How much do we Love God ?

I think my title says it all. I mean seriously how much do we love God. I work all over the place, so I am constantly driving around and seeing different people living there lives and I have to ask that question, in these days of end times, how much […] Read more »

Its Right In Front Of You

I laugh out loud when I hear people call me a conspiracy theorist, when everywhere I look it backs up everything that myself and my colleagues on here are saying. I have been watching movies since I was a kid, in fact it was the business I wanted to get […] Read more »

A Wake Up Call

I don't travel a lot, at least not yet , who knows what might happen in the next few years, however I was making my way to Brisbane Airport when I see the ever popular Qantas aeroplane take off and majestically take flight into the air, it wasn't anything special […] Read more »


Fact or Fiction. Was it and Angel or a Hoax? Truth is this YouTube clip is definitely a conversation starter for people who have Christian beliefs or not. After watching the video footage many times I'm still trying to work out how the footage could be fake, but still cant […] Read more »