I find today more than ever that we are living in a world where compromise is the order of the day to please as many people as we can so as to avoid any confrontation possible. Years ago if you had an unplanned child enter your life it was deemed your responsibility to take account of the situation and get used to the idea that for the next 18 years or so you were going to raise the child doing your best to see that he or she is given every opportunity to get a foot hold in this world and eventually make a way for themselves. These days it has become all to easy and unfortunately all to common to just have the inconvenience dealt with by terminating the child and getting back to life as if nothing happened. Abortion personally sickens me, Mother Teresa partitioned Bill Clinton to eliminate the aborting of children in the U.S. to which he said " What would I do with all the little children if I did that ? " Mother Teresa replied " Give them to me." I believe she would have found a place for them too, as God would have smiled on the genuine concern for the little ones that Mother Teresa had.

Every day I just look at this world and shake my head and wonder how much longer can this go on ?

No Compromise was a brilliant book by Keith Green and I recommend it to anyone to that wants to be challenged, that basically wants to grow up and take responsibility for their actions.... A brilliant read.

I have heard it said so many times and I am personally sick of it, "Can't we come to some sort of Compromise." When an agreement can't be met a compromise is often the answer, this unfortunately usually ends with one person in the agreement coming off second best. It would be better to walk away, cut your losses and move on rather than commit yourself to an extension of the Problem. E.G, Recently I had a friend approach me to assist him in saving his business from going down the shoot. He had trusted so called other friends to come into his business to grow it and unfortunately they made poor decisions that left my friend in deep trouble. When I came on board I found very quickly that it was not just his friends that had made bad decisions, it was he himself, the owner of the business that had got himself into this trouble in the first place and was not only now trying to find some one to get him out of trouble but wouldn't listen to good council to do so. I made it extremely clear how I would help him and it would take pure hard work, long hours and cost cutting for the business to be saved. He would not listen to Me and so I had to be straight with him and leave the situation, telling him that he should cut his losses, fold the business before he losses his house and pay back the people he owes money to purely as it is the Christian thing to do.

No compromise.

Compromise always comes from poor decision making.

The definition of compromise.

an agreement or settlement of a dispute that is reached by each side making concessions.

The definition of concessions.

plural noun: concessions
a thing that is granted, especially in response to demands.

So somewhere there is a demand made by someone, not a nice situation to be a part of.

My yoke is easy and my burden is light Jesus says, so lets just take his hand and run with it.

It is not easy to make these types of decisions, it often means ground lost and no one likes to lose ground.

All things work together for good for those who love the Lord, God can turn anything around as long as we hand the steering wheel to him.