New Age Movement

Also known as:

Holistic movement, Humanistic Psychology, Age of Aquarius, Aquarian Conspiracy and Human Potential Movement.

The New Age Movement (NAM) is an order being established which meets all the criteria for the scriptural requirements of the coming Antichrist and the political movement that will bring him to power.

It includes thousands of organisations networking together to bring about "New World Order" – omits God and deifies Lucifer.

They seek the Age of Aquarius, planning for over 100 years with the announcement that Lord Maitreya the Christ will shortly come.

Benjamin Creme, world spokesman – recruiting influential people. He has hypnotic and occultic powers, a disciple of several occult pioneers: Helena Petrovna Blavatsky and Alice A. Bailey.

They have recruited United Nations officials, scores of religious bodies, holistic health leaders, mind control adepts and astrologers etc.

They have plants in every major world control system, social, economic, political and religious.

The elitist group within the New Age Movement, know the identity of Maitreya, the “Christ” (antichrist).

Maitreya – supposed to be the fifth reincarnation of Buddha:- the Buddhists are already expecting his return to earth.

To appeal to Christians they say he is The Christ.

To appeal to Moslems they say he is Imam Mahdi.

To appeal to Hindus, they say he is Krishna.

Maitreyas followers are now in the last stages of taking the world for Lucifer.

Lucis trust – formally Lucifer trust – published adds in the Reader's Digest displaying The Great Invocation to Maitreya (the plan) “let Light and Love and Power Restore the plan on earth.

What is the plan?  The installation of a New World Messiah, New World Government and a New World religion all under Maitreya.

Their Goals:

  1. A universal credit card system.
  2. A world food authority, totally controlling the world's food supply.
  3. A universal Tax
  4. A universal draft
  5. Destroy all who believe the Bible and worship the one true god. They have already threatened violence and extermination of the Jews, Christians and Moslems who fail to cooperate.

Benjamin Creme and other major figures pushing the movement, operate through Tara Centres, a part of an International network involving teams of thousands of organisations.  They announce that “Christ has been back on earth since July 1977. Not Jesus Christ but the master of wisdom of whom Jesus, Mohammed, Brahma and Krishna were disciples.”

The Club of Rome is a New Age Movement organisation; it has drawn up blueprints for New World Order.

The New Age Movement leader… known as David Spangler, was top of the Planetary Citizens and said, in order to enter the New Age, people must take a Luciferian initiation, a mass initiation of people intended to give all people a mark or number during the ceremony.

God says that they who take the mark will end in Hell. People will know what they are doing -choosing between God and Satan so there will be no mistaking this.

A characteristic of the NAM is the extensive use of the number 666. Books written by David Spangler contain 666; are worked into many NAM images and is a sacred number to NAM.

They believe the more the number is used, stronger signals will be sent to outer space inviting superior intelligences to bring advanced civilisations, the New Age. (We know what these intelligences are). We live in an age where so many UFO sightings, abductions and expectations of “other world” beings coming to earth is now rampant. From scripture we know these other world beings are not benevolent but are fallen angels known as demons.

The NAM are busy correlating their aims with biblical prophecy.

Revelations 13.13 – 15. NAM is at the forefront of holographic imaging research.  They can produce 3d images created in space using laser guns.

David Spangler announced that he has a laser beam projector on top of the Cathedral of St John the Divine Episcopal in New York City.

These beams can be projected to satellites, of which the New Age movement have several at their disposal, bounced back and bent to look like flames coming from the sky. Also can project 3d and/or holographic images at will using new technology to make these images speak in any language  directed to any nation.

These lasers can also be used as weapons.

The NAM is in every city and institution of the world.

Motive: Lucifer to be worshipped as God.

Many Christians are becoming deceived and some say Christians need to champion the New World Order even if it meant imprisonment.

