We are living in the most fearful yet exciting times of the history of mankind upon earth, things have never been so advanced and yet the reasoning so primitive and retarded. Man is at present planning his journey to the outer limits of our solar system with the intention of inhabiting the planet of mars. Yet here we are at the same time staring down the barrel of a cannon called the annihilation of humanity and reality as we know it, because of the fanatical ideals of varied, blind, foolish, totally corrupted and insane groups of twisted delusional self exalting rationalists.

A strange choice of words you might ask, how, can idealists and delusional rationalists be linked in one sentence. Also how can rationalism and blind foolish and the insane be linked together? Very easily and simply, I would suggest, just look at today’s society and you see the complexities of what we call logic. Just seeing a new breed of actors in their bizarre mind distorting movie roles such as “THE MATRIX” along with the scientific investigative areas, trying to make sense of quantum physics and the mysteries of science, we can easily observe the contradictions of what is not known as well as what is known.

In every area of industry and learning this conflict of reality can be observed. Take the field of accounting, what was once considered black and white, right or wrong is now blurred with what is called creative accounting (finding a way to get around what was once very clearly defined as dishonest, unacceptable, what was considered corrupt and extortion). Look at the area of chemicals and drug manufacture (Roundup, the well known weed killer, now being registered as a medicine) or investment derivatives, where shares are sold with no actual link to any physical commodity. Look at the banking industry and understand fiat money, where it has no value other than a number and a picture printed on its face, in order to be called, wealth or money. Next consider the story of Volkswagen and the falsifying of its exhaust emission computer readouts.

Every where you look in the democratic free market commercial world today, you can see how they have totally corrupted everything and blurred the lines between what was considered of real physical value and of false imaginary counterfeit value. Artificial intelligence is now touted to overtake less intelligent human intelligence in the immediate future and even robots are destined to replace all forms of human activity even down to sexual role between male and female.

All of this stupidity is justified under the title of progress in others words machine against man for productivities sake but what imbecilic confusion and brainlessness is this, when you consider the consequences. First of all the human frailty of failure will no longer be tolerated so machines will take over. Human sensitivity and compassion will no longer be part of society and the ability to negotiate or explain any mitigating or compelling circumstances will no longer be a means of genuine appeal for mercy or understanding. But who cares in our modern world, it all comes down to productivity with its focus on monetary return, and machines will always outpace mankind and humanity in that regard.

Why would society want machines more than men, there is only one reason and that is what concerns me the most, that reason is that this mechanical heartless selfish, taking, entitlement generation, love money more than mortality, profits more than people and finance more than families. Sadly with this modern philosophy machines, will win the day, no wonder the Bible predicts that men in the final days of his reign upon earth, will become lovers of self rather than lovers of God, haughty, high minded, proud, arrogant, boastful, blasphemers, WITHOUT NATURAL AFFECTION!

Without question we are facing a very dark and insidious future where care and consideration is replaced by dictate and dehumanisation and with the reasoning that prevails at this moment of time with this present generation machine will replace men. Just how this senile age can justify this absolute stupidity has me bewildered to say the least but I guess that’s what materialism is all about as Alistair Crowley the Satanist once said “Do as thou wilt, is the whole sum of the law” senseless selfishness is what I call it, there is no other way to say it “the end of life as we have known it”, Stephen Hawkins now admits it.

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