Fast Acting Police Force

Fast Acting Police Force

Fast acting police force

Under the New World Order plan, the armies of the world are
gradually being decimated, military bases are being closed down world-wide and
preparations are being made for the United Nations and similar armies to take
over the duties of all these groups.

We quote from the Daily Telegraph, London, 14 October 1999,US
creates fast-acting force for police role

"The United States army announced yesterday the creation of
two highly mobile brigades which will be able to deploy anywhere in the world
within 96 hours.

The units, equipped with light armoured vehicles, are a
response to criticism that the army is too cumbersome to take on the role of
world policeman.

The months' delay in deploying Apache helicopters during
the Kosovo conflict earlier this year brought fresh attention to the problem of
moving troops to trouble-spots to keep pace with political developments....

Critics say the army has been promising to change its
structure since the end of the Cold War...." End Quote

Therefore, we say "goodbye sovereignty, hello global
government" - which is proceeding at a very fast pace.

Readers will remember George Bush used the term New World
Order while Jimmy Carter used the term Global 2000.

We recognise that the beginning of the new millennium will
start on the 1st January 2001 and thus as we move within the last
year in this millennium, prophecy is unfolding so quickly that it is very
difficult for offices such as this one to keep up.

Keep reading as we will do our best to keep you informed with
the latest developments.