Mind Game.

I remember when I was young, my mind was like a sponge and when I worked my way through my apprenticeship and eventually into Management I was able to soak up all sorts of information absorbing it and having it on hand to use at will. Today I have noticed that I have found it harder to do this and it is not necessarily because of my age but to be honest I find we are bombarded with so much junk these days that you can't even get on any website without having some sort of advertisement jumping down your throat or distracting you in some way. I could touch on so many more examples and yes this is just a very simple example however, there is a game being played for the control of our minds.

We have been conditioned for some time now by Hollywood, and this will continue as it is a brilliant way to brainwash the people particularly the young. Recently I watched a movie and as plain as day there was a comment made on the preparation of the populous for the New World Order, this is for the conditioning of the people in general, as the average Jo has no idea about the New World Order agenda for a one world system of control.....communism.....witch-craft.....no one will enter it without giving way to Satan. Hollywood is responsible for movies that have made reference to the year 2022 for example, soylent green, in this movie the substance Soylent Green is ground up human flesh that is fed to the public after an EMP type scenario. It has been reported recently that ISIS has not only been beheading their victims but then eating the flesh of the victim as well, and this movie starred a quite young Charlton Heston in fact it was released in 1973. One thing we have to remember is that Satan is behind all evil as he is the father of all lies. More recently the new Terminator movie Genisys there is reference made to the year 2017 and many have pointed to this being the year that the Antichrist is to be revealed. I have not looked into this in great depth but the way the world is heading it certainly is ready for the man of sin to be revealed and it wouldn't be an overly difficult task for him to fool the current populous as generally, they are easily lead.

Now that's Hollywood doing the usual brainwashing technique as we willingly sit in movie theatres around the world and view there junk however this next subject is the key to this article as we won't have to be willing to take in this evil attack, it has the potential to be released on the public without them even knowing, and is the ultimate Mind Game.

The university of  California have come up with what they call a concept labelled ' neural dust, ' minute micro chips that are implanted into the human brain, they are implanted to basically read a patients thoughts. It is so fine that it is basically undetectable by the patient, it is inserted into the cerebral cortex and it runs off the charge from the host body. The information is then collected from a transmitter fitted to the patient externally, it is said that the technology is aimed at treating disease and disabilities except the security of the so called "concept" is not clear, as anyone that has access to it can control the patient. Some years ago Obama allocated something like 20 million dollars to this project naming it the ' Brain Initiative, ' it is funded by the National Institute of Health, the National Science Foundation and non other than our good old friends at  ( DARPA ) Defence Advanced Research Projects Agency.

I will leave you with this link below which shows a you-tube clip from the sixties and my point is this.....they call Neural Dust a concept, this I find insulting, as they Illuminati always come out with what they want us to believe is a concept when in actual fact they have perfected the technology and usually done so on unwilling human participants ready for use on the population. The following clip as I said was taken from the sixties and I'm sure it will get your attention,  if they were able to achieve this in the sixties then what are they capable of now???