2004 race not for Hillary?

2004 race not for Hillary?

2004 race not for Hillary

As we have pointed out many times in this newspaper, the New
World Order people when wishing to introduce a subject to the general public for
their consumption, deliver it to us under three headings. Leak it through the
media. Deny it. Do it.

In a previous issue of our newspaper the Omega Times,
we pointed out that Texe Marrs in his newspaper has said that it has already
been planned that Hillary Clinton will be the next President of the United
States, in the year 2004. Time will tell whether this prediction is correct, but
he does say that her face will appear on many woman's magazines and on
television in the lead up to the next election, and as the people have become so
disillusioned with this last one, anything is possible.

We now find and interesting article in the New Zealand
Herald, 13 Dec. 2000.

"American first lady Hillary Clinton has denied that she
plans to run for President in 2004 and says she intends to be the best Senator
she can be. She replied, "No, I'm not." when asked on CNN's Larry King
Live show if she was considering a Presidential run in four years time. "I
really feel like the people of New York gave me a great honour to give me the
opportunity to serve, and that's what I'm interested in doing." The first
lady was elected into the senate on November 7. She assumes her senatorial
duties on January 3..." End Quote.

It is of significance that a man of God, highly respected
in the United States in the year 1933 saw a series of seven visions and one of
them was that in the latter days a woman would run America.

Let us watch and see.