Y2K and the NWO

Y2K and the NWO

Y2K and the NWO

Over the years from 1978 when we wrote our first book, Warning,
in a series of 7 overall, we have endeavoured to follow the developments of the
building of the New World Order, or One World Government. Let there be no
mistake, this plan is proceeding at a rapid pace and its existence may be
verified by any doubter or sceptic, by a viewing of the two witchcraft seals on
the reverse side of every US. dollar bill.

The building of the New World Order may be likened to the
building of a house -– the finer points and details being outlined in 7 of our

Stage 1. Foundation. Illuminati -– 1 May 1776. See seals on
US$1 bill.

Stage 2. Framework. NZ -– guinea pig nation for
restructuring -– 1987

Stage 3. The Electrician. The Y2K Millennium Bug -– 31
December 1999. Through fear the world upgrades its computers. Synchronised, they
are now compatible for world government.

Stage 4. World economic collapse. Introduction of the new
cashless economy and Mark of the Beast system.

Y2K -– The Created Problem.

To encourage each country's government to be willing to
yield up their individual national sovereignty in favour of a world government.
On page 102 of our book, I Spy, we note that the problem was created in
the year 1957 by Grace Hopper and a team of scientists. (See Time
magazine, 18 January 1999). The removal of the first two digits from each year's
date was ratified by a U.S. Government department, the Bureau of Standards, in
the year 1967.

The World Government planners follow the philosophies of the
well known German philosopher, Hegel:

A) Create the problem

B) Solve the problem

Y2K -– The Problem Solved

After presenting the massive problem and striking fear in the
hearts of the world's population using reputable media presentations (e.g. Newsweek
article, 2 June 1997, "The Day the World Shuts Down"), an official
co-ordinator was appointed to synchronise all remedial work. His name -– John
Koskinen. His task -– to resolve the problem of possible failures in the world's
old mainframe computers. (These possible problems and scenarios, we have
outlined in our two books, The Devil's Jigsaw, and I Spy With My
Little Eye

Y2K -– The Hidden Reason

Having created the problem and then having appointed the
problem solver, the next aim was to confuse not only the public at large but
also national governments as to the meaning of this crisis and the true purpose
of its existence, i.e. to create enough fear in the hearts of the world's
leaders, that, no matter what the cost, whether their country's economic
structures could afford to or not, the computer technology had to be upgraded
and cleverly synchronised. Thus, the deception, foisted upon this world under
the direction of shadowy figures - the architects of this One World Government
came to a head at midnight on 31 December 1999.

At that moment of time, explains Joan Veon in her excellent
article, the world moved from individual nations to a world under the power and
domination of an electronic world government.

Please read the following excerpts and marvel -–

Moving the World Electronically Into World Government,
By Joan Veon.

"Y2K provided a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity for the
nation states of the world who were not Internet savvy to get wired. It provided
an opportunity to transition business and government into a new working
relationship which compliments "Reinvented Government."

New House Illustration.

When a new house is built, the foundation is laid, then
the structure and roof are added on. The wiring allows for the structure to have
power. Y2K was the wiring of the house as the structure had been built for
some time. Y2K provided the excuse to transfer the world from individual
nation-states into an electronically knit world -– a world which is now one and
which includes both governments and corporations.
Beginning January 1, 2000,
we entered an electronic world government!

Poor countries included

With regard to foreign countries, many do not have and
cannot provide the basics for their people, let along spend monies on getting
wired. In order for them to justify the repositioning of critical dollars, a
global problem had to be created.

Linking all countries

The Y2K "bug" was basically an excuse to synchronise the
whole world electronically in order to bring the lesser developed counties into
the electronic age -–
a different agenda than what we had been told by the
American Press.

Task Forces

Koskinen organised more than 25 task forces to reach out to
industry groups, corporations, the U.N. and foreign trading partners.

Reinventing Government

At the heart of Bill Clinton's "Reinventing
Government" program, begun in 1993, is a new form of government which is based
on partnership -– public-private partners, a marriage between government
business and non-government organisations (NGOs).

Key Statement

Koskinen further boasted, as reported in USA Today, "Solving
Y2K proved that I can run the world with four people."

Now, with the new U.S. President in place, the one world
government planners can organise a date for their world-wide monetary collapse,
and thus put a roof over their New World Order house.

Why, hello. Here's a new monetary system. A silicon chip to
be placed in the right hand or forehead. Could this be the Mark of the Beast?
(Revelations 13:16-18)