Revival Revival It’s quiz time, folks. What is revival? Answer: strictly, it’s coming alive again, when God’s people get up off their polypropylene stackable chairs, get serious about re-examining their relationship with the Lord, then have enough enthusiasm to tell unbelievers about it. (We’re not talking about the latest fad […] Read more »

Are You Who?

Are You Who? Are You Who? Hindsight is marvellous. We know precisely why the other bloke got it wrong. And we take great delight in telling him – and anyone else who cares to listen – just what we would have done in similar circumstances. But imagine a friend appears […] Read more »

Praying for the package

Praying for the package Praying for the package Vanua Levu is Fiji’s second biggest island. Sensible people fly there. Us? We took a bus from Suva at some unearthly hour, watched the sun rise beside mirror-perfect rivers, held our breath as the driver manoeuvred across only-just-wide-enough plank bridges, and bounced […] Read more »

Playing hide-and-seek

Playing hide-and-seek Playing hide-and-seek A real friend is someone who drives you to the airport at a ghastly hour, stacks your baggage onto a trolley, and drives briskly away. No prolonged goodbyes. No annoying small-talk. Just sheer usefulness. So that you – or, in our case, we – can enjoy […] Read more »

We’re excited!

We're excited! We're excited! It was another of our Thursdays. We call it Church. Friends call it untidy. And Terry – we've mentioned before that he's a new believer – was annoyed at an email he'd received. Don't get all hung up about the Rapture, Terry, it said. There are […] Read more »

Getting all technical – part 2

Getting all technical - part 2 Getting all technical - part 2 FELLOWSHIP: (noun, abstract) organisation where everyone thinks alike; (verb, passive) to sit quietly and listen; (phrase) ‘where do you fellowship?’, ‘you must fellowship’. Sorry – only kidding. That’s from the Anderson Pocket Dictionary of Religious Jargon which we […] Read more »

Getting all technical

Getting all technical Getting all technical It’s been said before: we are pedants. An endearing character defect that causes our mates to roll their eyes heavenward and sigh those deeply meaningful sighs that can blow out candles at fifteen paces. Pedants? We say phrases like ‘none is’. We shudder when […] Read more »

A job with calves

A job with calves A job with calves It’s that time of year again. The time when Instant Insanity decides to spend the winter with the Andersons. In technical terms: we’ve bought more four-day-old calves than you could shake a stick at. We’re running in ever-decreasing circles teaching the little […] Read more »

Fiji – part 2

Fiji - part 2 Fiji - part 2 We're on an island, totally out of touch with civilisation. On the map, it's Naviti, part of the Yasawa group to the north-west of Fiji. For us, it's a ten-hour trip on a cargo boat with a few hundred locals, concrete blocks, […] Read more »