House Divided

At the Omega Times we have always attempted to write articles keeping people up to date with what is current, warning the people, or at least keeping them aware of the New World Order's games. This is highly important and can be related to daily life, as I will point out during this article. Once you begin to study any topic be it Politics, Economy, Sport, or anything for that matter you will begin to see patterns. When you tap into the pattern of that which you are studying, you will be able to almost predict the future or, at the very least warn of an agenda that people are pushing towards. Some of those people have been so bold as to reveal exactly their intent. Puzzles have small pieces but when they are complete the picture is clear, the picture is complete, finished, no going back.

The above paragraph dropped into my mind on Monday night after playing squash, as I chatted with my playing partner about the squash courts and how quiet they are with few people attending these days. My partner then made a statement enlightening me how the courts had been sold and midway through 2018 they were to be converted into a day care centre. I thought " another day care centre" and then immediately my mind went back to the plan that the  Rockefellers put into play some years ago. In an Alex Jones interview with Aaron Russo, Russo elaborates on his dealings with David Rockefeller and Rockefellers manipulative plan for yet another piece of the puzzle to be placed. Rockefeller tells Russo about how the Rockefellers funded the women's Lib movement some years ago and the reason why. The Rockefeller Foundation advertised the Women's Lib movement all through the media for the following reasons.

1. Before Women's Lib only half the population (men) could be taxed. Seeing as though the Rockefellers Loan money to the American Government to get a return through tax it was a no brainer to fund Women's Lib as it would pay off in a big way.

2. With Mum working, children are in institutes from a very young age where we can teach them to think, not for themselves, but how we want them to think, educate them for our purpose.

Institutes... Kindy, Day care, before and after school care....etc.

In doing this the children then look to the institutes as family, the states as their family. Parents fade, and become far less influential.

The Women's Lib movement as an idea has good intention behind it, I am all for my wife having a job and giving that job a red hot go, however in some cases it has come at a great cost to some families because of these manipulative blood sucking vultures. They are not out to help you and I, they are out for blood money and will stop at nothing to achieve their filthy end goal. I'll say this, and some may take it right, and some may take it wrong, but here it is.... no one nurtures a child like a devoted attentive mother, I have seen it first hand and I have seen it many times, and no one can put a price on that. Men or day care providers will never be able to top the nurture of a mother for her own child.

I'll touch on this topic of division down the track again as there are many examples that can be highlighted to keep us all aware, but for now spend the time to watch the following Arron Russo / Alex Jones Youtube clip I mentioned above as it is a real eye opener. It will help you to look for the manipulative antics of the global elite so you too can bring it to others attention.