Trends in Science

Trends in Science

Trends in science

There is a tongue in cheek saying which describes scientists
as men who climb 'mountains' of discovery, only to find that at some of the
peaks they conquer, they discover a group of theologians already at the summit
waiting for them.

There is presently one such 'mountain of discovery' being
scaled by many of the worlds scientists. The average Omega Times reader has
already been enjoying the view from the top of this particular mountain for some

The scientific community is currently coming to grips with a
wealth of new information in the fields of astrophysics, biology and chemistry,
which supports the theory that the Earth and the Universe are perfectly balanced
to support life as we know it. That is carbon based organic life, based in
water, using DNA and RNA for information transfer. It has become increasingly
clear that the laws of physics, biology, and chemistry are so finely tuned for
life on earth as to strongly imply that the cosmos has been very finely adjusted
or 'prefabricated' for our existence. Physicist, Paul Davies in his book,
The Accidental Universe points out that, "If nature had opted for a slightly
different set of numbers, the world would be a different place. Probably we
would not be here to see it ... The impression of design is overwhelming."
Michael Denton in his book Nature's Destiny outlines how the laws of biology
reveal purpose in the Universe. He suggests that, "The laws of nature were
finely tuned for life on Earth to a remarkable degree and that the emerging
picture provided powerful and self evident support for the traditional
anthropocentric teleological (or man as the ultimate product of the Universe
which is by design and purpose)
view of the cosmos."

University of Washington astronomer and author Donald
Brownlee said recently, "It seems like something a lot of people don't want
to hear, yet nearly everyone who works in these areas has remarked at one time
or another how unusual the Earth is."

So world renown scientists are starting to officially say
what they've probably been privately thinking anyway, that the Universe and
life is the result of a special design.
This view is contrary to the
previously held view of modern Science that Man is the result of chance
occurrence rather than design and purpose. Some interesting implications arise
from this new viewpoint. If there is special design, then of necessity there
must be a special designer or designing force. Having discovered this, why
design in the first place, what was the intention of the designer? Further to
this, such a 'special designer' or 'designing force' would be able to
exist apart from, or above the results of the design ie the physical Universe.
Sounds pretty much like the timeless spaceless spiritual dimension to me. Whilst
many scientists concede that there is a greater designing force, they generally
maintain that the outworking of the design of the Universe & life is still
the result of natural processes such as evolution, which are preprogrammed into
the laws of nature. There is still strong resistance to the idea of special
creation as presented in the book of Genesis. In the minds of the men and women
who have placed total faith in science to provide answers to the questions of
origin and destiny, there is no possible way to scientifically verify the
special creation events. This is because these events fall outside the realm of
'natural processes' and therefore they believe cannot be proven by science.

This is the point at which the person of faith who believes
in the Word of God parts company with scientific theory and analysis and moves
into the higher spiritual realm by faith. Hebrews 11:6 states that "...
without faith it is impossible to please Him (God): for he that cometh to
God must believe that He is, and that He is a rewarder of them that diligently
seek Him." Implicit in the path to God is the understanding that He is God.
The Bible also tells us that unless you have the faith of a little child you
cannot see the kingdom of heaven. Much of scientific theory regarding the
origins of life can be classified as the wisdom of this world of which Paul had
a bit to say in I Corinthians 1 "... For it is written I will destroy the
wisdom of the wise, and will bring to nothing the understanding of the prudent
... hath God not made foolish the wisdom of this world? For after that in the
wisdom of God the world by wisdom knew not God, it pleased God by the
foolishness of preaching to save them that believe ... "

Ever since the dawn of modern science, founded on the theory
of evolution, which was introduced by Charles Darwin, there has developed an
uneasy relationship between those who believe in the Word of God and those who
rely on science to answer questions of origin and destiny. Prior to this,
Science was founded on the assumption that "... In the beginning God created..."
The dominant world view of the time was that God operating outside the physical
realm, specially created the world as we know it. Some great scientific work was
carried out during this era. The most famous of all was Sir Isaac Newton, who
was perhaps the greatest Scientist of all time. Newton was a God fearing man who
spent huge amounts of his time studying the Biblical prophecies of Daniel and
Revelation. He certainly would have been very interested in current events here
in the end times, perhaps even subscribing to Omega Times!

The Isaac Newton's of the world must have been driven by
the excitement of discovering the wonders of God's creation and through such
discovery must have stood in awe at the power of God.

The hope is that many that ponder the facts will take a step
of faith and accept that as recorded in God's Word there was a special
creation event. Even better, realising they have the privileged opportunity to
know the God of this awesome creation at a personal level as Lord and Saviour
Jesus Christ. That's certainly an opportunity not worth missing.