Mystery Government Advisors

Mystery Government Advisors

Mystery government advisors

It is very difficult to explain to the electorate that the
country of New Zealand is not in fact controlled by our Government but by
advisors who have their own agendas to promote.

Some years ago I read an article telling me that many members
of parliament had over thirty advisors in their various spheres of influence
which meant that the politician was merely a spokesman for the others whose
policies are promoted day by day from the halls of parliament.

We then see an article in the New Zealand Herald, 24 April
2000, Wilson refuses to name Labour's mystery advisers

"Labour Minister Margaret Wilson is defending a decision to
keep secret the names of some advisers who helped to form the new industrial
relations legislation....

Minutes of the meeting reveal that up to four people were
assigned to provide input, including writing parts of the draft bill and
reviewing the legislation.

But their names have been deleted from the documents under
provisions of the act that protect privacy.

Ms Wilson said last night that she had no qualms about doing
so because the people involved were party members who were acting in a voluntary

"We've done it completely in accordance with the law ...
There's no great mystery."

Act leader Richard Prebble said the secrecy was contrary to New Zealand's
system of open government and he would pursue the matter in Parliament.

"We have a system where the Government is supposed to be
accountable, things are supposed to be done in a transparent fashion and here is
the Government having to admit that it's getting advice but refusing to say
who from," said Mr Prebble.

He found it objectionable that people involved in drafting
the bill were being protected...." End Quote

We are absolutely thrilled at this newspaper that Mr Prebble
has made this statement and now we demand that he opens up to public view the
records of the sinking of the Russian cruise liner the Lermontov. The papers are
not his and we want the truth as to why the ship was taken through foul ground.

Come on Richard, your own tongue has betrayed you, and we
believe that there is much more to the story than has been revealed to this

We wrote something about this mystery in one of the previous
issues of this newspaper.

You no doubt had the Bible read to you when you were a boy
and possibly have heard the words of Jesus from Matthew 10:26 "...there is
nothing covered, that shall not be revealed; and hid, that shall not be known."