Better Than Nostradamus

Better Than Nostradamus

Better Than Nostradamus - New Video Series

The video series by Barry Smith 'Better
Than Nostradamus' was professionally filmed in March 2000, in Sydney,
Australia. All Bible references, newspaper articles and other resource
information referred to is highlighted on your screen for your referral. This
series is a great Bible study group reference, thought provoking and
challenging. As per usual, Barry ends at the cross -– and outlines very
clearly how to make peace with God!

Tape 1: New Millennium -– The Third Day

We are living at the end of the generation spoken about by
Jesus. We enter the new Millennium at the end of 2000. This video captures some
exciting up-to-date material from around the globe.

The Y2K millennium bug was no mistake! It had a definite
purpose which Barry reveals on this tape.

Jerusalem -– is God's timepiece, the Kingdom of God is 'not
now' but soon...

This tape also recaps on the main areas of the New World
Order, and the global village which replaces independent Nations...the trap has
been successful and most Western Countries have already lost the control over
their National interests.

The best part of this message is: don't be afraid. God also
has a new order in mind and will save His people! Topical and exciting!

Tape 2: God's Prophetic Calendar

Babylon is scriptural Iraq. New York and Rome play a part in
this Midrashic picture, as part of Mystery Babylon.

Daniel 9 reveals God's prophetic calendar; the timing of
Jesus birth was foretold hundreds of years before He came...the Jewish
Scriptures reveal the Messiah...Daniel 9 lays a very solid foundation for
interpreting Bible prophecy...right through to today! Fascinating!

Tape 3: The Three Frogs Of Revelation

Who will run the New World Government? A political figure,
religious leader OR Satan himself? This message gives us a solid description of
who and why. Informative!

Tape 4: Paul's Warning From The Grave "Get the right

One of the most powerful messages you will hear today,
discussing one of the nine mysteries revealed to the Apostle Paul -– the
mystery of the gospel.

The question 'What do I need to do to be saved?' was
asked numerous times in the Scriptures. Different answers were given! Which
answer is correct and how can we know we have followed the 'right message'.
We are living in a world of Smorgasbord options, even in Christian circles
different messages are being preached... Exciting and liberating!

Tape 5: The Impact of Your Life

We get one life, lets make it count! This message is a clear
encouragement to each of us to keep our attitudes sweet as we experience the
good and hard times of our lives. Those we come into contact with will be
impacted by us, and we can make a difference in their lives too. Barry is no
stranger to pain...this is his story. Inspirational!