Bush’s ideal day

Bush's ideal day

Bush's ideal day

An article taken from the Guardian front page, 17 October
2000 reads:

"As a workaholic president of a workaholic nation, Bill
Clinton will fly anywhere, anytime, to try to broker a peace deal. There is
nothing he likes better than to stay up all night conferring with White House
policy wonks. Like his boss, Al Gore promises to work 24 house a day, seven days
a week if he becomes president.

George W Bush, on the other hand, prefers a regular
two-hour lunch break, likes to wrap up his day's business by 5pm, and reckons
on getting plenty of rest and "private time".

If the polls are right and Mr Bush captures the White House
on November 7, then not only will some of the policies of the Ronald Reagan era
enjoy a comeback -– the famous Reagan attention span, or the lack of it, will
return to the Oval Office too.

A survey of Mr Bush's work schedule published yesterday
reveals a man who dislikes meetings that last longer than 10 minutes, who reads
little, who rarely bothers himself with policy, and who spends most of his short
working day at photo opportunities and ceremonial occasions.

More than 900 pages of Mr Bush's daily schedules as
governor of Texas reveal a politician who typically does not start work until
9am, who likes to finish the morning's business at 11.30, who takes two hours
for lunch and a three-mile run in what he calls "private time", and who will
not plan any office engagements after 5pm.

In his autobiography, Mr Bush writes that "by far the
most profound" decision he ever takes is whether to allow another Texas
execution to go ahead.
The schedules show that what he fails to mention is
most of these decisions -– he has allowed 145 executions since becoming
governor -– took less than 15 minutes...

As his best friend, Doug Hannah, puts it, Mr Bush has "an
attention span of about an hour"
." End Quote.

Never forget also that George Bush Jr is a member of
the Skull and Bones club
as was his father and grandfather before him.

This secret society is connected with Yale University and
their motto is that which is on the back of the American Dollar, Novus Ordo
Seclorum or a secular hethanistic, ungodly New World Order.

It is also important to recognise that Al Gore, the other
contender for the Presidency is a World Government man completely in the grip of
these World Government planners, and therefore it matters little who takes the
job as either man will do exactly what he is told.