Airports Selling Well

Airports Selling Well

Airports selling well

Under the New World Order plan, one of the first government
agencies to be privatised and sold out of the country must always be
telecommunications. In the case of New Zealand it was called Telecom and in the
case of Australia it was called Telstra. The second thing to go must always be
power, in the form of electricity or gas and then they move quickly on to
airports. Therefore we were not dismayed when we read in the Weekend Business
Herald, 25-26 February 2000, "The infrastructure investment company Infratil
Australia, plans to sell 20 per cent of the Perth International and Northern
Territory Airports. Chief executive John Clarke said the company had already
held talks with several potential buyers..." End Quote.

Please note that a large portion of Auckland airport has been
sold to Changi Airport Singapore. The airport at Johannesburg is now controlled
by the Italians and Brisbane airport is run by a Dutch firm.

The next asset to be taken over from each country is their
water supply, which will be controlled by overseas people who immediately
rejoice in putting up the water charges, until people find it almost impossible
to pay their water supplies.

No wonder the whole plan is called in the World Of God the
Mystery of Iniquity, which simply means a satanic or Luciferian take-over of the
whole world system through buying up the national assets of each country. We are
moving rapidly into a global system that the advocates hope will be completed
this year, 2000.