Books containing such words as holistic, spaceship earth, global village, celebration/celebrative transformations, crowded planet, paradigm, right brain/left brain, matrix, linear thinking, dualistic, mechanistic, global thread, new vision, initiation, interdependent, New Age, are all NAM sourced materials.

2 Thessalonians 2.1 – 3.

This apostasy is creeping into the churches through New Age philosophy. What is apostasy?

1 John 2.22.  1 John 4.3.

Some protestant publications are now saying we could worship God as Buddha, Tao, and Shiva etc.   Isaiah 42.8

Mystical experiences and experiential religion are the order of the day.

Daniel 11. 38.  Quote from the “Aquarian Gospel of Jesus Christ.”

"In the Infinite One manifest, we note the attributes of force, intelligence and love and a person may be in full accord with one of these attributes and not with the others. One may enter fully into the God of Force….”

The conspirators for the NAM communicate by code words and signals. “Mind science” is one code word.

Mind sciences are part of the NAM – now avidly pushing mind science of "Karma."  Not just in Eastern religions.

Further infiltration of  society through holistic health centres, transcendental meditation, mind control courses, hunger projects, whole earth catalogues, many health food and vegetarian stores and restaurants, disarmament campaigns and virtually all social causes and animal liberation movements.

NAM is a religion complete with their own bibles, mantras, born again experiences (re-birthing) etc.

There is no such thing as murder or adultery (If someone is murdered it is because he wanted it to happen through mind power or his bad "karma" is being worked out in him).

They deny the authority of God's word

They deny death as that is to them reincarnation

They push that man will be a God himself.

They also push the deification of Lucifer and demonic entities (Master of Wisdom).

Their universal proclamation is "Man is god and man created god in his own image."

Most participants innocently involved through thinking they are part of a worthy and legitimate cause.

Their disciples proudly speak of a reoccurring Vision of Light. They openly worship a god of forces, characterised by common mystical experiences, possess psychic powers, showing signs and wonders, astral projection, predictions etc.

They encourage the undermining of nations and subversive techniques.

They promote simple lifestyles while calling for world government to use sophisticated computers with ultra-technological snooping equipment.


They started in 1875 with the founding of the Theosophical Society by Helena Petrovna Blavatsky who taught that all world religions had common truths.

Propounded the theory of evolution and believed in the existence of "Masters" – these doctrines had major inroads in Hitler’s Nazis – more highly evolved men.

Madam Blavatsky worked in telepathic communication and her goal was achieving illumination or enlightenment. Thomas Edison of light bulb fame joined in 1878.

They are openly hostile to Christianity.  Everything is good except orthodox, monotheistic religions like Judaism, Christianity and Islam.

The society derived inspiration from spirits and was under direct supervision of "adepts" or "initiates" and followed all instructions from these spirit guides.

These teachings were to be kept secret until 1975 by instruction from these demonic entities. Communications were secret as in NAM today, to prevent hostile investigators exposing them.

They acknowledge their demonic origins, their publications called "Lucifer" for many years now.

After Blavatsky's death, Annie Besant, became its director and failed in 1929 to bring forth a prepared antichrist. After Annie Besant’s failure, the spirit guides passed the directorship to a former Christian teacher, Alice Avon Bailey. She had made contact with a “master” while in her teens, not really understanding what it was all about.

She divorced her first husband after joining The Theosophist Society and married Foster Bailey. Together they did more to further the NAM other than Helena Blavatsky. She continued to label herself Christian and under the direction of spirit guides wrote many books laying out the principles of the NAM. The Lucifer Publishing Company established in 1922 to spread her works, later became the Lucis Publishing Company.

Her teachings covered every sphere of life. Her disciples are now in the last stages of a new age scheme to take the world for Lucifer.

In 1962 the Scottish Community Findhorn was founded – the Vatican city of the NAM. Peter and Eileen Caddy and friend Dorothy McLean used Findhorn to anchor "the plan" on earth. They followed Bailey’s writings and guidance. Eileen received instructions from spirit beings she called the voice of god.

