Why New Zealand’s PM now likes free trade

Why New Zealand's PM now likes free trade

Why New Zealand's PM now likes free trade

An article taken from the Dominion Newspaper, 27 November
2000 reads in part:

"The World Trade Organisation director-general, who still
takes a keen interest in New Zealand politics, could hardly believe the appetite
that Helen Clark has developed for free trade during her first year as prime
minister. Mr Moore all but accused Miss Clark of pinching his best lines on

Take last weekend's speech to the Labour Party's victory
conference where she argued that, love it or loathe, globalisation was here
to stay. "Standing still is not an option..."

She told the party faithful that her Government was
seizing every trading opportunity that was going...

But this was more than just a rerun of Mr Moore, let alone
National or ACT NZ. In keeping with her Third Way policies, Miss Clark
put a centre-left spin on her message....

One Labour minister thrilled with Miss Clark's growing
taste for trade is Jim Sutton. "Helen has been really staunch on trade to my
delight and the delight of the trading community and to the chagrin of some of
our comrades on the left who expected her to be a new leftie -–
anti-globalisation, anti-corporate and all that."..." End Quote.

Readers of this article may not have picked up the key
phrase, but be sure that this writer has. I refer to the words The Third

You will find that the new President of the United States
will use a different term with a similar meaning. Out of his mouth from now on
you will hear the phrase, reinventing government, which means that
no longer will the global government be communistic or capitalistic, but will be
run in a completely new way, which is called the Third Way.

It will be a conglomerate of big business with weakened
government structures in each country who have yielded up their sovereignty
through privatisation, because of the advice given to them by those who control
politics in each country around the world. By this I refer to big business
groups such as the Business Round Table of New Zealand.

The prime minister of New Zealand, Miss Clark, knows clearly
that she must do exactly what she is told at this time in history, otherwise she
won't last very long at all in the field of politics.

In an article taken from the New Zealand Herald, 24 November
2000, we quote in part:

"Mr Donald accused the Government of creating a smokescreen
of liberal social policy as cover for a free-trade agenda as damaging as the
Lange Government's privatisation programme.

Helen Clark yesterday delivered another strong statement in
support of free trade
, making clear that the Government would press ahead
with proposals to liberalise trade across the Asia Pacific region..." End

Readers of our newspaper will know of course that the
Trilateral Commission has divided the world into three regions, that is the
Americas, Europe and the Asia Pacific region.

New Zealand and Australia are therefore now part of Asia and
it is for this reason that we are entering quickly into free trade agreements
with all these Asian groups. It is not by accident that when one views the news
on CNN in our part of the world the newsreader is commonly of Asian origin. Our
doors also are opening up to these immigrants from that area of the world.

There is an interesting Scripture in the book of Revelation 16:19
referring to the final World Government, which is called in the Word of
God Mystery Babylon.

"And the great city was divided into three parts,
and the cities of the nations fell, and great Babylon came in remembrance before
God, to give unto her the cup of the wine of the fierceness of his wrath."

We can watch this year for moves towards a common currency
with Australia, along with our stock market being taken over by Australia and
many stronger links with that country as they in turn link more strongly with
Asian countries to the north.

We are at the end of an age, and recommend that every reader
of this newspaper understand that this is not some strange dream that we are
having but an actual event which is taking place in your lifetime and in mine.

Ultimately the world is moving under a global government with
a global leader called Antichrist and that man is almost ready to be revealed at
this moment of writing.

The good news is, his appearance will herald the second
coming of our Lord Jesus Christ, who already has his hand on the door. Get
yourself ready with a born again experience and begin to live close to Him who
bought you with his precious blood.