Death of marriage under God?

A lot can be said about the statement, "I am sorry but I cannot legally marry you." However, due to the threat of jail and loss of church assets, this is exactly what is starting to occur. Pastors and ministers who have kept up with changes in the western world […] Read more »

A Wake Up Call

I don't travel a lot, at least not yet , who knows what might happen in the next few years, however I was making my way to Brisbane Airport when I see the ever popular Qantas aeroplane take off and majestically take flight into the air, it wasn't anything special […] Read more »

Mathew ch 24 v 22.

Now there's a scripture that should continuously get our attention as it spells out the fact that there will be Christians present during the tribulation in those days. Verse 21 says...." For then shall be great tribulation, such as was not since the beginning of the world to this time, […] Read more »


To the many critics of the Book of Judas , produced by the National Geographic Society (NGS), the NGS seems more interested in subverting Christianity than presenting honest history.  The project’s panel of “experts” suggest the New Testament gospels may have deceived us by vilifying Judas Iscariot. Far from a traitor, they […] Read more »


I have a regular Bible study in my home with a group of men. That’s right, men. No women allowed….nor men who act like women. I’m not talking about homosexuals. Most of them have more courage than most straight men I know. It takes courage to be an open homosexual. […] Read more »