David Spangler teamed with Findhorn in 1970. Eileen Caddy had already received guidance that Spangler had the Christ energies. He arrived at Findhorn with a spiritual advisor, ex Mormon Myrtle Glines and was immediately made Co-Director of the Findhorn Foundation where he remained for three years.

Spangler spent much time on communing with the spirit world and studying and practising eastern occult methods. Many clergy also came to training.

Spangler openly announced that the true light of Findhorn was the light of Lucifer. Findhorn attracted visitors worldwide from networking organisations.

In 1973, Spangler left for the USA and formed the Torian Association, another Planetary Network designed to publicise the spiritual goals of the coming New Age.  In 1975 they went openly public in accordance with Alice Bailey’s revelation and it was structured along the lines set forth in her writings.

Most New Age devotees are bound together by common mystical experiences "experiential religion" which is considered vital.

Those not participating in communal "light fantastic" tripping are urged to try meditation LSD, or any of the many other psycho technologies which will induce “transformation” which become deeper levels of demonic influence.

They say many paths can be taken to reach the trance like state but once reached the paths are identical from there on in.

Besides the writings of the former, latter works by Pierre Teilhard de Chardin, H.G. Wells and David Spangler.

Millions are deceived into supporting projects designed to strip them of civil liberties, property, preferred religion and even lives.  e.g:  people would picket Nazism, but being totally deceived they fail to recognise the point for point programme of the NAM was the same as Hitler’s program.

Supporters of anti-hunger campaigns are coerced to back abortion, forced family size limitations, genetic control and birth control.

Disarmament: most supporters are sincere but not aware of the full scheme.

The same books that layout freeze campaign, state that once the New World order is reached, bombs will be used to keep religious groups in line once the control of weapons is out of the hands of individuals.  They profess to decry Hitler, but at least one important leader informed the disciples of the New Age that Hitler was one of their own.

They profess to support equality but call for  Aryanism and domination of the Caucasians over other races. People are considered to be equal in the NAM but are at varying degrees of evolutionary development.

They profess support for religious liberty in press releases but all books call for a mandatory religious system breaking with Jesus as the Christ and God as the Father and all opposed shall be cleansed from society. Like the Nazis the NAM maintain that a blood taint rests on all the Jewish extraction races.

Benjamin Crème has openly attempted to deify Lucifer.


Organisations are diverse: the strategies of good cause involvement, Amnesty International, Greenpeace, Sierra Club, Children of God, all label themselves as New Age.

Utilise networking principles called "SPINS" – Segmental Polycentric Integrated Networks." No single leader or organisation in order to render the movement indestructible. Do not appear as a conspiracy which is the key to their success.

Prior to Jim Jones/Guyana, New Agers claimed him as their own and stated he was teaching New Age Christian socialism. They now point to him as an example of religious fundamentalism to discredit fundamentalist churches.

Most involved have no idea of the force or intent of the NAM and many are taken deep into hypnosis during training sessions and never bought out.

They use the principle of divide and conquer. They turn Christians against Christians and while preoccupied with one another, infiltrate the churches with New Age philosophies and socio-political programs.

The same lies as in Genesis 3. "You shall not surely die", "you shall be as gods".

They are after global control through political manipulation. David Spangler stated that the United Nations and multinational corporations have been a training ground for coming Globalisation.

They propose the breaking down or the destruction of individual states in the interests of peace and conservation.

New Agers claim they are a new species evolving by employing mind expansion techniques like meditation (Hitler’s master race).

Both Nazi and New Age theory spring from the same root – the fable of Aryanism - out of the mists of Atlantis emerged Aryan man.

Teaches Law of Re-birth or reincarnation; Man progresses through life cycles until perfected for endless rest (Nirvana).

