Mind Game.

I remember when I was young, my mind was like a sponge and when I worked my way through my apprenticeship and eventually into Management I was able to soak up all sorts of information absorbing it and having it on hand to use at will. Today I have noticed […] Read more »

Gray State: The Rise – Raw, Uncut Documentary – Censored ‘Martial Law’ Movie

Watch It While You Still Can! The brand new video below just released has already been removed from YouTube several times. We advise you to do as we did, download the video to your own computer to ensure that this kind of censorship will NEVER be permitted to happen.  For those who are […] Read more »


To the many critics of the Book of Judas , produced by the National Geographic Society (NGS), the NGS seems more interested in subverting Christianity than presenting honest history.  The project’s panel of “experts” suggest the New Testament gospels may have deceived us by vilifying Judas Iscariot. Far from a traitor, they […] Read more »