Letter From The Editor

Letter From The Editor

From the Editor

Dear Friends

Winter is here again -– only this time round we're
enjoying this chilly season at our home. We have been preparing for winter. Last
month we spent several evenings installing a new log fire, which warms the whole
house, it's wonderful. In the summer we stored some dry wood...we haven't
always done this! With the aid of hindsight, including our memories of many cold
miserable winters, we've learnt: how one prepares makes a big difference to
how one copes when winter arrives.

While we do battle with the elements in this cold season,
friends in other countries are swimming, BBQ'ing and enjoying their summer.
What a weird and wonderful world we live in. In life it would seem that at any
given time someone will be laughing, and someone else crying. Joy and pain are

How do we prepare? That's an individual choice, the results
of which can only really be tested at the change of the season. Learning by
experience (preferably someone else's) would seem a good place to start.
Nothing worse than suffering the same miserable result more than once...

The happy balance to our diligence and personal preparation
is that God exists beyond our capabilities and doesn't miss a thing. If you
need some encouragement, read through Psalm 139 again and again...everything
will be alright because God 'knows'.

Marcus Arden is away for a few weeks -– I am trying to
locate his articles which have failed to arrive, hopefully by the next edition...

Please remember to give this newspaper to friends and family
who can benefit from it.

Christian Love


Andrew Smith