We are truly in the last days, Jesus said that as it was in Noah's day it will be in the day when he returns. Genesis tells us of how man did evil continually and how God was disgusted with his creation and ultimately he had to deal with man by clearing him off the face of the earth. Only one man was in line with God's will at that time, Noah and he was warned to build the ark that would save his family from God's clean up of filth. When we look at this story, every person was destroyed and only a remnant was left to ride out the coming days in the safety of the Ark, only a remnant. Today we see the disgusting act of homosexuality condoned in the country of Ireland by the equalizing of it into same sex marriage, gay's and non-gays alike have voted on this topic taking God's gift of Marriage in the bible and polluting it with their disobedience and sexual perversion. I watch closely these days at this type of filth creeping into society and think to myself will there be anything Godly and moral left on this earth in ten years time ???

People every day drop their belief system further and further into the sewer system of life because they are to soft to stand up for what is just and right. They want everything easy.
The majority of people are gathering together in a field that is a reminder of the days of Noah. God is just sitting back at the moment letting it all go down as he is coming back for a bride without spot or blemish, we need to have the mind of Christ, the actions also to back it up. so be encouraged to hold fast till he comes and know that if you endure to the end you will be saved.

We live in the days where people will agree to almost any type of sexual perversion including the diabolical act of paedophilia just so they can legally fill their own sick desires. Take the Franklin affair for example, the paedophile ring that was being run out of the White House, when the case was brought forward ready to enter the court system no judge would have it in his court room. So what are those judges up to behind closed doors to not want to have the case heard. Perhaps Jesus could write some detail in the sand about them.

When you put the different agendas together in regards to children that the likes of the Democrats in the U.S are pushing for, E.G, abortion up to the age of 3-4 years of age. You can see the importance they place on children. Jesus said that if anyone harms any of these little ones it would be better if they be drowned. I will second that. The powers that be will eventually push for children to be used as nothing but toys because the powers that be ultimately serve Satan.

Unfortunately we continually see the Church today to often preaching lukewarm messages that deal with prosperity or some type of feel good topic so we can make it through another week. The Church should be raising up such a fervour for up to date issues and having them squashed before they even see the light of day. I love the scene in the passion of the Christ where Satan turns up in the form of a snake and Jesus stomps on his spine breaking it and dealing with him immediately, that's the church I want to see, no time for debate on something that is obviously immoral according to God's word just break its spine. Job done. Next topic.

Jesus in Matthew speaks of a time at the end that comes and if his return was not shortened there would be no flesh left on earth but for the elects sake it will be shortened,
its going to get tough people, real tough but we must press forward serving the real King that will ultimately protect us from destruction if we don't worship these false god's. Be the remnant, take your stand for the last days.

a part or quantity that is left. The greater part has been used, removed, or destroyed.

When Elijah despaired that he was the only one left in Israel who had not bowed down to idols, God assured him that He had reserved a remnant of 7,000 “whose knees have not bowed down to Baal and all whose mouths have not kissed him" (1 Kings 19)..

Recently I was asked by work colleague as to what excites me as he was astonished that I was not motivated by money, he was even more surprised when I said that I was interested in only one thing. TRUTH. It's an interesting topic the truth. I had a so called Christian friend a year ago say to me that his truth is different to my truth and our previous pastors truth was different again, as they condoned their own desires in regards to certain decisions they had made which was based on lies. I said to him, "NO mate my truth is based on the word of God being that Jesus said he was the way the truth and the life and that no one goes to the father but by him."

We need to keep our focus on the goal of eternal life and not get diverted along the way.