The World Trade Organisation Enemy

The World Trade Organisation Enemy

The World Trade Organisation enemy

For many years we at this office, through our books and our
newspaper The Omega Times, have pointed out that the International
Monetary Fund and the World Bank are two enemies of the average world citizen,
with their aims to set up a One World Government in which the rich prosper and
the poor are worse off then ever before. As we print these articles in the month
of April in the year 2000, we find that most countries of the world have woken
up to the fact that the International Monetary Fund with their loans and
conditions, which ultimately steal sovereignty is indeed the enemy to be avoided
at all costs.

The World Government secret advocates in the background are
now pushing their second gun, and we refer to the World Trade Organisation.

Led by a man from New Zealand, a country which was used as a
guinea pig nation to introduce the New World Order, namely Mike Moore, we now
see that one of the greatest countries on earth today has been conned into a
deal with the World Trade Organisation which will bring an end to their autonomy
under communism.

We quote in part from the Spotlight Newspaper, 29 November
1999, Globalists Win Big With China -–WTO Deal. "American negotiators,
under orders to reach a deal with Red China at any price, remained days beyond
schedule to open a door of the World trade Organisation (WTO) from which more
American jobs will exit... Getting the world's most populous country into
the WTO is another giant step toward the Bilderberg goal of creating a world
government under the United Nations.
The WTO is to function as a global
Department of Commerce and Red China's membership is essential...

Huge, multinational corporations, which are heavily
represented at secret Bilderberg meetings, had also applied pressure for a deal at
any price

Alan Tonelson of the U.S. Business and Industry Council said
the pressure came from multinational companies interested in cheap labor in
China rather than providing jobs in America." End Quote.

We then read in the Dominion newspaper, 10 March 2000,
"The Italian newspaper that raved about Helen Clark's "beautiful blue eyes"
is less enamoured of her former colleague, World Trade Organisation
director-general Mike Moore. La Repubblica called Moore "a mediocre New
Zealander, largely responsible for the fiasco in Seattle", where the new round
of world trade talks failed to get off the ground..." End Quote.

We at this newspaper feel that if the Chinese authorities
would use their brains, they would get in touch with Prime Minister Mahathir
from Malaysia, who certainly has his wits about him, having told the
International Monetary Fund to get lost.

We now quote from the Business Herald 14 March 2000, "China
is in the final stages of negotiating its entry to the World Trade Organisation
and full membership is not far away, says foreign Trade Minister Shi Guangsheng...

"It won't be long before China becomes a full WTO member."...

China cleared the other major hurdle in WTO membership in
November, when it concluded an agreement with the United States...

President Bill Clinton faces a tough political battle to get
it through Capitol Hill.

Since the last talks with the EU broke up, China has signed
WTO deals with Thailand, India, Colombia and Argentina." End Quote.

It is clear to all those who study the conspiracy to set up
the World Government that the World Trade Organisation is the second string in
the fiddle to bring nations under the control of the World Government advocates.

We predict herewith that communism will shortly collapse in
China and their government will be forced to go along with rules and regulations
harmonising with the New World Order system throughout the world.

Therefore communism will no longer be allowed, as we move
into an era of Reinvented Government, which simply means big business will link
with government and ultimately control them all world-wide.

We now quote from the Spotlight Newspaper, 17 January 2000, Seattle
Wants You to Forget WTO Ever Happened.
"If you watched any television
during the meeting of the World Trade Organisation (WTO) in Seattle, you saw
thousands of protesters in the streets. You also saw hundreds being handcuffed
and carted away by black-clad, armoured riot squads.

That's not good public relations in anyone's book.

What should you do about it? Forget it?

The thinking in Seattle is: If there are no charges against
the anti-WTO forces, there won't be any court cases. And, no court cases means
no more media coverage.

Out of sight, out of mind.

Citing the lack of evidence, Seattle City Attorney Mark
Sidran said Jan. 3 that he was dropping about 280 cases against people who
blocked the streets and demonstrated against the recent WTO meetings...

As many as 45,000 demonstrators took to the streets Nov. 30,
linking arms and blocking intersections to try and shut down the WTO opening
ceremonies. According to local media reports, the action took police by

The protests kept many WTO delegates and Clinton
administration officials from attending the opening, ultimately resulting in
cancellation of the ceremony." End Quote.

A letter to the editor of the same newspaper reads in
part, "The fact that free trade is a conspiracy of the rich against the poor
is self-evident to anybody who thinks." Signed by ....., Albuquerque, New

Final Note.

Owing to the fact that the I.M.F. and the World Bank are
preparing to hold meetings in Washington D.C., the police in that city have
contacted Seattle police to try and find out exactly what to do with crowd

At last, too many people have found out what these rascals
are up to.