or she will make a pledge to worship Lucifer." "No one will enter the new age unless he will take a Luciferian initiation." I wonder if the initiation has anything to do with your right hand or forehead ? Madness, absolute madness at its greatest and when you try to tell people or even show the links between the dots their eyes usually glaze over and off they go to fairy land, burying their heads in the sand.

Handy stuff that sand.