Teaches that the Trinity is inferior to an entity known as ‘The Solar Logos" made up as follows:

  1. The Father is WILL.
  2. The Son is LOVE-WISDOM
  3. The Holy Spirit is an ACTIVE INTELLIGENCE.

After the solar logos, is the "seven rays" and below that but receiving authority directly from "the Solo Logos" is S. Sanat Kumara (Satan).  According to the original founders, Sanat Kumara is our “god the ancient of days, one initiator.”  Sanat Kumara is allegedly the eternal youth from planet Venus. Lucifer in the occult is known as Venus.

Then come the lower levels of authority: Kumaras, departmental heads, Bodhisattras, Mahachohans and underneath them, many masters.

At the bottom of this chart, Jesus is lowest of the hierarchy of masters. He is known as reporting to a Venetian master. They also have separate listings for Christ and Jesus.

1 John 2.22

Also believe implicitly in evolution, except some have evolved more than others. Signatories to the 1973 Humanist Manifesto also in the Planetary Initiative for the world we choose.

Most teachings are based on eastern mysticism – including the belief in the law of avatars: at the start of every new age the “Solar Logos” sends “The Christ” or a lesser avatar to overshadow a human being and thereby help citizens of the world into the New Age. Benjamin Creme said in 1981 he had never met the Christ but only the body he was inhabiting (Demonic Possession).

A key teaching also: all things are “interconnected” or “interdependent.” In the New Age Movement this is known as the doctrine of wholeness or the doctrine of AT-ONE-MENT.

The basic teachings of the NAM parallel the Nazis teachings.

The NAM claim master "messiahs" will appear to the adherents of all major world religions along with angels to persuade them of the truths of the NAM.

In David Spangler and Alice Bailey’s writings "those who refuse to accept “The Christ” will be sent to another dimension other than physical incarnation, out of physical embodiment, to another level of vibration where they will be happier." "Religious freedom and separation between the church and state must end in the New Age."


The NAM proposes to implement all systems of the antichrist warned of in the bible, particularly Revelations 13.

They intend to abolish cash and use a computer bartering system giving everyone a number. In order to control the world, one must control supply routes. Another goal is a unified Europe. The beast revealed in Revelations 13.

Seven heads: New World Order will supposedly be one in which the mysteries are restored. The seven past governments, of which Rome was the six and Hitler the seventh, were all pagan mystery religion governments.

NAM  is identical to the Nazi movement, the beast that was dead and came back to life.

Nazism also referred to as "the beast." Hitler knowingly tried to invoke the beast from the pit.

Orthodox religion is known as "Black Lodge" "Black forces" or "black magicism." New Agers are known as "White forces" or "White Lodge."

