Russias New President – A KGB Spy?

Russias New President - A KGB Spy?

Russia's new president - a KGB spy?

Russian President Vladimir Putin
Russian President Vladimir Putin

The New Zealand Herald, 28 March 2000, Vladimir Putin.. a
sphinx without a riddle.
“His cold smile and athletic stride convey a
sense of energy and authority. It is not an accidental impression. Vladimir
Putin, the newly elected Russian President, wants to convince Russians and
foreign leaders alike that at last there is a firm hand on the tiller in the

So far, for a man who was unknown in Russia seven months ago
he is not doing badly… Putin was, and is a man of mystery, but he and his
advisers have skilfully used his enigmatic exterior to his advantage. His lack
of a visible past, which might serve as a guide to his future conduct, fits
in well with his 16 year long career in the KGB
. It veils his apparent lack
of achievement in any job he has ever held. It allows people to imagine that he
may know the secret of how to lift millions of Russians out of economic misery
and political insecurity.

Admittedly, Yeltsin is not a hard act to follow. Simply by
standing upright and staying sober, Putin looks like a welcome change from his

Ever since since his meteoric rise started six months ago,
Russian comentators and foreign Governments have speculated about the
personality of the new leader. Does he have one at all? One sour Russian joke,
adapting a jibe often used against soviet leaders in the past asks, “Will
there ever be a Putin personality cult? No, because for such a cult you must
first have a personality.”…

One theme does emerge, however, from Putin’s early life in
his home city of St Petersburg where he was born in 1952. An only child and the
son of a manual labourer, he wanted, from an early age, to be close to people
with power.” End Quote.

Readers of The Omega Times may remember recently
reading an article over the sinking of the Russian ship the Lermontov in the
outer Marlborough Sounds of New Zealand, with hundreds of Australian passengers
on board.

Many of us felt at the time that there was something
suspicious going on as there were 53 people unaccounted for on that ship and
this information along with other strange happenings was recorded in our book, Final
which came out in 1988.

The Marlborough Express Newspaper showed a picture of those
who came to investigate on behalf of the Russian Government and there was a man
amongst the group who looked remarkably like the new President of Russia,
Vladimir Putin.

The New Zealand Herald, 30 March 2000, New Zealand Soft
Spying Target for KGB.
“Top secret KGB files are believed to show the
Soviet Union used New Zealand as an easy, English speaking training ground for
spies during the Cold War…

The allegations come from KGB documents smuggled from the
USSR by New Zealand born former M16 agent Richard Tomlinson after being copied
by a disaffected activist Vasili Mitrokhin…

After losing faith in the key KGB Mitrokhin spent twelve
years copying files onto slips of paper and stowing them in his shoes. In 1992,
when he arrived at the British Embassy and offered his information to the west,
he had tens of thousands of pages of notes naming hundreds of agents…

He also claimed that the KGB increased its operations in
Australia and New Zealand after the election of Labour in 1984 and tried to drum
up European support for the government’s non-nuclear ships policy.” End

Remember the Russian ship was sunk in the year 1986? Two
years after the Labour Government came into power and for one full year after
the sinking, divers were forbidden to go anywhere near the wreck as it had
secret gear on board which was finally taken of the wreck one year after it’s

A full marine enquiry was not allowed to be held into the
sinking, which happened in New Zealand waters and the whole thing was hushed up,
leading to speculation that we may even have a wrong ship on the bottom there
according to Lloyd’s registered specifications which we at this newspaper have
in our possession.

All this James Bond type of behaviour does not impress us as
we are believers in the Lord Jesus Christ and simply point out that as cloak and
dagger figures flit amongst us, we are more concerned with thanking God for His
salvation through the blood of Jesus Christ. We want to leave a good influence
on this earth before we go to be with the Lord forever and enjoy the pleasures
that He has planned for us in that day.