It is a ridiculous and untenable situation that I have created, for myself initially, but then for others reading this article also, as the information could be considered heresy, at best certainly error. The detail I refer to is concerning the article relating to the appearance of the star sign of Virgo on the 23rd of September and then subsequently had published in the Omegatimes magazine and on Facebook. I am thankful that there are alert and knowledgeable people out there, who are not afraid to question what they perceive to be wrong or incorrect. Actually in this case they are my personal saving face human angels, whose honesty and wisdom have redeemed me from an act of stupidity for which there is little excuse.

I have just returned from two weeks in Indonesia and while I was there in a remote part I was unable to get on the internet, so it derailed my intentions, as I had previously decided to write the article in shorter segments and post them online from Indonesia. The article was concerning this very relevant pending star sign and its prophetic link to Revelation 12 and because I knew it would take considerable time to explain I naturally thought I could do it in my spare time while there. As it turned out I had a lot of spare time but could not post shorter articles as in a series, which would be easier to digest because I could not get web access. As the day of the signs appearance was fast approaching, my article needed to be written and published very quickly, so I wrote a very long, complex and detailed explanation and then realized I could not get on the web to even submit it to proof readers either. My thought was then to publish it as one single article but the further I went, I realized it would be so very complex and difficult to digest in a single article.

So I completed the article, roughly 9 pages and the moment I arrived back in Australia, decided as it was so long and complicated, rather than post it as one article, to divide it into my original series idea, so that same very night I split the article into four sections and then had to change much of the wording as the beginning and end of each section had to make sense in its own right as a separate article. So I added sentences and words and changed and removed others in an attempt to make it easier to read and digest. That took me till around 2.00 to 2.30 a.m. in the morning and as I needed to get it online quickly, thought it made sense and sent it off to my Omegatimes web manager and told him to put the series on line as quickly as possible but without having it proof read first.

After several days some folk contacted me to point out my error in defining the feast days and misquoting the actual dates of the approaching Hebrew Day of Atonement which will take place ten days after the 23rd of September. The 23rd is the actual day associated with the beginning or first day of the feast of trumpets. On rereading the original article I can’t explain how I overlooked such obvious mistakes, I was definitely very tired that night. But that is no excuse and it is interesting how I often write about people misquoting scripture and details but do not think it is a problem of mine, but here I am being tested on the very thing I challenge others.

What I actually attempted to do and got it all mixed up and thus totally confused the issue by instead of just making reference to the day of atonement, (THE MOST HOLY DAY IN ALL ISRAEL) as being the most important day in the feast of tabernacles in the seventh month, I persisted in saying it was on the 23rd of September. I know that is not true but how I messed this up, bewilders me as it is not to my degree or standard of writing but I certainly was very tired, perhaps I am just getting old (a senior moment). My reference to the 23rd in series 3 and 4 of the article, being the Day of Atonement is totally incorrect that date the 23rd begins the religious festivals of the FEASTS OF THE LORD of the 7th month which is named and grouped as the feast of tabernacles starting first with the 7 day FEAST OF TRUMPETS on the 23rd September or Tishri 1.

The actual Feast of Trumpets, which lasts for seven days, introduces and initiates the next heading of feasts, which is announced by the final trumpet being blown on the final day of THE FEAST OF TRUMPETS. The next part of the feasts following Trumpets, is mentioned in scripture and is considered SEVEN DAYS OF PREPARATION in order to partake with a pure heart in the MOST HOLIEST IMPORTANT DAY IN ISRAELS ENTIRE RELIGIOUS CALENDAR…. THE DAY OF ATONEMENT …. YOM KIPPUR. This particular holiest of all festivals is celebrated particularly on the tenth day of the seven month of the Jewish religious calendar (Tishri 10). Ten days after Trumpets begins. So the DAY OF ATONEMENT IS NOT ON the 23rd of September as it is confusingly presented in my article, but is ten days later after the 23rd or beginning on 29th.

As you can see it is a very complex issue and difficult to explain  even reading this update correction, as the feast of the day of atonement is spread over seven days but the actual sacrifice and entering of the most holy place only is done on one single day, known as the HIGH DAY. What makes it a little confusing and ambiguous is that this day must coincide and align with the new moon at its first appearing thus making the day a little hard to predict or determine until the new moon appears to the naked eye.

So please accept my humblest apologies as when I relooked at the article as pointed out to me, especially by a friend (THANK YOU GAIL) I realised how confusing the information I wrote actually sounds. I will spend a little time and correct the misinformation and then re post it and hopefully not take a chance like that again. Haste always produces consequences and regrets, I know that all too well, but took a chance which backfired on me. I will endeavor to correct the anomalies and do it right this time without the haste and certainly not without checking the entire story with others first. Thank you Brian Hay

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