Biblical prophecy New Age/CREME Fulfilment
Revelations 13.18 Extensive use of 666
Isaiah 24.5 NAM insignia is the Rainbow, everlasting covenant Genesis 9.15–17. To signal their building of the rainbow bridge (Antahkarana) bridge between the personality (man) and the soul (Lucifer)
Revelations 13.13–15 NAM extensively researches and uses holography. Can project 30 images to cover a third of the earth at any one time.
Revelations 13.16–17 Luciferic initiation. Initiations will be given on a mass planetary basis in a revitalised Christian Church and in the Masonic Lodges.
Revelations 13.1–3 Alice Bailey's New World Order will be a synthesis between the USSR (feet like a bear), the UK ten nation confederacy, (mouth of a lion),  USA, (mixture of people, the leopard). They say a previous attempt at a unified Europe had been made with a former disciple using the Rhine River as a unifying factor. (None other than Hitler).
Revelation 17.10-11 Five proceeding Kings were all Babylonian philosophy empires based on mystery religions based on occultism and New Age doctrine. The sixth kingdom was pagan Rome. The seventh's Hitler’s Nazism – tried to make the old mystery teachings the state religion, hostile to Christianity and the Jews. The NAM push Aryanism which is the super race and use swastikas (the broken cross).
1 Thessalonians 5.3 NWO with nuclear freeze or disarmament. In the same book they advocate weapons will be used against any who are aggressive or religious groups.
2 Thessalonians 2. 3–4 The secret doctrine of NAM and occultism teach a Trinity. "Solar Logos" perversion of the true Trinity.
1 John 2.22 All deny that Jesus is the Christ but say Maitreya is the Christ and Jesus was his disciple.
1 John 4.3 Jesus did not come in the flesh, that the Christ consciousness descended upon him at the time of his baptism until crucifixion. Crème said Jesus did not earn the right to keep his resurrected and that he is presently living in a 640 year old Syrian body in the Himalayas.
Revelations 9. 20–21 The new-age movement is both Pantheistic (worship many gods) and animistic (worship inanimate objects, animal and plant life). Sorceries and physic phenomena widely used.
Daniel 11. 36 Maitreya has claimed through Benjamin Crème, that Jesus is one of his disciples and that he's head of a hierarchy of "gods" or "Masters."
Daniel 11. 38 "One may enter fully into the spirit of the God of force." The whole new age movement is concerned with manipulating the force. Do not believe in a personal God to whom we are accountable, but believe God is a neutral force to be manipulated for good or evil.
Daniel 7. 25 Benjamin Crème: "Next world war would be in the field of world religions." Alice Bailey. The plan includes abolishing traditional religious holidays and substituting new age pagan festivals.

Structures in front organisations:

The real power of the movement appears to be in hands of the planetary initiative for the world we choose.

Planetary citizens work as an organisation controlling the planetary initiative and one purpose is to aid world servers.

Most organisations aspiring to world domination should be expected to have a police/military arm:

Guardian angels, first Earth battalion: both supported by the NAM. The Guardian Angels are now in 40 cities with 100,000 members.

First Earth battalion – sponsored by the US military –claims through its leader Jim Channon to be a battalion of new age samurai.

Parallel to Nazism – conscripting convicts to swell the ranks of the military arm. Dozens of in prison programs exist where inmates are taught mind control, meditation, transcendental meditation and mystical experiences.

Since 1975 the NAM have been openly advocating cleansing actions against the negative elements of religion and opposition. It’s easy when murder is not considered such but merely passing someone on to another existence where they will be happier and evolve.

Teachings being used to prepare the world:

  1. Separateness or individualism is evil.
  2. Evolution of consciousness.
  3. Interrelatedness of individual souls or the “oneness of mankind.”
  4. The kingdom of God as simply the appearance of soul controlled men in everyday life. We're all divine.
  5. Some on earth who have reached relative perfection some of us however are more divine than others.
  6. Believe that individuals have reached total perfection or Christ consciousness and that one of us is perfect and should be king.
  7. There's always been a plan though unrecognised.
  8. Mind control.
  9. Holistic health.
  10. Colour and music therapy.
  11. Iridology.

Revelation 17. 7–11 New agers say the movement is as old as Atlantis and was diffused through the world with the founding of Babylon. There were seven Babylonian or Gnostic (mystery – teaching) empires. Five are fallen, proceeding Rome. One in existence at the time of John's revelation was pagan Rome.

The one not yet come, but when he comes will continue a short time, could it have been Hitler? Nazism continued a short time and everyone believed it dead and buried. All evidence points to the beast being Nazism and the antichrist is the Fuhrer.

The roots of Nazism and the NAM are identical. NAM  is Nazism revived in its purist sense.

Daniel 8. 23–25.  Creme has a power not his own.  Ability to control and manipulate vast audiences. Hitler had the same ability – deliberately invoked the spirit of Lucifer.

In a radio interview, Creme: "Lucifer came from Venus 18 1/2 million years ago and had made a supreme sacrifice for our planet and was both the prodigal son and the sacrificial lamb."

The new age movement is the fourth Reich.

