There is an absolute insane and depraved mentality driving both politics and its military industrial complex arm, via the big business and drug baron consortiums of this world on every continent. The lack of accountability and common decency of these warped degenerate wretches, will ultimately demand confrontation, head on from […] Read more »


Looking over my historical files and records in order to see just how things have progressed in such a short time , I came across an article written by New Harvests Jason Matheny in 2010. I found it very interesting looking at, then and now especially in the light of […] Read more »

How much do we Love God ?

I think my title says it all. I mean seriously how much do we love God. I work all over the place, so I am constantly driving around and seeing different people living there lives and I have to ask that question, in these days of end times, how much […] Read more »

What lies ahead in September ? ? ?

Much has been said about September,   1. Johnathan Cahn is jumping up and down about the Shemitah and the dealing with debt around the 13th of September. 2. Jade Helm is under way right now and finishes on the 15th of September ????? ( I will address these question marks in […] Read more »