The strange US elections

The strange US elections

The strange US elections

Al Gore and George W Bush
Al Gore and George W Bush

In the Omega Times, October 2000, we headlined an article Votescam
-– Can We Trust Election Results?
We quoted there from our book Final
Notice, from page 220 where we read, "Mr Reagan has been listed in the
dictionary as the 40th President of the United States, along with his
39 predecessors even though Americans do not go to the polls until later today
to decide their president for the next four years."

Whether people enjoy reading this information or not makes
not difference to the fact that Mr Regan was clearly written up as being the
next president.

How did this come about? I have in front of me a book called The
Programming of the President
, written by Roland Perry. I quote from the
inside cover in part;

"Mexican President Portillo's first question to Reagan
when they met shortly after the election was: "Mr President, who is Dick

Dr Richard Wirthlin and his devoted team of Mormon pollsters
and political scientists quietly directed their candidate's every move on his
survey company's sophisticated computers. Their program had taken twenty years
to perfect. It was called PINS and its function was to 'simulate' the
election, mathematically linking every possible factor into a model of the
coming event -– years, months and days before it actually happened. The raw
data was awesome, probing deeply into the hearts and minds of the entire
population. Yet it was only the beginning. With Reagan in the White House,
Wirthlin would add to PINS every scrap of information ever collected on the
American people. He was also given a new task: to develop a computer system that
would guide the Presidency in much the same way he had directed Reagan to win
the 1980 election. The computer had come to power. Politics and government would
never be the same again..." End Quote.

It is clear from this article that the American
Presidents, as we have said many times, are not elected by the people but by
those who count the votes.

We now quote from the Dominion newspaper, 10 November 2000, Pollsters
fall from grace after miscall.

"Exit pollsters, once the acclaimed seers of United States
election night, emerged yesterday as the principal villains in the chaos of the
race for the White House after key results were predicted and retracted...

Party activists said that when Mr Gore was declared the
winner in Florida -– widely seen as a bellwether for the final result -– many
West Coast voters were still going to the polls and might have been deterred
from turning out, thinking the race was already won. Republicans said the races
in California and Washington state might have been closer had it not seemed that
Mr Bush was heading for early defeat....

Voter News Service, a company owned by the main
networks and the Associated Press news agency, provides all early election "calls"
issued by the media based on questions put to voters as they emerge from the
polls on election day..." End Quote.

Who then would appear to be the villain in the elections
in America? This group, the Voter News Service.

In the Omega Times, October 2000 we printed the following,
"Despite the widespread belief that the government counts the national vote on
election night, the reality is entirely different. The vote is counted by a
little-known private corporation named Voter News Services (VNS) located in New
York City.

VNS is a major media conglomerate comprised of all the major
networks, including Fox and CNN, and the wire services, The New York Times and
The Washington Post. All of the vote results tabulated in each county, mainly by
computer; are transferred to VNS where they are tabulated in secret and
disseminated to the public. The computer tabulated votes at the county level
leave no paper trail.." End Quote.

It was Soviet leader Josef Stalin, a man who had a profound
understanding of power put it this way, "He who casts the votes decides
nothing. He who counts the votes decides everything

The picture is becoming clearer. We now turn to the Dominion
newspaper, 10 November 2000, and read,

"And the loser is? The American People. The extraordinary
and confused outcome of the United States presidential election throws into
sharp relief the shortcomings of the 200-year-old constitution designed to
thwart the will of ordinary electors.

Though Americans have transformed their constitutional
processes into a species of civic religion, the plaint truth of the matter is
that the constitution of 1787 is not, was never intended to be, and never will
be, a democratic document..." End Quote.

It is clear that both Bush and Gore had been prompted by
these computer experts to say the right things in each particular county and
this almost guarantees each one a job in the Whitehouse.

For example we turn back to our book again, The
Programming of the President,
and on page 126 we read how they primed Reagan
to say the right things in each area.

"We should avoid references to the 'arms race', but
stress the need to re-establish 'the margin of safety'."

