George Dubya Wins

George Dubya Wins

George Dubya Wins - Where to now? Money Crash?

George (Dubya) Bush
George (Dubya) Bush

In the year 1990 George Bush Snr., the president of the
United States, first spoke the words New World Order as he introduced the Gulf
War with Saddam Hussein. Ten years later in the year 2000, just before we move
into the new Millennium in the year 2001, his son George W. Bush has taken over
the Presidency. The question may be asked, is there a problem with this? The
answer very clearly is, Yes!

Both of these men along with George Bush Snr's father,
belong to a highly secret organisation called The Order, or the Skull and Bones,
which is connected with Yale University.

Antony C. Sutton in his book, The Secret Cult of The

"Secret political organizations can be -– and have been
-– extremely dangerous to the social health of constitutional vitality of a
society. In a truly free society the exercise of political power must always be
open and known."

We read on page 5 the following:

"Bones is a chapter of a corps in a German University. It
should properly be called, not Skull & Bones Society but Skull & Bones

Think about this: Skull & Bones is not American at all.
It is a branch of a FOREIGN secret society...

A preoccupation with skulls and human bones is built into a
cultic structure of The Order..."

On page 19 of this book we read:

"The extraordinary secrecy is itself part of a ritual.
Members are sworn not to discuss the organization, its procedures or its
objectives. Presumably, only an FBI or Congressional investigation could break
this code of "omerta" (Mafia = Silence)...

The reader may consider this juvenile, and it may well be. On
the other hand, these "juveniles" are men today running the United States...

According to Rosenbaum, "one can hear strange cries and
moans coming from the bowels of the tomb" during initiation.

Four elements of the initiation ceremony are recorded:

That the initiate has to lie naked in a sarcophagus,

That he is required to tell "secrets" of his sex life
to fellow initiates,

That Patriachs dressed as skeletons and acting as wild-eyed
lunatics howl and screech at new initiates,

That initiates are required to wrestle naked in a mud pile.

Undoubtedly there is more. However, the above is enough to
warrant branding The Order as based on behaviour more suited to juvenile

Page 27:

"In brief, the ritual is designed to mould establishment
zombies, to ensure continuation of power in the hands of a small select group
from one generation to another. But beyond this ritual are aspects notably

Page 32:

"Constance Cumbey in the Hidden Dangers of the Rainbow
identifies several organizations linked to The Order and the objectives of The

Most significantly, Cumbey states that the New Age movement
plans to bring about a New World Order 'which will be a synthesis between the
U.S.S.R, Great Britain and the United States... Finally on page 35:

"Obviously secrecy is only needed if there is something to
conceal. Secrecy is superfluous if there is nothing to conceal..."

Now because the new president is a part of this system,
should we be suspicious of him?

An article sent some time ago from the Albuquerque Journal,
30 June 1990, Lying is a fact of life in American Politics This is very
interesting because I have in my possession George W. Bush's testimony, how he
claims to have received Christ under the preaching of Dr Billy Graham

However, we must read the article and see what this man says.

" It was like burning the flag. I was instinctively
angry when I saw the photograph of my president, almost a foot high on the front
page of The New York Post, with the headline: "READ MY LIPS... I LIED!"

The letters themselves, "I LIED!" were 2 inches high. I
have used the words myself about George Bush, going back to the night in New
Orleans in August of 1988 when he said, "no new taxes." ...

I seem to remember a time when we did not lie had a public
place in this democracy...

We were shocked more than 2 inches worth then, in 1960 (I was
in college) when it turned out that President Eisenhower was lying and Soviet
Premier Khrushchev was telling the truth in the global shouting match over
whether the United States was sending spy planes over Soviet territory...

A couple of years later, Americans were still naïve enough
about the power of truth that an intense national debate was triggered by the
careless assertion by an assistant defence secretary, Arthur Sylvester, that
government had the right to deceive the press in the name of national security...

Truth is the strongest contract between governed and
governors. That has been eroded now; our leaders, political and corporate, our
pledges, our resumes -– all too often turn out to be phonies...

Iran-Contra: all lies. The invasion of Panama: lie after lie;
even talking about it in terms of national security was a lie. The deficit. The
savings and loan business: lie upon lie upon lie. Donald Trump, the king of
cash. Gary Hart. George Bush. Oliver North, a liar, a hero!

We call it a crisis of leadership. It is much worse than
that: It is a crisis of authority. No one believes anyone in power now; we take
lying for granted. The trick is to find the lie and the reason for it. And our
children are learning at our feet of clay...

Lying is a cancer in the body politic. It can go from the top
to the bottom very quickly. You have to catch it early." End quote.

As Bible prophecy is our subject we make bold to say that as
George Bush Snr introduced the New World Order in 1990, so ten years later his
son, George W. Bush will bring the New World Order to pass.

There are a number of things we are looking for during the
next four years, as George's term has been planned only for that period of

1. In the year 2004 it is highly probable according to all
reports we have received at this office that Hillary Clinton will become the
next President of United States.

