Planet Earth and World Government

Planet Earth and World Government

Planet Earth and world government

It is absolutely incredible that after all these years of
explaining the New World Order, New Zealand going through as a test case or
guinea pig country, even writers of newspaper articles still question whether
there is a World Government coming or not.

We quote from the London Sunday Times, 27 February 2000. "In
1500BC, there were about 600,000 autonomous polities on the planet. Today, after
many mergers and acquisitions, there are 193 autonomous polities. The planet
should have a single government any day now.

World government? The idea is embraced mainly by left-wing
peaceniks. In other corners it has drawn various kinds of disdain.

One school of thought finds the notion hopelessly woolly and
unrealistic, the second school finds the notion plausible but terrifying and
speaks ominously of a coming "new world order"...

In scenario number two, the problem isn't chaos, but rather
a spooky kind of order, emanating from the multinational corporations and
globetrotting financiers who animate McWorld. They swear allegiance, not to any
nation, but to profit alone, and they've implanted their values in such
supranational bodies as the International Monetary Fund and the World
Trade Organisation
, whose tendrils threaten to engulf slowly and then
smother national self-determination.

In this view the alphabet soup of supranational organisations
-– IMF, WTO, UN and so on -– is the harbinger of a coming planetary authority...

World governance, you might say, is human destiny...

The European Union may now be illustration the point. It
began as a zone of liberalised trade, but look at how much power is centrally
wielded now...

All told, then, wouldn't uniformed food laws make things
cheaper and simpler for most people? Yes, says the EU, as it helps itself to
other functions and goes on to institute a single currency...

Obviously, some "tribes" are less eager to join the new
world order than others. But it is unlikely that any nation, no matter how
radical its origins, will forever resist globalisation. Perhaps the most
anti-modern regime in the world today is Afghanistan's fundamentalist Islamic
government, the Taliban. Yet in 1999 the Taliban orchestrated the first large
western investment in Afghanistan in two decades -– a new telephone system that
would finally permit direct-dial international calls.

As the Washington Post reported, "Taliban authorities...
said they hoped (the phone system) would help bring in more foreign trade and
investment, re-establish links with Afghan professionals who fled overseas,
bring the internet to their educational system and improve Afghanistan's image
abroad." This is not a recipe for continued Jihad." End Quote.

The movers and shakers in this world are saying straight out,
"We will have a One World Government, whether people like it or not."

We know that all this sounds very nice but anybody who
understands the prophecies from God's Word, the Bible, also understands that
this world government will be controlled ultimately by a man called Antichrist
who will make life very miserable for folk until our Lord Jesus Christ returns.

As this particular prophecy is moving quickly ahead with this
year 2000 being the date to officially set the system up, we should all be aware
that the important side of life is a relationship with God through Jesus Christ
and prepare for whatever may come upon the world scene.