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Many years ago when I commenced speaking on these subjects
concerning Bible Prophecy, World Government and New Zealand's role in that
World Government, a prominent Prime Minister of New Zealand was being
interviewed on Radio Pacific one night. He was asked the question, "What do
you think of Barry Smith and his predictions?"
His answer was along the
following lines, "Barry Smith is a prophet of doom, and if New Zealand ever
links with Australia, I myself will buy a can of petrol and pour it over myself
and set fire to myself."

We all laughed at the time and yet as the days go by we see
that we are moving closer together all the time.

Interested readers please take note that New Zealand is
listed as a state of Australia on the Australian constitution and all it takes
now is an act of Parliament on either side of the Tasman for us to be
irrevocably linked with Australia. Of course this will happen in stages as the
New Zealanders and Australians love their sovereignty too much to give it up all
of a sudden.

The World Government people work along the policies of Fabian
Socialism and the key word in that structure is gradualism.

We turn to the Waikato Times 6 December 2000 and read, Exchanges
aim at pre-Christmas accord.

"New Zealand an Australian stock exchange officials were
still working toward a merger agreement before Christmas and having a combined
exchange operating from July, New Zealand exchange managing director Bill Foster
has confirmed.

"We've set a deadline of mid-December and we're still
working to that, though I can't absolutely promise that will happen." ...

Mr Foster remained confident a merger would deliver benefits
to investors in both countries, despite concerns in New Zealand's financial
community that it would lure more company head offices to Australia and increase
costs for listed companies.

"You don't make change without some people being better
off and others arguing they will be worse off," Mr Foster said.

The merger must be backed by 75 per cent of the NZSE's
members, though one survey suggests support is running at about 50 per cent.

Mr Foster said the exchange had not surveyed members and
would seek their feedback once they could be presented with a detailed proposal."
End Quote.

It is interesting to note that around the world stock
exchanges are merging
, not only in this area but in other countries also.

An article take from the Weekend Business Herald, 25/26
November 2000 reads, Fortunes written in stars for Indian stock buyers.

"For Indian investors, astrologers are like Wall St's
army of technical analysts: too detached from reality to believe but too widely
followed to ignore.

"We follow what astrologers say about the markets to
understand the market from another perspective," says R. K. Gupta, who manages
about $US44 million in Indian stocks at Creditcapital Asset Management in New
Delhi. "But we certainly don't follow what they say blindly."...

Faith in astrology runs deep in a country where most
marriages are arranged only after the stars of the prospective couple have been

Mr Bhuvana Ravi, a visit to the astrologer to plan her
trading schedule has become an annual ritual.

"My astrologer tells me the good and bad periods ahead."...

Some investors counter that even the stars won't help if
the Government keeps dragging its feet in privatising state industry
End Quote.

It is of significance that even India is under pressure
to follow the New Zealand plan and privatisation is one of the important moves.

Readers please take note that World Government people, when
introducing a new policy to the public follow three stages. 1. Leak it. 2.
Deny it. 3. Do it.

We will now read together from the New Zealand Business
Herald, 27 November 2000. Shared currency within a decade.

"A common currency with Australia will not happen soon, but
it could take place within ten years, says the head of Westpac's institutional
bank, David Willis.

One of three New Zealanders in Westpac's top executive team
at its Sydney headquarters, Mr Willis said the common currency might seem the
logical outcome, but only after several years and some small steps towards
harmonisation of the business and tax law between the countries

"When you put all these pieces together, you are going to
find that we are close in a number of ways and maybe the step to a single
currency will not be that great," he said. "I'm in favour of it."...

Among concerns was the loss of sovereignty implied in a
common currency.

But while New Zealand would lose control of monetary policy,
the two countries moved in tandem 70 per cent of the time and Australia's
monetary policy already coped with large regional differences, for instance,
between Western Australia and Queensland...

Conversely, New Zealand's weather had favoured agriculture
in the past two years and the rural economy was booming with the help of the low
kiwi...." End Quote.

The Waikato Times, 17 November 2000, we read Planned
NZSE-ASX merger brings 'takeover' concerns.

"The Stock Exchange's planned merger with its bigger
Australian neighbour faces opposition amid fears that it will lure more New
Zealand company head offices to Australia without delivering firm benefits.

It was reported last night some broking and financial market
sources are concerned that any merger would be effectively a takeover by the
more powerful ASX, leaving New Zealand companies with higher listing fees,
sharply higher business compliance costs and the loss of sovereignty...

Ord Minnett Securities chairman John Rattray said. "We
have to be focused on the benefits and absolutely certain this isn't selling
down the creek New Zealand's economic independence and capital market

The NZSE and ASX are aiming to strike a merger agreement by
next month..." End Quote.

There we have it, if all the information is put together
it becomes very clear that somebody is organising things in the background to
make sure that each country loses their independence, sovereignty and as the
World Government takes over we will all become interdependent upon one

At that stage all that remains is for the Antichrist to arise
and control everybody's lives from the cradle to the grave.

We say as believers in the Lord Jesus Christ, "Praise God!"
He has promised that He will come again and take us to be with Himself.

"Let not your heart be troubled, neither let it be afraid,
ye believe in God believe also in me. In my Father's house there are many
mansions, if it were not so I would have told you. I go to prepare a place for
you, and if I go to prepare a place for you, I will come again to receive you
unto myself that where I am, there ye may be also." John 14:1-3