The best kept secret of the 20th century is the occultic roots and nature of the religious philosophy of the heart of the third Reich.

It is common knowledge that Winston Churchill and Franklin Roosevelt dabbled in the occult. Were they in collusion with the same spirit affecting Hitler? "The plan indicates the New World Order is necessary for total domination by the Christ" and "Masters of wisdom" and would only be established upon foundation of the world badly traumatised by a severe war.

The New-Age Movement certainly qualifies for a revival of Nazism.

While a child, Hitler was initiated into the mysteries of the occult. He attended a Benedictine monastery school near his German home. While pursuing a career in Vienna, he frequented a occult bookstores, acquainting himself with white and black magic, transcendent states of consciousness, yoga, astrology, Eastern and Western  paths.

Like many New Agers these paths to the goal seemed too slow so he accelerated the process with meditation and drugs.

Mescaline was used to transport him to the highest state of consciousness where he would look on what New Agers term, “The Akashic Record,” a demonic version of historical and future events.

Hitler rightly believed he made contact with Lucifer, from whom he openly coveted posession. Daniel 8. 24.

The Nazis and the NAM, use blinds to throw non initiates off their trail. The extermination of Jews and Gypsies was not called killing but a cleansing action. Death camps disguised as health camps. Mass exterminations of whole areas of population goups were labelled "resettlement's."

An offshoot of Occult practices and teachings. Based on occult practices and teachings.
Nazis had a bureau of the occult. (S.S. Occult bureau). All forms of occultism and mind expansion are permitted and encouraged with NAM.
Nazism taught the doctrine of Aryanism and Aryan purity and that the new age would feature an Aryan mutant master race. NAM stresses the doctrine of Arianism and Aryan purity. New Agers believe that through meditation and other spiritual disciplines that they have become a new species.
Nazis featured a hatred of Jews and the occultic tradition of blood taint on the Jews. Based on occult practices and teachings. World War II the Jewish Holocaust was a result of bad karma being worked out..
Hitler was an initiate of a occultic practices and also of the writings of Blavatsky Benjamin Kramer says that Maitreya the Christ is seventh degree initiate..
The Nazis featured quest for the holy grail as a path to transcendental or higher consciousness. Same Philosophy
The Nazis believed in the law of Karma and Reincarnation. Same Philosophy
The Nazis, particularly Hitler, sought to embody luciferic energies. Same Philosophy
Hitler used mescaline to speed up consciousness expansion. Extensive use of drugs.
Hitler organised young men into Brownshirts to keep order in towns and villages and were trained in the martial arts. In NAM young men and woman in the Guardian Angels for patrolling cities and neighbourhoods. Taught thoroughly in martial arts.
Members of the SS inducted by pagan style initiation ceremonies. In NAM members of the US military oriented first Earth battalion are initiated in a pagan style initiation ceremony.
Nazis believed in breeding of children under state control. Advocate people to be licensed in order to have children.
Operated free maternity homes in order to breed a master race. Have an operation known as the farm in Tennessee, a maternity home where mothers are told they can leave babies as long as they like. (Almost impossible from a legal angle to regain custody of children after a long time).
Encouraged use of recruitment by convicts. NAM the same
The Nazis sought an institution of a New World Order in which the Aryan race would dominate and control. NAM the same.
Synthesis of occultism, secret doctrine, old mystery teachings and Eastern religions. NAM the same.
Came to power by Hitler appealing to the rich that his regime would increase their control and affluency and telling the poor, his regime would provide sufficient resources to exist on. New Age Movement support of the Chase Manhattan bank which same ideals.
Believed all the gods lived in Shanballa. New Age Movement thinks the same.
Hostile towards the orthodox and fundamental Christianity replacing the cross with the swastika. NAM uses the Swastika and also the rainbow.
Hitler referred to his scheme is Mein Kampf or my plan. The New-Age Movement calls it “My Plan” or “The Plan.”
They forced underlings through a occult initiation rites. All will undergo initiation to enter into the New Age.
Believe the roots of Aryanism were founded in  Atlantis. Same
Believed a new superior mutant species of Aryan will be brought about by development of a higher consciousness. Same
Instituted a program is quietly killing children with birth defects and mental patients. NAM advocate euthanasia and death by starvation, cutting life-support at the will of the parents, or the inability to support children with immense needs.
Anti-Semitism is called a cleansing action. Say a cleansing action is necessary to rid the world of evil.( Christians, Jews, etc)

