The Love of Money.

As a follower of Christ I have come in contact with many Christians over the years from all walks of life and I have found that as time goes on, fewer and fewer are lining themselves up with the timing of that of the Bible. It is relatively simple, we start with Genesis and move through to Revelation, however I have found that there are Christians getting caught up in just one constant rant often because of their own agenda, example, the Bible instructs us to love one another which is a timeless teaching meaning it has a constant place in our faith. This teaching is important and should be a constant display however there is also the importance of the timeline in which I was referring to for which I will give an example.

In Revelation ch 7 v 3 we read that God seals his servants in their foreheads so as no harm would come to them. As we read on in ch 9 v 4 only harm comes to those that don't have the seal of God. Further on we read and it is the well known scripture of ch 13 v 16 where the mark is forced upon the right hand and forehead. This friends is a time line but I am amazed at the believer that thinks we won't be here for these events and that we will be raptured and so little to no attention is given to the book of Revelation. Now here is my point, if we are supposedly raptured, why do Gods servants need a seal ? More to the point is this, recently I had a conversation with a Christian and the statement was made that God wouldn't send us to hell for taking the mark of the beast as he loves us to much, I was flabbergasted to think that this person who had such a wide knowledge of the Bible, didn't know or had never read chapter 14 v 9, 10, and 11 of Revelation. This family has become some what successful over recent times and I don't have a problem with success but nothing should cloud our vision of Gods word and it's timing.  A major issue today seems to be this need that we are deemed successful or important if we have a new car, new house, new clothes, new cat, new whatever. The vehicle for attaining these

Money is clouding up the knowledge of the truth for many people, some five years ago or so I was teaching the children in kids club at Church about how Jesus had armed himself with a whip and drove out the money changers from the temple. This is a very clear cut story of how money and the house of God should be handled very carefully. A few years later the Senior Pastor of our Church was allowing a new flock member to do business within the Church walls, this person was dishonest in his dealings and many complaints were made to the leadership about him. Eventually he stole hundreds of thousands of dollars from the flock. It was later on after this thief was thrown out of the Church that my friend who had lost $ 387,000.00 in this scheme told me that our Senior Pastor had $ 200,000.00 dollars invested with this fraudster. As a result of our Pastor having his own interests at heart instead of tending to his flock many good people left the Church. A large majority of the so called Christians today are hell bent on making sure he or she is a cut above the rest. This is love of money.

One of the purposes I believe for God to allow the mark of the beast to arise is to bring his children back into line as one accord. We will not be able to own anything in this system, no step ladders to climb, no pedestal to stand on, no separation from the world, for it will be the run to finish line and the final moments of life to be adjusted. It will bring us closer together as a family should be, looking out for one another and protecting one another.

1st Timothy ch 6 v 10

For the love of money is the root of all evil: which while some coveted after, they have erred from the faith, and pierced themselves through with many sorrows.