VOODOO CHRISTIANITY Coach Dave Daubenmire NewsWithViews.com, 10 Jul 2013 Remember when George Bush accused Ronald Reagan of “Voodoo Economics?” Well I am more worried about “Voodoo Christianity.” Voodoo--Based on unrealistic or delusive assumptions: Deceptive or delusive nonsense. For the mystery of iniquity doth already work: only he who now letteth […] Read more »

Brian Hay ~ Editorial: “Decency Or Deception … Is Christianity Real Today?”

Brian Hay ~ Editorial Decency Or Deception ... Is Christianity Real Today? It’s a sad day when we as people in the faith have to check a man’s credentials before we can be assured that what he teaches is going to be truth and not just humanistic opinion. I have […] Read more »

The Death of Free Speech – Part 3: “Criminalizing Christian Expression”

The Death of Free Speech - Part 3: "Criminalizing Christian Expression" By S. N. Anderson - Editor, Omegatimes Not only is the right to express an opinion and the right to access information /news/opinions on the internet under attack but Christianity itself; the basics of its beliefs are threatened. The […] Read more »