Infiltration, recruitment and conditioning:

Cannot fulfil One World Order until a substantial proportion of the population has been conditioned to accept the new Christ.

Alice A.Bailey and H.G.Wells materials have been followed carefully to bring this conditioning about

Conditioning as advocating a concept of hierarchy:

  1. Evolution of humanity with a goal to perfection.
  2. Relation of individual souls to other souls. This is the doctrine of unity or interdependence. dependents.
  3. Belief in a spiritual heirachy that will be deduced from a belief in the two previous goals.
  4. After the first three teachings have taken effect and recognition of them is general, it will be announced there are those among us who have already reached the goal of “soul control.” (possession)

Furthermore advocating the idea that ‘The Masters” were already among us and that one lucky individual had achieved full Christ consciousness.

New age symbols are extensively used such as the rainbow, Pegasus, unicorn, all seeing eye of freemasonry, 666.

The conspiracy was to be carried out by a wide variety of groups causing interest by all spheres of the community except Orthodox Christians and Jews.

The ideas of NAM are set out in every book possible on nearly every topic. Books usually stress that the world is a manifestation of thought to be controlled by one's own mind. Meditation, etc.

Christian bookstores  are full of in NAM material – meditation, positive/possibility thinking, to support for a New World Order.

People are encouraged to study psycho technologies: visualisation, auto suggestion, hypno therapy, guided imagery and techniques designed to guarantee contact with spirit guides.

A lot of courses are now being taught by Protestant and Catholic clergy and nuns.

Unity and Unitarian churches are reaching out and appealing to peoples sense of community and a fronts to further involvement in NAM.

The psychedelic drug explosion bought millions into the NAM.


"The higher and lower Siddhis (or powers) are gained by incarnation or by drugs, words of power (mantras), intense desire or by meditation." (from the book "The Light of the Soul" by Alice.A.Bailey).

Permanent use of drugs is not encouraged but is to be the vehicle to transcendental experience which is the glue that binds New Agers.

Governments have long since been infiltrated by New Agers and active conspirators. The National Institute of Mental Health, Department of Health, Education, Welfare, Defence, not to mention government funding to groups involving transcendental meditation, as in other psycho technologies.

They have won financial support of major industries in financial institutions (Rockefellers).

Courses in New Age thinking abound everywhere as middle and upper management courses. Self-image psychology etc. participants are told they can create their own world by their own thought forms and by downplaying negative inputs the world will become a brighter better place. Believing you are your own God is the next step.

Astrology: society is conditioned to accept the "Age of Aquarius." Astrology abounds in magazines, parties, etc. even Christians are asking now what is your sign? Those who become interested move on until they end in the arms of the NAM.

Hunger projects: If you are not trapped by mystery and the occult,  then they will appeal to man’s finer motives.

"Hunger Project" "bread for the world" hosts of other "good cause" projects to fit in with the New Age plans.

This plan is very much like Revelations 13. 16–18. Those who have gained and hold control the worlds vital supply have done so only by becoming the Masters.


New Agers believe they are dealing with "white magic" or "the light side of the force." They would recoil to hear you announce they are devil worshippers.

They fail to recognise the devil or think Satan is associated with the "Black Lodge" their definition of orthodox Christianity and openly a occultic forms of satanism

They will often admit worshipping Sanat Kumura, Pan, Venus, Shiva, Buddha, etc.