2. A world wide monetary crash is an important part of the
global system set up by the New World Order planners.

3. The selling out of the sovereignty of the United States of
America to the United Nations. Over seas troops are already training in that
great country ready to imprison any dissenters whether they be Christian or
Patriot will make no difference at all

Away back in 1990 the San Jose Mercury News, 12 July 1990. U.S.
debt to exceed $4 trillion by '93.

"The federal government will be more than $4 trillion
in debt by 1993, the Bush administration told astonished members of the House
Ways and Means Committee on Wednesday...

The $3.5 trillion, the debt would amount to about $14,000 for
every person in the United States, more than three times the amount owed 10
years ago..." End Quote.

It is clear that the Japanese yen is also on the skids
and therefore with two of the worlds most powerful currencies in a very bad way,
it should not be too difficult to organise a world wide economic collapse.

President George Bush addressing the United Nations general
assembly on February 1, 1992 said,

"It is the sacred principles enshrined in the United
Nations charter to which the American people will henceforth pledge their

Strobe Talbott, former deputy Secretary of State and Bill
Clinton's Oxford room mate in Time magazine, July 1992 said,

"Nationhood as we know it is obsolete; all states will
recognise a single, global authority. National sovereignty wasn't such a great
idea after all."

Zbigniew Brzezinski, national Security Advisor to President
Jimmy Carter said:

"This regionalisation is in keeping with the Trilateral
plan, which calls for a gradual convergence of east and west, ultimately leading
toward the goal of a One World Government. National sovereignty is no longer
a viable concept.

Winston Churchill after WWII said, "The creation of an
authoritative World Order is the ultimate aim toward which we must strive." End

To those who have followed our books and papers over the
years, we say that much of what we have predicted is getting ready to take

Of course we understand the two seals on the back of the
American dollar are occultic to the extreme and therefore we can watch
everything coming together possibly during the next four years.

The Word of God calls this the Mystery of Iniquity in
2 Thessalonians 2:6-7.

"And now ye know what withholdeth that he might be revealed
in his time. For the mystery of iniquity doth already work, only he who now
letteth will let, until he be taken out of the way."

The Egyptian pyramid on the reverse side of every American
one dollar bill has no capstone and those of us who believe in the Lord Jesus
Christ understand that He is the capstone of history. The one portrayed hovering
above the pyramid is the eye of Horus in Egyptian mythology or the eye of
Lucifer, who hopes to usurp the place of our Lord Jesus Christ.

For many years we have waited for all this to come to pass
and as we have observed the ridiculous voting system in America that has been
dogged by fraud throughout the many years America has been in existence, we
should not really be shocked.

Many readers of our newspaper will be aware of a newscaster
in America called Dan Rather. We quote an article taken from the Spotlight
newspaper, 16 October 2000, which says:

"On election eve, 1988, Dan Rather on the CBS Evening News
had a "fit" of honesty never seen before, nor repeated nor duplicated by any
other network or personality...

RATHER: "There's been a lot of speculation lately about
how high or low voter turnout will be this election day; not talked about much;
(is) what's being done or not done to ensure an honest count of the votes...
voting in this country has gone increasingly high tech, with the potential some
experts warn for high-tech vote count fraud... more and more Americans
are voting by computer. Election officials estimate, in fact, that when the
votes are counted November 8, more than half the nation's 10,000 or so
election jurisdictions will use computers. Slick 1980s technology ought to mean
a high, a very high, rate of reliability when it comes to tallying our votes. It
ought to mean that, but it does not."

(Scene cuts to Princeton University)

RATHER: "Listen to computer whiz Howard J. Strauss of
Princeton (University)"

RATHER TO STRAUSS: "If somebody set out to break into
the computer system and actually alter the outcome of an election, it's not
only possible but rather easy?"

STRAUSS: "The system has virtually no protection, no
controls. It's not a house with doors without locks, it's a house without

RATHER: "Howard Strauss and other computer experts are
worried. They say... that no one can be absolutely certain that when a computer
counts a vote that the result is accurate."

RATHER TO STRAUSS: "For the right kind of money, could you
put a fix in, in a national election? Realistically, could it be done?"

STRAUSS: "Yeah. Get me employed by the company that writes
this (computer) program, and in that case you only need bribe one person... one
person... writing the software for this company... you would have access to a
third of the votes in the country. Is that enough to throw the election?"

(Today with computers in 60 percent of our counties, experts
claim just several computer operators could rig them all -– without detection.
-– Ed)

RATHER: "Something to think about... and that's the CBS
Evening News... (I am) Dan Rather... see you tomorrow. Goodnight."" End

We have just observed with our own eyes a farce conducted
in supposedly the most powerful nation in the world and seen a man elected to
power, who in the eyes of many has no right to be there.

However, the man that was chosen many years ago has now got
his hands on the reigns of America and we can watch with excitement as Bible
prophecy comes to pass before our very eyes.

Ultimately the Lord will judge America in a very strong way
and this will make way for the European Union to come to power with it's
leader called the Antichrist.

A word for believers to make us rejoice even in these strange

Luke 21:28. "And when these things begin to come to pass
then look up, and lift up your heads for your redemption draweth nigh."