If you reverse up, in to our immediate past, you will discover that a revolutionary change took place in human social perceptions around a generation and a half ago. Whereas once most folk had auniversal understanding of what we call absolute truth or better expressed as an unchangeable moral view of what we knew constituted right or wrong. But all that changed dramatically over that same period of years, so that now it no longer applies or is considered relevant any more. Most nations peoples perception now is determined by circumstance and culture and most of all is influenced and driven by the modern American western concepts of commercialism, ambition and success. This largely western concept is what we have rammed down our throats daily via promotional marketing by multinationals and obscene capitalism. It is nothing more or less than the Biblical definition of lust and greed, and tragically has taken the world mindset ransom, and hijacked society as a whole globally.

The whole of politics now also is controlled by the extreme rich and the Military Industrial complex through multinational government controlled legislation using what has become the accepted norm in society, but insanity to any moral thinking individual. What I am referring to here is what is now known as lobbyist groups paid by these multinational companies to fund support and buy off the politicians to ensure their products get favoured treatment and unfair advantage. Not only is it insane it is actually criminal to any just and equitable individuals moral conscience. Certainly is it offensive to a Godly and just Biblical perspective of what is right and wrong. Yet we accept is as part of our modern culture and say nothing .IT IS CRIMINALTO SAY THE LEAST!

Absolute truth or alternatively in social engineering terms or better put manipulated and coerced social planning, situational ethics and what ever you may like to call it, is simply justified corruption at its highest level. Sadly it creates class exploitation and allows fraudulent greed to pervade society and community at every level and yet even worse it sanctions intimidation and totalitarianism over the dominated and defenceless masses. The absolute disgusting reality of this pre engineered political outcome is that the arrogant proud privileged few grow filthy rich while the under privileged many lose what little dignity life affords them and inturn relegates them to the category of what has become a totally derogative term know as “THE USLESS EATERS”. In other words a mocking term designated to those considered worthless drones and parasites upon the reserves of the elitist few.

All I can say is this demonic and evil mentality will one day soon attract a very like and severejudgement that will far exceed the pain and suffering along with the humiliation they had earlier demonstrated and inflicted upon the individuals they ill treated. 

Christians if this corrupt western capitalistic mentality is your core belief system you must realign your persuasions to a more Biblical model. May I add at this juncture, please do not insult my intelligence by accusing me of being a Socialist communist in ideology as you could not be farther from the truth. Communism and Capitalism are just opposite ends of the same totalitarian spectrum of political ideologies. Capitalism concludes in extreme Fascism to bring about a pure enlightened society for the few and Socialist Communism concludes in extreme Communism subjugating all for the good of a few. I do not espouse either political persuasion

My Biblical conviction does not allow me to endorse domination and extortion of mankind be it by Communism or Capitalism. Capitalism denigrates and exploits the poor eliminating them once their usefulness is exhausted. Communism exploits the poor and downtrodden also crushing them to a life of servitude for the good of the ruling elite.

My conviction is very contrary to what is espoused by society and the church in the west now, very different indeed. I believe Jesus taught the very fundamentals of truth that it is not about getting but about giving, that it is more blessed and to aspire to give than to get, but where do we hear this today. Sure you will hear those actual words preached repeatedly through out the churches in the west but do the church leaders and their congregations actually live that out their daily lives in reality, I think not. Their books their preaching and their lives demonstrate the very opposite, that money affluence and image is everything certainly our life’s pursuit. Either Jesus spoke total truth or total lies when he took the coins handed to him as the question was asked, should we pay taxes?

His answer is very interesting, as he asked a question to answer their question. Very pertinently whose image is on this coin to which they replied Caesar’s image is on the coin. His response is extremely enlightening even controversial. Jesus replied return and give back to Caesar what belongs unto Caesar and come follow me. I have heard all the arguments over the years that Judas had a purse holding all the money and that Jesus was able to create coins in fishes mouths and that God wants us wealthy etc. And to take up monetary offerings, etc. But that is not what Jesus said here in the scripture reference above. He said return to Caesar what Caesar created and follow me. In other words trust God for your needs Mathew 6. 33 Seek Gods kingdom, that must take priority over every other thing and then what you need for your journey through life will be added to you. Either it is truth or it is a con and a lie and I do not believe that it is a lie for one moment. But when you need food metal coins will not satisfy your hunger only edibles can do that.

My Biblical political persuasion then, is what we read in the Book of Acts regarding the very earliest form of church where every man held all things in common, and as they shared they all survived. And yes they did have money but when they lived in the catacombs (Those that had properties sold them and laid the money at the apostles feet for sharing amoungst the saints) who had nothing) and as they shared together no one went with out. My persuasion then is Biblical socialism or CHURCH COMMONISM. Jointly holding all things in common administered by virtuous honourable and honest God fearing men. How far we are removed from the truth today. Communism says take from the rich and give to the poor. Commonism says, here take what I have and give to the poor The former operates from tyranny the other operates voluntarily from mercy.

Give Back to Ceasar what belongs to or is controlled by Ceasar and come follow me, the fact is you do not need money you need food clothing housing etc and why would God want to give you coins when he can directly supply the food and what you need to survive. I am not saying God can not use money but money is now how governments control people, and shortly folk are going to realise in order to survive as a Christian you are going to have to learn to live without money.  

With great concern I wonder how many will survive what is coming when government controls are tightened so much that we can neither buy or sell. The church has so willingly and ignorantly submitted to money without understanding the word or term money. The word MONEY, comes directly from the “ROMAN GODESS CALLED MONETAS” It is without doubt a very powerful tool of demonic subjugation and enticement to things lustful soulish and devilish, the worship of MONEY.

If this is your mindset and concept of what Christianity teaches and believes then you had better reconsider your ways while time and years grant you the opportunity. Remember the words of Jesus as recorded in Mathew 25 tell us the one main question that will be put to each one of us in the coming concluding moments of our time upon earth will be, How did we take care  of our fellow travellers while here on earth? And that my friends is a very sobering and soul searching even scary thought, especially in light of the fact that the answer will determine our eternal destiny without question. 

Slimy self pleasing humanistic greasy grace will not sustain the heart searching eyes of Gods conviction neither will it eliminate the finger of His justice as our sentence is read out for all creation to witness. But, may I ask what did we actually and really expect anyway? Did we for one minute think that somehow God would condone our ill treatment greedy lack of compassion toward the poor and helpless. This distorted and outright satanic thinking is totally deserving of the judgement that it will earn. More importantly it will once and for all expose the hidden intent and motives of the real attitudes of each individual as they pervaded our thinking while here upon earth. But to respond and change our personal driving ideologies then on that day, will be to late, it is only possible to do that now while time is ours to make the necessary changes.     

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