New Zeland – A land of little corruption?

New Zeland - A land of little corruption?

New Zeland - A land of little corruption?

We were surprised to read in the Dominion newspaper, 16
September 2000, NZ a land of few backhanders -– corruption index.

"New Zealand's high-ranking officials may accept golden
handshakes now and then but they are above accepting backhanders, according to
an international corruption index.

New Zealand tied with Sweden in ranking third-least corrupt
of 90 countries, behind Finland and Denmark and ahead of Canada.

Britain came 10th, Australia 13th, the
United States 14th, France 21st and Japan tied with
Portugal for 23rd place.

Second from the bottom, above Nigeria, was Yugoslavia.

Other countries in the bottom half of the listing were China
and Egypt, tied for 63rd place, and Kenya and Russia, jointly at 82nd

Many of the street protests that we are seeing at major
conferences which started in Seattle last November reflect distrust of
globalisation and the role of business in the international economy..." End

Despite of the headline in the newspaper telling us that
New Zealand was almost corruption free, we would point out in a kindly manner
that there are as many crooks in this country as there are anywhere in the
world. (based on population ratio) -– Remember the Winebox ripoff?

I can only suggest that the corruption investigators were
either corrupt themselves, or didn't spend long enough investigating New

To verify this statement, readers should read Ian Wisheart's
book, "The Paradise Conspiracy".

New Zealand has been referred to by a diplomat as, "That
dirty little country down in the South Pacific".

The Word of God got it very right when it said, "The heart
of man is deceitful above all things and desperately wicked, who can know it? I
the Lord."

It is for this reason that we all need to be born again and
have our desires and motives changed supernaturally by the power of Almighty