Global warming scam

Global warming scam

Global warming scam

The sky is falling! The sky is falling!

We read in the New Zealand Herald 28 October, reads Global
warming getting worse.

"Greenhouse gases are making the world even warmer than
anybody has predicted, and it is almost certainly the fault of humans, says a
draft report from an international climate group...

Greenhouse gases such as carbon dioxide are produced by using
fossil fuels such as petrol and coal, and burning forests..." End Quote.

Then we turn to a more sensible article in the Herald Sun
from Sydney, 16 October 2000, and read the following,

"Read all about it! North Pole melts! (Ho, hum. It's done
it again)

You probably heard the terrible news about the North Pole
back in August.

Some scientists had sailed up there in an icebreaker and -–

Yes, the icy North Pole had been turned by global warming
into a giant puddle.

The scientists trembled. "There was a sense of alarm,"
said one Dr James McCarthy, a Harvard University oceanographer. "Global
warming was real, and we were seeing its effects for the first time that far

Dr McCarthy alerted journalists, who in turn alarmed millions
more. For instance, one Melbourne newspaper shrieked the North Pole was under
water for probably "the first time in 50 million years".

But in fact this "proof" of global warming is -– as Dr
Peter Wadhams of Cambridge's Scott Polar Institute put it -– "complete

Scientists from Hobart to London said big cracks in the ice
-– some more than a kilometre wide -– are common around the pole. Moreover, 10
percent of the Arctic Ocean is ice-free in summer.

So it turns out that this terrible event that hadn't
occurred in 50 million years, may have happened last year too.

Sadly, few newspapers reported these corrections, which
should alert you to Fact One about global warming -– that scare stories about
the earth hotting up get more attention than the truth.

Here's something else you should know. Dr McCarthy who beat
up this scare, is co-chairman of one of three working groups of the United
Nations-backed International Panel on Climate Change, which has persuaded the
world that global warming is a man-made apocalypse.

He and the panel's 2500 scientists are the guys who say the
earth has warmed up by 0.8 deg C over the past century and will heat by another
2 deg by 2100, causing seas to rise. They are the ones who say "The balance of
evidence suggests" humans have largely caused this by creating a blanket of
carbon dioxide.

Because of them, developed nations including ours signed the
Kyoto treaty in 1997, promising to cut carbon dioxide emissions, which we get
from burning fossil fuels...

As Professor George Taylor, president of the American
Association of State Climatologists, says, "global warming scenarios are
looking shakier and shakier

In fact, 17,000 scientists signed a petition condemning the
IPCC's theory as "flawed"...

Scare: The earth is warming.

Truth: Satellites show no warming of the atmosphere
since 1979, when records started. Nor do weather balloons...

Scare: Humans did it.

Truth: Most of the rise in temperature last century
occurred before 1940, while 82 per cent of our carbon dioxide emissions
occurred after that.

The IPCC admits the earlier warming was primarily caused by
increased solar activity. Last month, scientists, including some from the
European Space Agency, released research showing the sun has caused most of
any recent warming, too

Scare: Pumping out carbon dioxide causes harm.

Truth: There is no proof that our higher
concentrations of carbon dioxide (which are still only a fraction of levels of
the distant past) caused any warming, but plenty that they have made plants
grow better

As the authors of the Oregon petition concluded: "We are
living in an increasingly lush environment of plants and animals as a result of
the carbon dioxide increase

Scare: The planet has never been hotter.

Truth: Until 800 years ago, global temperatures were
up to 2 deg higher than now, which is why icy Greenland was called Greenland
and was farmed by Vikings.

There's more, but find the truth yourself. Start with the
famous website of a remarkable Tasmanian teacher at

Read it. It will save you from the next scare, like hearing
Ayers Rock has melted, too." End Quote.

The question may now be asked, why do people tell us
these lies? And the answer is it provides them with opportunities to travel to
conferences to discuss problems that do not exist.

Secondly, it enables them to latch on to this as a world wide
problem which needs a global government to control it and therefore it is simply
part of the globalisation plan overall.

Praise God. Those of us who have received Jesus Christ has
our saviour recognise that he is not only the Way and the Life, but also the

For further information about this subject, please read our
book Final Notice, pg 102-106

I remember the prime minister of a little South Pacific
Island called Tuvalu, being interviewed on Radio New Zealand telling us that his
country was in danger of being swallowed up by the sea.

I quote herewith from the Spotlight newspaper, July/August

"Meanwhile, back in the Pacific, everyone's head is still
above water.

In the early 1990's, scientist forecast that Tuvalu, a
coral atoll of nine islands -– which is only 12 feet above sea level at its
highest point -– would vanish within decades because the sea was rising by up
to 1.5 inches a year.

However, a new study has found that sea levels have since
fallen by nearly 2.5 inches and experts at Tuvalu's Meteorological Service in
Funafuti, the islands' administrative centre, said this meant they would
survive for another 100 years..." End Quote.

Isn't that lovely?