Looking over my historical files and records in order to see just how things have progressed in such a short time , I came across an article written by New Harvests Jason Matheny in 2010. I found it very interesting looking at, then and now especially in the light of the criticism received in earlier years as to my crazy theories and way out predictions in the light of Bible prophecy. I thought it would be profitable both for my critics and myself to review my views and predictions and see where they stand at present in 2017.

Incredibly there are some issues that I have factual proof of, that substantiates earlier predictive outcomes and there are some that I know of but lack the actual documentation in order to validate them and the reason for this is simply that much of the social engineering fraternity has gone quiet and chosen not to reveal its intent nor its progress any more as they do not want people intervening or delving into their decisions or in their experiments and plans. Much of todays political posturing is being conducted behind closed doors and in secret closed halls where even the average politician is not given access to the ideas and schemes formulated by the elite few.

This may sound like a good excuse but it is absolutely true and time does not permit me to go in and mention the numerous cases, where even in my own nation of Australia and my home land of New Zealand have formulated secret legislation that the public has not been made aware of. Kept private and secret, until it is presented and debated on in parliament, where even the individual politicians complain because they were not given time to digest the ramifications of the legislation nor the ability or freedom to oppose it.

In the congress of the United States of America it is totally unacceptable, that much of the legislation is not only not presented for ones to read but when it is presented the congressmen and congresswoman do not even want to take the time to read it and worse make no secret of their position. I find that deplorable but that is the state of modern politics but not only government it is the inexcusable mindset of the general public. The moment I mention this next word howls of protest will be heard from the moderates calling me a fear monger.

That word is DUMBED DOWN. The people who are so busy trying to appease every group and body have lost sight of the fact that when you negotiate truth some of it will have to be forfeited as political correctness considers every individuals view has to be considered so the end result is we negotiate everything down to its lowest common denominator or to what everyone can agree on. That is not truth that is a modern form of barter I WILL GIVE YOU WHAT I HAVE, IF YOU WILL AGREE TO EXCHANGE IT FOR WHAT YOU HAVE. It has nothing to do with truth it is all about commerce and contractual agreement.

Truth is the non negotiable set of principles that you have been taught to live by and honour but in political correctness there is no honour just compromise to the lowest standard that everyone can agree upon. Sadly when it is all negotiated away down to its lowest common denominator it has no value left at all, it is not honour it is barter and business and that is what today’s society is all about, making money and may the best and the cunning win.

As to the subject of invitro meat this is exactly what has taken place behind closed doors every discussion is about economic considerations , WHAT WILL IT COST US. How can we extract the most from the least or the greatest return from the least amount of input. So the Japanese developed the process of extracting the protein out of raw sewerage and translated it into what looks like a juicy steak using food colouring and coagulating additives and artificial fillers….. sounds delicious.

The Chinese have utilized the art of aborted babies and turned them into food that is considered by many as not only acceptable but very wise economics as well as a healthy way of supplying our own bodily functional needs. The west have embarked on a different but equally grotesque path of by passing the normal path of birth and butchery and gone directly to genetic engineering where the cells of a member are grown in labs without the bones being included and where it can be controlled as to how big it is developed and how pleasant it looks

All the above is now past tense it is being done and increasing more and more but largely in secret as they don’t want you to know about it. If you again do the searches you will find the facts to validate what I am saying but do not expect me to do it for you as I will not if you want the facts take the time if it is important to you and do the research yourself and then you will be convinced


With the meat industry's demands on the environment multiplying, New Harvest's Jason Matheny says we're getting closer to creating a processed product that will have significantly less impact.

By Jason Gelt

January 27, 2010

In 1932, Winston Churchill, appalled by the leftover bones and gristle crowding his dinner plate, predicted that in 50 years "we shall escape the absurdity of growing a whole chicken in order to eat the breast or wing by growing these parts separately under a suitable medium." It's taken longer than that, but at the dawn of the 21st century we're finally closing in on tasty and eerily healthy meat grown by scientists instead of Old MacDonald.

"It's been a thought problem for scientists for decades," says Jason Matheny, director of New Harvest, a nonprofit organization devoted to global efforts to produce cultured meat. With meat consumption in heavily populated countries like China and India multiplying every decade, the environmental complications resulting from industrial meat production have reached critical mass.

"Meat is now recognized as the leading contributor to global warming," says Matheny, pointing out that meat production creates more greenhouse gases than the entire transportation sector. Additionally, he says, the meat industry is responsible for more than 2 million cardiovascular-related deaths annually, pathogenic contagions such as avian flu and widespread water pollution due to farm animal runoff. With in vitro meat, Matheny asserts, we could mitigate all these problems, in addition to saving the lives of more than 60 billion animals per year.

Coming to the rescue is a dedicated consortium of international scientists, particularly a research group funded by the Dutch government, who have made dramatic progress toward the production of in vitro meat. Although still mostly on the theoretical level, the process is simple: Cells taken from a farm animal are multiplied in a nutrient-rich stew, then stretched or stacked until the proper bulk and texture is achieved. The results can be formed into boneless, processed meat such as sausage, hamburger or chicken nuggets. In addition to the other benefits, "you could produce beef with the fat content of salmon or avocado," says Matheny, who estimates that once the high cost of creating cultured meat is lowered, the product could be in supermarket coolers within five to 10 years.

Still, the road to cultured chicken nuggets faces obstacles. "There are lots of technical challenges," Matheny says. "But those all appear to be solvable. The biggest challenge is one of marketing. There's a yuck factor with the idea of producing cultured meat in a metal tank." Many foods we take for granted are bioprocessed, including yogurt, cheese and fermented drinks. With the health of the world at stake, coming to terms with cultured meats is the logical next step, Matheny says. "If we shifted to cultured meat," says Matheny, "it would reduce greenhouse gas emissions more than everybody trading in their cars and trucks for bicycles."

With the efforts of organizations such as New Harvest, the term "mystery meat" may soon shift from a negative to a positive connotation. Squalid industrial animal farms would become relics of the past, and land, water and grain could be put to other uses. Says Matheny: "In principle, one could produce the entire meat supply from a few cells harvested from animals that don't even need to be killed." Copyright © 2010, The Los Angeles Times


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