Buddha means light bearer, the same as Lucifer.

Anton Le Vey, author of the Satanic Bible has "infernal names," several of which New Agers use:

Lucifer, Kali, Lilith, Pan and Shiva.

They reject the Christian teaching that Lucifer has a common identity with Satan.

Often clothed in seemingly Christian language, the ‘spiritual’ aspects of the NAM have gained acceptance among many churches. They undermine Christianity by pretending to be their friends.

The NAM is pushing a humanist manifesto which affirms that the universe created itself, that promises of salvation is harmful, ethics are situational, individuals have the right to abortion and total sexual freedom and socialism should be worldwide.

Our children are being brainwashed by this philosophy in kindergartens in public schools and also by news media.

World Vision is headed up by New Agers.

NAM openly advocate that God is immanent, diffused through all creation, and all of us have the potential of God within us. They say Christians are behaving selfishly for they say they've been saved out of the world and adopt other world attitudes.

NAM believes in the total redemption of man and creation through realising our own possession of the Godhead.

The heart of in NAM is old-fashioned Hindu occultism which embodies the lie of the serpent of the promise of Godhead that deceived Eve.

A senior pastor of the first Baptist Church in Seattle, Washington:  Rodney R. Romney has written "Journey to Inner Space: Finding God in us." The book is Hindu/occultism – expounds the doctrine of God immanent.

Of Jesus "he was simply a man who knew the laws of God and lived so completely within their framework that his entire life was a litany of obedience and faith to God."

Speaking of Jesus: "He inferred each person was potentially a Christ."

"Rather than condemning people for the depravity He sought to awaken them to the glory of their own intended divinity."

"realise the Christ within their own consciousness"

"he was not God and never claimed to be."

Romney is under a New Age delusion as are many more people that should know better.

The New Agers believe they are seeing and hearing things the rest of us do not. In the NAM rebirthing, one is conditioned to believe that all wisdom is contained within oneself. Jeremiah 17. 9.  They all embark on an inward journey guaranteed to bring the demonic control.

How to help New Agers:

Most are innocently involved. They wish to help, not hurt their fellow human beings.

  1. New Agers are told Christianity is repressive and those who don't hear the message automatically condemned. Romans 2. 10–16
  2. Fate of the Jews:  Most of the movement are unaware of the open anti-Semitism of the movement. Even Jewish recruits are told Jews are condemned by Christianity unless converted.  Romans 11. 25–33.
  3. Say all religions have truth at there core. John 14.6.
  4. Many working to help the world not realising that replacement of the present races with a new root race is the ultimate plan.

Some of the organisations: Lucic Trust, Pacific Institute, People for the American Way, New Group of World Servers, Planetary Initiative for the world we choose, Unity and Diversity Council.


  1. The rainbow: Antahkarana or rainbow bridge. Hypnotic device, international sign of peace.
  2. Triangle.
  3. Centering Symbol – round circles with in circles leading to dark distant Centre.
  4. Rays of light: represent seven rays they believe exist in nature.
  5. A cross with diagonals placed against it.
  6. The circle.
  7. Circle with a point in the Centre; divided into; divided into four.
  8. The swastika.
  9. 666.
  10. The Pegasus (winged horse) or unicorn.

The rainbow is the most prominent symbol used by the NAM.  It is used as a hypnotic device. The American Indians held beliefs which were absorbed into Greenpeace. "When the Earth is sick and the animals have disappeared, there will come a tribe of peoples from all creeds colours and cultures who believe in deeds, not words and who will restore the earth to its former beauty."

This tribe they say will be called "Warriors of the Rainbow." These Indian words describe the NAM and its focus on creation.

United Nations is a New Age organisation. The meditation room at the United Nations headquarters in New York is shaped like a truncated pyramid (the illuminati insignia) laid on its side. On the wall mural the triangles and crescents form the illuminati Eye.

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