"Margin of safety," Reagan repeated, savouring the
expression. "I like that."...

"You mean you want me to 'stick to the script',"
Reagan said...

Wirthlin didn't quite know how to tell Reagan not to insert
too many of his own little anecdotes into speeches, especially if they were out
of sync with overall strategy...

(we now turn to page 162 in the same book and read;)

"Congratulations, Governor," Carter said. "You've had
a good victory. I'm conceding the election to you."...

Reagan put the phone down slowly. "He has conceded...already,"
he said incredulously. "I just don't believe it." But he did. As his key
strategist had been telling him for some time, Reagan was going to be the 40th
President of the United States of America.

Wirthlin's experiment to control the political environment
by computer and program the run of a candidate into the most powerful office in
the West had succeeded....

(page 191)

"In a tongue-in-cheek ceremony at the Washington Post early
in November 1982, Richard Wirthlin was given a 'Crystal Ball' award for
being the most accurate of the nation's political forecasters...

(Page 232)

Elections in the US today are as much about bringing down
opponents as promoting candidates..." End Quote

As this particular paper goes to press in the early days of
the month of November, we thank the Lord that a newspaper is sent to us
regularly, called the Spotlight, and in the September 25 edition we read;

Liberty Lobby Visits Voter News Service. "It is
urgent for Americans to become involved in the upcoming elections and vote-count
as poll watchers, election judges, observers and reporters at every level and in
every state to prevent massive vote fraud.

Citizens for a Fair Vote Count plans to conduct an
independent tally of the election results based on reports provided by patriotic
Americans from across the country in order to challenge the monopoly held by the
major media networks on the national vote-counting process.

Despite widespread belief that the government supervises the
tally of the results on election night, the reality is entirely different: The
vote is tallied by a little-known private corporation called Voter News
(VNS), located in New York City.

Created in 1970 as News Election Service (NES), VNS has
existed in near total secrecy for 30 years and may well be the most
powerful corporation in the world.

VNS is a creature of the major networks, including Fox and
CNN, the wire services, The New York Times and The Washington Post.

"The networks have total control of the vote-counting
process in this country" is how James and Kenneth Collier described the power
of VNS in Votescam: The Stealing of America..."

Computer tabulated votes at any level, precinct, county or
state leave no paper trail -– they cannot be recounted or verified.

Only the person who wrote the program to count votes in each
state knows if the results are fair of if fraud had been committed. The process
is neither transparent nor verifiable. The software is not open to public
scrutiny. Neither is VNS..." End Quote.

I am sure that readers of this newspaper will now have a far
better understanding as to what is going on in America at this present time. For
many years the voting system in America has been a massive deception and fraud
and little did the people of that country know that many of the presidents who
were elected obtained their jobs in a fraudulent manner.

At last people have become aware of this and we are glad that
they are beginning to check and try and find out the truth of the matter at this
moment of writing.

It is clear that the two contenders, both Bush and Gore, are
almost neck and neck for the following reason, and that is that both of these
men have computer experts working on their side, so in actuality it is simply
computer verses computer.
And that is why the results have been so close for
the first time in history.

Never forget the two strange seals on the back of the
American Dollar which tells us they are setting up a One World Government, and
it is important to be sure of this one fact, that the man who is finally
elected, either Bush or Gore, will be completely in the pockets of those who are
setting up this World Government, for America has a vital role to play.

However, in the midst of all this, it is important also for
believers in the Lord Jesus Christ to understand that God is not left out of the
picture altogether.

We turn to Psalm 75:6-7, "For promotion cometh neither from
the east, nor from the west, nor from the south. But God is the judge, he
putteth down one, and setteth up another."

Finally there is always a suspicion in the back of some
people's minds that Bill Clinton will declare a state of emergency and stay on
in power by suspending the constitution and declaring marshal law.

In these strange days it is important that we stick close to
the Lord Jesus Christ, walk with Him and hear Him speaking to us saying, "This
is the way, walk ye in it