Russia’s Economy

Russia's Economy

Russia's economy - Putin and Zhirinovsky

Russian President Vladimir Putin
Russian President Vladimir Putin

In the year 1987 a diabolical plan was introduced to the
country of New Zealand where our sovereignty began to be sold out to overseas
parties interested only in a global village or a One World Government.

Sir Roger Douglas, a man sometimes described by the news
media as the architect of this plan then went to various other countries to
encourage them to follow what had taken place under the restructuring of the New
Zealand society.

As a result, Russia’s economy has got so bad that in our
meetings we show pictures of Russian soldiers going home with a cabbage under
each arm which is their pay for a weeks work. Since then of course, other
countries have followed the New Zealand plan to a tee and we are not surprised
that as a result of all these nonsensical policies of selling out national
interests, each country who has undergone this system has finished up absolutely

An interesting article in The financial mail on Sunday, 6
September 1998, Economists fail to work out the people equation. “It
seems almost scandalous that Western economists have not learned crucial lessons
from history. Their failure to do so has brought unnecessary suffering to
millions of ordinary Russians, and the world to the edge of a recession…

It is important that we realise this, human society is
infinitely complex. It is not like a machine that can be taken apart and
reassembled. It is a living organism. Take it apart and it will die.

Most commentaries on the current Russian disaster have placed
the blame firmly at the feet of the moribund President Yeltsin, an ineffective
prime minister, Sergei Kiriyenko, the puppet prime minister designate Viktor
Chernomyrdin and the all-powerful businessman Boris Berezovsky who, with a few
banking colleagues, owns 50% of the national economy.

They are all culpable. But they are also symptoms of a more
fundamental problem – a set of rational economic blueprints for Russia that
proposed too much too soon.

The first step introduced by the International Monetary
Fund in 1992, provided loans conditional on Russia meeting stringent budgetary
and inflationary targets. It was described by the reformer Yegor Gaidar as ‘cruel
and inhuman’…

Economists take no account of the human factor and allow
their rational theoretical models to overrule the impulses of human nature. Had
they not done this, they might have predicted the present Russian collapse.

Despite lessons from history, despite a century of political
and social science, despite the expansion of our universities, economists still
make sweeping generalisations and bland assumptions about human beings. This
would not be so bad had they not had considerable influence on policy that
affects the lives of millions.

Economic forecasters at the British Treasury and I Washington
DC are all guilty. They were all blown off course by the difficulty of
predicting the behaviour of what they call ‘factors’ – and what the rest
of us call ‘people’.” End Quote.

In simple words, if anybody tries to act in the place of God
and does not have the knowledge and ability that God has, it is easy for them
later to sit back and watch the wreckage of their plan drifting about like
flotsam and jetsam after a tall sailing ship hits a rock .

We have watched for some time for mad Vlad to come back on
the world scene and in the New Zealand Herald, 14 October 1999, we read Cold
water poured on political clown.

“Zhirinovsky is a strange animal indeed. His party was the
very first to emerge after the Soviet Communist Party lost its monopoly on

Then he presented himself as a free-marketeer in the mould
of Margaret Thatcher.

Only later did he shock and frighten with ultra-nationalist
statements such as his famous promise that Russian soldiers would “wash their
boots in the warm waters of the Indian Ocean.”

Despite his outrageous behaviour, in practise he has done one
thing and one thing only – vote on every occasion in the way the Kremlin would

Vladimir Zhirinovsky
Vladimir Zhirinovsky

President Boris Yeltsin survived impeachment proceedings
earlier this year because Zhirinovsky came to his rescue….

Zhirinovsky’s party, the third largest in Parliament, is
not tipped to do well in the elections. He knows that Russians perceive all
politicians to be crooks.

He also knows that Russians love the underdog.

If he can get banned, while other politicians, perhaps no
less dirty, go forward, he probably reckons on a big swing of sympathy in his
favour.” End Quote

Now the main player to keep your eyes on in Russia of course
is Vladimir Putin, a shifty-eyed little man who walks with a very noticeable
swagger. We quote from the Spotlight newspaper, 13 March 2000:

“Meanwhile, Russia, the centre of the old Soviet Union, has
been busy waging war against the Chechens. Grozny, Chechnya’s capital, is a
pile of rubble and thousands of people are homeless. There is no rebuke coming
from the White House. No cry for independence and freedom for these people. The
acting president of Russia is Vladimir Putin, a longtime member, operative and
high ranking official of the dreaded KGB, now known as the Federal Security
Bureau (FSB).” End Quote

Authors note – please notice Putin has now been elected
president and as such is probably one of the world’s most dangerous men.

The Dominion newspaper, 16 May 2000, tells us:

“President Vladimir Putin faces a hectic second week in
office putting together a new government amid charges that he is trying to curb
Russia’s hard-won democratic freedoms…

Mr Putin has given notice that he plans to tighten central
control over influential regional governors with a decree that divides Russia
into seven zones and allocates to each a presidential envoy.

Mr Putin has also dusted off constitutional powers neglected
by his predecessor, Boris Yeltsin, and suspended laws passed by local bodies in
several regions considered inconsistent with federal laws. It was reported
yesterday that more decrees were in the pipeline aimed at bringing 15 more
regions to heel….

Others said Mr Putin, a former KGB spy, was clearly bent on
restoring Moscow’s tarnished authority across Russia….

Mr Putin has already rattled Russian politicians across the
spectrum by backing an armed police raid on the offices of a large independent
media group, Media-Most. Media-Most said the raid was politically motivated,
while police said it was a criminal investigation.” End Quote

It is clear that the first thing anybody who wishes to set up
a dictatorship must do is completely control and suppress the media, and it is
noticeable that this is one of the first things Putin did upon coming to power.

Prophetically speaking, the prophecies in Ezekiel 38 & 39
make a quote quite clear, that at this particular time in history, the end of
the generation that Jesus spoke of in Matthew 24:34, the Russians, led by a
demon called Gog, will come down from the north on to the land of Israel and
will seek to dominate the Middle East countries from that region.

The reasons are:

1. They need desperately a warm water port for all the year
round trade.

2. They are having problems with their agricultural systems
and therefore need the minerals that may be found in abundance at the southern
end of the Dead Sea.

3. There is an inescapable pressure within them to fulfil the
prophecies in the Word of God, that they with their atheistic concepts, led no
doubt by a communist sympathiser at least, will fulfil the prophecy and come
down, and thus come to their end on the mountains of Israel.

Readers are encouraged to read Ezekiel 38 & 39 and
recognise that we are living in these days when Russia, along with Persia,
Ethiopia, Libya, Germany and some of the Muslim countries, will join together
against Israel, and then the fulfilment of the prophecy will be that God will
prove himself as the Lord of this earth.

A lovely verse may be found in Ezekiel 39:7, “So will I
make my holy name known in the midst of my people Israel; and I will not let
them pollute my holy name any more: and the heathen shall know that I am the
Lord, the Holy One in Israel.”